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Matoran Kaita / Turaga Nui


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Do the Matoran Kaita or the Turaga Nui show up in the story at all? I'm looking to collect all the canon characters and combiner models, so I wanted to make sure these are story-relevant.

 I (think) I read through all the books and comics, and I don't think I've seen anything on them beyond a reference that they can theoretically do it. I know the Matoran Nui shows up in a comic, and with the Matoran of Metru Nui during the fight against the Morbuzakh.

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Neither show up in canon - but are all theoretically possible if I recall. Matoran Nui was formed twice, but we only ever got the diminished Matoran model from 2001, whichw as formed in the McDonalds promotion comic as you mentioned. Apparently the Matoran Nui's inclusion in Trial By Fire was because Greg thought there was going to be a combiner model for that year that never ended up happening. Kind of interesting...

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