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I originally bought the Wave 2 version of Knight's Kingdom's resident villain, Lord Vladek, so I could use his armor plates to spruce up my Antroz figure. Then I decided that Vladek would serve me better on my shelf as opposed to my parts bin. 


So, with a little Technic magic, the Scorpion Knight has been reborn.


Other pictures:


Battle Stance

Beneath the Mask



Enjoy and critique.

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This looks really good looking the body is great like that you used the IFB printed chest armor and using his KK head but the arms are bad looking I think it would be better if it the upper arm was shorten a bit or have better armor with tires on the bones.

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Even those this isn't completely CCBS, the end result is quite good. It was clear that you were going for a certain look and then achieved it.
I wonder if LEGO might bring back Knight's Kingdom (or something like it) with CCBS characters instead of those awful click-joint monstrosities from back in the day. You've certainly proved that it's feasible.

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Wow, this is really great! Knights Kingdom were some of my first Lego sets so seeing this is super great for me.


I really like how you used CCBS for this, and the attachment of the Invasion from Below beast jaws onto the shoulders for armor. NPU!


The only thing about him is how short he looks to me. Vladek was always a very imposing figure in my eyes, so I always saw him as tall, but your version is still very fantastic, even if a little smaller.

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