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Ninjas IN SPACE: G&T Final Poll!


Ninjas IN SPACE G&T Final Poll  

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Vote here for the greatest ninja! Believe it!


This final category voting will run until Thursday, September 25th at 11:59 PM Eastern! After that, there will be a GRAND FINAL POLL to determine the best of the best.


Remember, the winner of each category will receive a 70721 Kai Fighter Ninjago set!






1. Ninjago: Last Stand


2. Ninjago Mafia: Masters of Spacejitzu

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While Ninjago Mafia has a mainstream appeal (and I'm very happy that this contest did prompt the creation of a non-Bionicle related Mafia game), I voted for Ninjago: Last Stand since it takes far more effort to create a brand new game, and it takes dedication to make sure that game is actually enjoyable (which it is).

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Voltex pretty much said it all for me. Last Stand is new and different, whereas Ninjago Mafia is much more polished and traditional, I guess? However, MT is changing it up a bit in the scene composition, so it isn't exactly the same.


I voted for Last Stand because, well, I am hosting it an I'll need every vote I can get to try and take down MT.


(Also for any of you non G&Ters reading this, you can still join Last Stand if you would like to try it out. I would love to have more people play so I can get a better sense of how the balance works for the likely inevitable second iteration.)


Good luck to MT and myself as we duel to the bitter death here!

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In all seriousness I genuinely do respect Portal's game and it's attempt at doing something new (even if I'm having a ton of trouble figuring out just how exactly it works). Best of luck, and I'll be voting for you if I can't move past this round.



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