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Hidron Nuva

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So, I was browsing some old files and I realized there's a lot of quick sketches I'll probably never finish.
I made a quick collage, here it is!

I might update this topic when I make new sketches.


--> Bunch of stuff

From left to right, top to bottom: Tahu Mata/Stars, Gali Mistika with Hahli Mahri and Maku, a random Toa of Green (I like thinking he can make the plant around his arm grow at will), Maku again, Jaller wearing his Inika mask, Dalu, Akhmou (you little traitor), Tahu Mistika.


--> Shadow Takanuva

Wish I finished this one.


--> Random Kopaka flying levitating

People forget how overpowered the Mata were with their Golden Kanohi.


This material is far from finished, but I'd like to hear what you have to say nonetheless, so C&C?
Hope you like it!

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They look pretty nice! The posings are a bit one sided though. Maybe a few jumps, kicks or even sitting? I'd be really interested to see more sketches from you. :D


New pages are up! Click to see latest! \(°u°)/

Gallery & conceptart topic - Current: Pre-mut & pre-ev Makuta: Krika | Antroz | Vamprah | Miserix | Bitil | .. 

Older pics: Helryx's Fury | Makuta Sethuldur | Order's Call (no necro k? C8)

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