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Bio battle zone

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This may seem copyed from Technic couliseum, but it is of my own disign...


This game chalenges my spriting skills, comic skills, and posing skills. all put together to make one cool game.




no what I call ,supernoobofawesome, weapons. (AKA things like: staff of a bajillion hit points, or mask of indestructableness-ness, ect.)

No instant death kills unless enemy was stabbed in the heart, neck, or brain.

no flying unless toa of gravity, you have a miru, or if you have a kadin

No using the mask of life unless it is a special event. anounced by me or a sub-staff.

You may not have more than five things in your inventory unless it is a special event or if you perchase a bag for 500 W.

No useless comments like 'LOL' or '*random joke*'

No having an army.


You are a Toa/skakkdi/rahkshee/vahkii/anybionicleofsimilarsize MOC of your own disign, with a weapon of your choice.



make/create a moc or PM me details. (may NOT be canon char.)

PM! NOT COMMENT! give me an image(s) of the moc so I may sprite it up.

give me details about his/her background story.

Explain what he can do. (element, weapon function, mask type, ect.)

I will determin your MOC's mind, agility, strangth, and toughness. (total= 15 pts to start with)

I will make an image and post your statts on the first post (here)

you startout with 50,000 widgets. (50 studs equal 1 widget)



challenge an opponent by PM, along with a wager of widgets.

announce it in comments, along with the agreeable fair wager.

Post your stratigy in a spoiler with your opponent. along with *area setting.

I read them and make an action comic using the stratigies.

the winner is determined.

then is awarded.



Loganto- 600 HP

E: Plantlife

W: dual energy katars (-30 HP per hit)

Ag: 4

St: 4

Tou: 3

Mi: 4

Items: akakomaku (mask)











when there is an event, I will post a comment saying a particular event is in session for (insert time here).

rules of current events I made up:

Group battle- 2 or more players, free for all

light VS dark- 2 or more players, 2 teams.

Bag full 'o' goodies- 2 player, unlimited inventory

weapon pack- 2 player, winner gets 1 free weapon forge.



sea of protodermis-

moving platforms, and an audience to laugh at your defeat.

Kini Nui-

colapsable stone towers, and a hole that leads to your death.

Grass field-

a quiet little place, isn't it?

Glatorian arena-

very messy, alot of... clean-up.

Bowl of soup-

careful, it's hot!

plain white background-

where am I?



Mask- 8000 W

Hau • Kaukau • Miru • Kakama • Pakari • Akaku

Huna • Rau • Mahiki • Komau • Ruru • Matatu

Calix • Elda • Suletu • Sanok • Kadin • Iden

Arthron • Faxon • Zatth • Garai • Volitak • Tryna

(gives corosponding ability; one use per battle; useless for vahki and rahkshii)

Weapon forge- 10000 W

(make coustom weapon)

Bottle of energised protodermis- 1000 W

(pour on self or foe; 50% chance of death; 25% chance of mutation; 25% chance of fusion to random object)

Disk- 3000

(power may be chosen; regenerates; -30 HP per hit)

Trainer- 1000 W Per +1

(adds agility, strength, mind, and toughness)

Name change- 25 Std

(changes your name)


(under development)


Edited by Loganto The Bo-Matoran


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