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Considering Selling Trans-Yellow Kaukau


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I recently came into possession of a misprint 2001 trans-yellow Kanohi Kaukau.


The mask is definitely an attractive one and I'm already rather fond of it, but I'm considering putting it up for sale if anyone is desperately trying to obtain it.


Prices for the item on BrickLink seem to be unforgivably high right now; I'm seeing the standard price for the mask is $15-25, but that seems a bit too low for me on the other hand.


The lowest I will consider selling the Kaukau for is $30, so anyone who really needs it but can't afford BrickLink can feel free to make me an offer.


Shipping will be very cheap regardless of your location (I live in Bulgaria), and will include a tracking ID.


UPDATE: Given the prices on BrickLink and recent interest, my minimum asking price for the mask will be $50. Here is a photo of it. Shipping will be $5 tops with tracking.


I am also open for trades; I won't rush this, so anyone interested, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Thanks for your interest.


I gave this some thought and settled on $50 as my asking price. It's a little steep, but given what the mask's been going for lately, I think it's the cheapest option online.


Anyone willing to pay the 50 can go right ahead and PM me.

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I would love to own all of the misprints, I own most of them already, but none of the Kaukau's. I would love to have this, though, I am not the one in charge of the cash, that would have to be determinate of my parents (at least, until I get a job).

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