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Many members of the Brotherhood of Makuta use subterfuge and intrigue to achieve their goals quickly, efficiently, and best of all, silently. The self-proclaimed "Mad Locust" is not one of them. He believes that, with a massive set of powers, ultra-tough armor, and lack of moral light even before the Turn, the Makuta were not made for subtlety and skulking in the shadows. While many of his brethren share similar views, Kamazotz is notable for using this belief to act like a stereotypical Matoran tale villain: that is to say, he's loud, over the top, he likes abusing underlings, he likes announcing his plans, and he likes toying with enemies that he should have killed long ago.

None of the other Makuta regard Kamazotz highly due to his behavior, and he is pretty far down in the Brotherhood hierarchy, only slightly more important than generic peons like Rahkshi or Exo-Toa(though, according to some, at least the underlings know when to shut up). However, despite being regarded as a twit by everyone on Destral, a few of his fellow Makuta have found ways to include him in their plans by bringing him along and pointing him in the direction they want him to go. Kamazotz goes of to destroy, pillage, and generally make a Brakas of himself, and the other Makuta goes off to get their tasks done while everybody is distracted. Kamazotz is content with this, as it gives him a chance to smash things and fight Toa.

Kamazotz wears the Kanohi Pakari, Mask of Strength. The boosted strength given by the Kanohi allows Kamazotz to wield extremely large and heavy weapons with relative ease.

Other Pics:




Back Close-up

Sword Sheathed

Wielding the Sword

Ready to Fight

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