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Keetongu, Venom Healer (BBC #69)


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Prophecy tells us of an ancient shaman whose meditation transcends time itself. When Okoto needs him most, follow the trail of falling tears until they reach the sky…

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Turning the axle connected to his shield gets it spinning with the same cool whoosh effect the original had. And of course, what's a Keetongu revamp without a hidden chest-mounted blaster?

I've been a member for seven years and this is my first BBC contest. Crazy. Comments and criticism appreciated!

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The apothecary powered ape of legend looks great here. I have always like Keetongu, and he looks very good here! Great job with the 'whoosh' effect, and it is good that you remembered the 'blast of curing' popping out betwixt his non-existing teats.

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