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  1. Where is your part of the trade?

  2. You are...How to say that...Quiete optimistic if you think anyone would pay that much for them.
  3. Sorry to ruin your imaginations, but most things you want are atleast rare and you want to trade for almost worthless pieces.
  4. Now this is interesting...
  5. I guess you are not selling them separatly, but out of curiosity, do you have Art of Bionicle?
  6. How much for shipping to Czech Republic and how long could you hold those two yellow Komaus?
  7. Sorry but you won't sell Nuju for 15$...Maybe like for 7$, max. But those masks looks interesting, wish me luck xD
  8. Hey Im really not sure what you are talking about, but I know only about 2 Rurus- one with Z-07 code, Purple Dave from site we who knows why we don't mention and the same guy had one without Z-07 and he sold it to, or someone else who he had sold it to fifi2004, who unfortunately sell it to guy off site :/ I used to sell replicas, but I don't have any now.
  9. I am not exactly sure, but I think there is only about 3 known Vohtarak shells and 1 Keelerakh. But the PLG Krahkaan? They have been sold over here pretty often.
  10. I do indeed have one spare PLG Ignika. I would trade for red and green Ruru. Do you have some other items?
  11. I don´t actually want it, it was just...Not right for me to reply to FS and not to bid.. Oh and 46$ and Im keeping my mouth shut now xD
  12. Bit out of topic but...Bionicles exist roughly about 15 years.... And you want SSKK and VMKKs? No problem, just prepare anywhere from 3000-5000$ and lot of patience, they will eventualy pop up.
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