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Makuta, Master of Nothing [The Legend Continues]


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Searching for Ekimu's tomb, the Toa journey deep beneath the City of the Mask Makers. There they wind through ancient catacombs, battling Skull Scorpios at every turn. In time they push their way—or are they themselves pushed?—into a vast chamber. In its center swirls a vortex of debris, all that remains of the vanquished Lord of the Skull Spiders.

In the darkness, Onua can make out a lone figure. Have the Toa found their quarry at last? "Ekimu!" he calls. "We are here to rescue you!"

The six gasp as an islander steps out of the shadows…


Here is my entry to The Legend Continues contest! Participants create entries reflecting things they would have liked to see in G2 Bionicle. I recreated the MNOG confrontation with Makuta in the style of the 2015 animations.

Please let me know what you think!

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I really love how you combined the 2001 story with the G2 art style. Very well done.

Agreed. Makes me wish there had been an Okoto Online game or something...

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