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Okoto font!


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To download just this Okoto font (okoto2016): visit the okoto2016 directory, click the font file you want to download (the TTF is a good bet), then click "View Raw."
To download this and three more Bionicle fonts (metrumatoran, voyamatoran, okoto2016, okoto [outdated]): visit the latest release and choose your preferred download link.

Credit goes to jed1ndy for actually creating the glyphs. The original glyphs are here: jed1ndy's Complete Okoto Alphabet + Okatan Symbols. I just made the glyphs into vectors and used Fontello to make them into a font. Also in the newest version I changed the C/c glyph a bit and added the creature symbol as the 8 glyph.

The okoto2016 font has glyphs for a-z, A-Z, 1-9, and [space]. Numbers correspond to the following symbols:
1: Lewa
2: Pohatu
3: Gali
4: Tahu
5: Onua
6: Kopaka
7: Elemental Creatures
8: Umarak
9: Ekimu

Thanks for looking!

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