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BBC #70 - Skeletron

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Hello everyone! This is my entry for BBC #70, "Everything is Constraction". I decided it best that I not fill my entry topic with gobbly-gook this time and just get straight to what really matters:
-Main Pose

However, I do want to make mention of a new articulated torso design that went into this build. This is really the first time that I have made one so I am particularly proud of it:

-Articulated Torso


The only connection point between the upper and lower parts of the body is a single ball-joint in the spine. With the column that rises up from the pelvis and between the two rahkshi casings, range of motion is restricted so that the ribcage cannot bend forwards or backwards but can twist on the other two axis with a set limitation by the vertical column and rahkshi casings. It is strong, capable of supporting heavy builds like this one, and provides properly restricted movement.


Okay, so anyway:


-Comments appreciated


-(Constructive) criticism appreciated


-Likes appreciated



That about sums it up.

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As a Bionicle MOC it's fairly nice, but for the skeletron it looks way too buff, doesn't really remind me a robot endo-skeleton, so I don't really know  if this entry will pass validation, but we'll see.

Yeah, I can see that he is a little beefy; my original intent for making him so stocky was to give him a more cartoonish look (as well as to incorporate that awesome chest design that I was holding together with my hands for the longest time) although I can now see that the proportion discrepency is a little awkward. Perhaps it would have been wiser to use Exo-Force robot-arms or Phantoka ribcages for the chest instead and gone for something more skeletal. Nothing I can do about it now, but I think I will upload another picture, this time of the front since I planned for the chest to be the focal point.


Thank you for the feedback! (I may try to build another skeletron using it)

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Nothing about it really screams "Skeletron" to me.

I suppose you could say that I haven't built anything in a while (several months actually) and that I am a little out of practice. Nuhvok-Kal also sort of ruined me in the sense that I put way to much time into it and was afraid to do that again. However, I think after this I have a better idea about "good time". Still, it's not that bad: there are some interesting uses of pieces and some skeletal aspects to it.


The moral of the story is, "Don't go with the first 'good' idea that comes to mind"; I accidently put that chest together at the very beginning and liked it so much that I wanted to carry it all the way through, which affected the look of the whole thing.


Actually, there's a second moral, "Build more often"!

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