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Spherus Magna: The Game


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The concept of this game is amazing and your characters & level design are very creative, although adding attacking and blocking animations would make the combat a little easier for the player. Also if you need any rough sketches, graphic design, level design, character design, etc. I would be more than happy to help! :D


If you like sketching it'd help a lot if you could send in a few sketches of some areas you'd like to see. (Doesn't have to be canon just some random original enviroments.) The more people design the game the more diverse it will be. :) 


Glad to hear this project is still happening! I'm still disappointed that the MNOG-3D project fell through about 2 years ago. I was a part of that team, and I really feel as if it had a lot of potential. Hopefully you keep on with this one! Are you planning on incorporating a story into it at some point?


Yes, there will be story in a full-fledged main quest which the player will be able to start at any point in the game or (if they choose to) not start it at all and go about their own business exploring and doing side quests.


Hmm, yeah, I'm really tempted to volunteer, but I'd hate to be part of something to only watch it crash and burn again like MNOG3D.




In case you're wondering, I was one of the asset modellers for that project and the first one to join up (I believe).

I can do almost anything in 3D, especially now that I'm also doing a bit of sculpting. I can also animate. But I need to know what level of dedication this project has.



Dedication? Well, I've been working on this for quite some time (and spent twice that much dreaming about it) so I'm pretty dedicated though I will ofcourse pause it when more pressing issues occur (such as exams or various other obligations). If you have some spare time and feel like making a model or two I'd be glad if you helped. 


So I downloaded the demo but now my computer's asking me what I want to open it with, HELP!


Did you follow the instructions? 



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