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"Toa Macku," a MOC by SaikoRhythm

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Here's Toa Macku, the token water Toa of this fanfic Toa team. Armed with a Mask of Waterwalking (Which doubles as a flotation device), Kolhii Trident and a metal shield, Toa Macku is agile and quick on both water and land. The Trident can fling balls of water from one end, or fire a concentrated stream from the other.


EDIT: Rushed to upload this one. As for my comments on the design, it looks horrendous from the side or back. My mock-gearbox system looks absolutely terrible, and on second thought the neck needs a ball-socket extension piece.


EDIT 2: Will pay totally real money for someone to draw this alongside Mahri Hewkii.


Next: Turaga Takanuva and Matoran of Spherus Magna


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It's nice looking but the shoulder armor look really odd and I think it would be good if Macku had different feet like the HF 1.0 feet.

The weapon are good looking and I like the use of the Bohrok Windscreen.

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@Shadow, those feet aren't available last I checked and there's not much I can do about the shoulder armor with my makeshift gearbox system for these. It's built off 2015 Gali, so there's not a whole lot I can do.


@Tokytot, thanks!


Up next, Turaga Takanuva and Matoran. Stay tuned.

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