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Official SBC Contest #4 Results!

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Official SBC Contest #4: The Gift That Keeps on Giving!

1. MechaFizz >>> Vezon & Fenrakk (9 votes, 14 votes)

2. Lord Oblivion >>> Kurahk (9 votes, 13 votes)

3. (tie) StudentScissors >>> Lego Bionicle GWP Exo Toa (5 votes)

3. (tie) optimus-convoy >>> Axonn (5 votes)

3. (tie) TERIDAX941 >>> Maxilos and Spinax (5 votes)

6. confused piraka >>> greg's favorite (1 vote)

7. (tie) Bionic_ >>> Nui-Jaga (0 votes)

7. (tie) Kraata Kink >>> Kurahk (0 votes)

For first place, MechaFizz will receive a Trans-Clear Mask of Fire. For winning our raffle, StudentScissors will receive a Trans-Neon Green Skull Scorpio Mask. Thanks to Lego for the prizes!

You've all done a fantastic job expanding on the GWP Tahu and Takua, demonstrating how versatile the concept really is. Thanks to everybody who entered, congratulations to our winners, and we'll see you next time!

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Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!
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