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Calcite Copter VS Cybernetic Rock Monster

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Long after their famous mission to Planet U, the LEGO Rock Raiders have traveled to a jungle planet on the far side of the galaxy. Beneath the planet's surface, they have discovered that the planet is rich in Brickonium Energy Crystals and other rare minerals. However, much like Planet U, these underground caverns are home to beings of living rock and crystal. But then, as the Rock Raiders stumble the ruins of an underground insectoid civilization, they uncover some dark secrets of the past... including one of the insectoids' "little" experiments. mad_jack_vs_calcite_copter_2.pngCalcite Copter

The Rock Raiders Calcite Copter is a one-man aircraft designed for quick travel in underground caverns. Its sleek design lets it cut through the air with ease during flight, while its propeller, stabilized by means of advanced Rock Raider technology, gives it full vertical access to descend into the deepest underground trenches. The Calcite Copter also has a mounted mining laser turret that, when powered up with blue Brickonium, can cut through even hard rock with ease, although it expends much of the crystal's energy in doing so. Although designed for speed and maneuverability, the Calcite Copter is not particularly well-armored, and Jet was in for a horrific surprise when she stumbled upon this cybernetic rock monster!




Cybernetic Rock Monster

There is no name for this monstrosity, although some of the Rock Raiders have taken to referring to it by the nickname "Mad Jack". This ancient creature was once made of living rock and crystal, much like most of the rock monsters throughout the LEGO Universe. However, it was cybernetically enhanced by a civilization long since ruined, which replaced entire parts of its rock body with incredible machinery powered by a powerful energy crystal implanted into its chest. Now, this terror roams the underground caverns of the planet, posing a nightmare to anyone unfortunate to meet its rock claws and steel teeth.






This was a project I was working on since late 2010. The idea for the cybernetic rock monster was loosely inspired by Mad Jack from Donkey Kong 64. Here's concept artwork, if you're interested. If you want to see 360o rotations of the models and some of the ways they can be moved, here's a video showcasing the models.


Comments and constructive criticism are welcome!

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