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This thing was made with both CCBS and system working together, and I don't know if this would go in the Bionicle-Based Creations or System-Based Creations.



This figure is design to have both the CCBS and system working together, with the base torso being a long CCBS bone piece.

This figure was also made to use up an of those Star Wars Ultrabuild human heads that I have, and while the CCBS human heads are something that is disliked, the adding of system which add some texture rather than printing, really helps not make it too ugly. Which the current human head that are around, Chirrut Îmwe from the Rogue One is a perfect size and can move around in the helmet greatly.

This figure was made as an LEGO idea project, hopping that with a concept like this, could get more people to try mixing CCBS and system, along with pleasing the fans of the two building system.
If you like this and wish to see a set of it, please support it on LEGO ideas.

LEGO Idea page:

(Click Here)

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what you did here was brilliant! by that I mean, it's honestly pretty great. 


the thing I've always wondered about if anybody here has ever done anything with mixing both system and ccbs, which is imo, the definfite way of making really great looking mocs AND essential for lego if they want to see constraction rise - with all of the naysayers of ccbs these days it's kinda weird to see people try and see if they can do something here in a simliar fashion as yours. 


with the human head, it honestly comes down to how you're going to use it or not because tbh, they look terrible. heck even galidor of all things has better human molds than sw ccbs, shocking I know :P 


but as always, great moc and I hope it'll go through!

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