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The tragedy of the Bionicle Lego Ideas projects

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Hi, guys. We got three Bionicle Lego Ideas projects that got 10,000 supporters, but got ultimately declined from being a Lego set for some reason. Lego Ideas never said why. If we know, then we could have found a way to convince Lego Ideas to make a Lego Ideas set based on Bionicle. There are the declined projects in chronological order: 

1. The Legend of the Bionicle: Celebrate 20 Years: It’s a diorama of three major parts of G1’s storyline. Created in 2019. Declined in 2020.
2. Mata Nui Rises: It’s a giant Great Spirit Robot model. Created in 2021. Declined in February 2023.
3. Bionicle: Toa Head Statue: It’s a Toa Head piece in a giant Lego-System-piece-made statue. Created in 2021. Declined yesterday. 

These are dark times. We had it this close. I always look at them as possible ways to somehow bring Bionicle back in full force. The GWP set in this January is one thing (but did it sell well?), but these are giant. They look very great. I felt bad for the guys who made the projects. I wish Lego Ideas would be kind enough to give the projects a second chance. Whenever I was given a survey, I keep on telling Lego Ideas to do that, but they are seemingly not doing it. 

Right now, we only Lego-Ideas-related hope is this project: Bionicle: Island Map. This tiny project could use our help if we were to get a Bionicle set from Lego Ideas. I suggest everyone in BZPower to go support that project to possibly help Bionicle rise again.

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Being specific.

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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I hope the creator releases the instructions for that head someday because it looks absolutely fantastic. 

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