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Lone Star Blog


Just a Thought

Posted by Emzee , in BZPower and LEGO Jan 24 2014 · 470 views
brickfiesta 2014, rtx 2014
If the Brick Fiesta folks* are going to continue to have their cons on the same weekend and in a different city than RTX, I'm not sure how they expect me to attend... :lol: 
Not saying I definitely won't be doing Brick Fiesta coverage next year, but... chances aren't very high. Driving between San Antonio and here takes 90 minutes - 3 hours round trip. Whoever plans on attending should remember to bring their camera and their photography skills, and maybe some notes to take. I still really want to see how well our Texas LEGO con continues to grow.
yes Fiesta announced their dates first... but RTX is bigger, and they use the same convention center at year. I'd say BF has the easier time budging on their dates, not they should HAVE to, but... ah, forget it. Just move everything to Austin. That's always the right choice.


Ohhh boy.

Posted by Emzee , in BZPower and LEGO, Game Dev Nov 03 2013 · 535 views
bionicle the game, playthrough
Well, at least I'll be able to contribute to discussions about this now. 
Posted Image
For real though, one way I felt I could get a feel for what to do (and what not to do) for Bionicle-themed games is by experiencing an official one (I've only ever played the online Bionicle games. Yeah really). It was crazy cheap too. 
I mean, how bad could it be?  :sarcastic:


BrickFair 2013

Posted by Emzee , in BZPower and LEGO Aug 06 2013 · 600 views
It was awesome and weird* and refreshing. The con featured great MOCs, great presentations, and great people. It was a pleasure meeting all you. Special thanks to those who came up to say hi to me. 
I'm still kinda tired since I got in very late and had to continue my job today. Caffeine is keeping me in good shape for now though. Back to normalcy, I guess.
*=in a good way of course


Fan Created Games Contest Entries

Posted by Emzee , in BZPower and LEGO Jul 29 2013 · 415 views
monster contest
So... you guys are all still working on yours right?
It's a little less than two weeks until the deadline, so you still have time. But yeah... hopefully there will be lots of cool ideas come August 9th. 


Fan Created Games Contest YES!

Posted by Emzee , in BZPower and LEGO, Game Dev, Uncategorized Jul 21 2013 · 671 views
My home forum is finally getting another contest if its own. And guess what? You don't even need to be a programmer or an artist! No, the entries in this contest are going to be detailed ideas for games that (if they're BIONICLE) will probably never get made. (Of course, OTC game ideas are allowed as well, but make sure those go into the OTC forum). 
Here's the link to the advert topic.  The only thing I can say now is that this contest really needs the skills of non-FCGers in order to work. If you written up an idea for the RPG Contests, what I expect for this contest isn't terribly different (mostly that it's not text-based and that you can't edit your entry once it's posted). 
Putting this entry in all three categories because YEAH!
SIE SIND GERMAN GERMAN GERMAN (that's German right? Or is it Spanish? ;) )


In Case You Haven't Heard

Posted by Emzee , in BZPower and LEGO Jul 17 2013 · 616 views
brickfair, lego convention
I will be attending Brickfair in two weeks, from Friday to Sunday (I leave Monday morning). I look forward to putting many names to faces, as well as seeing Chantilly set the bar on LEGO conventions once again. 
You will likely find me either with Black Six's crew or the BZPRPG crew, or both, if we merge, haha. I hope to meet everyone who's attending sometime that weekend! 


Brick Fiesta

Posted by Emzee , in BZPower and LEGO Jul 06 2013 · 361 views
dallas, lego convention, texas
... was awesome! I'll just put that out there right now.
I'm going to do a full write up of everything I remember from my few hours in the Mesquite convention center tomorrow. Hopefully it can get posted on the front page along with my pictures.
Until then, good night. 7+ total hours of driving with no one to talk to. I'll take a break tonight. 


Ninjo Appreciation Day

Posted by Emzee , in BZPower and LEGO Jun 25 2013 · 355 views
ninjo, awesome admin
I don't mind this being a thing.
Thanks Ninjo, for setting the bar high. :) 


Brick Fiesta Announcement

Posted by Emzee , in BZPower and LEGO Jun 22 2013 · 890 views
brickfiesta, texas
Hello BZPers,
If you happen to be in the Dallas/Fort Worth area on the weekend of July 5th - 7th, I recommend making a visit to Brick Fiesta. I will be there on the public hours on Saturday (around 10:00 am and leaving at 4 PM). I believe Toaraga also is planning to be there. You'll know it's me because I'll be wearing one of the BZP shirts that I own. 
Definitely consider it, if you have an opportunity to attend. More info on Brick Fiesta is here


Blog Design

Posted by Emzee , in BZPower and LEGO Dec 09 2012 · 697 views
boring old blog, blog theme
I've been meaning to make a theme for this blog for some time now.
I'mma be honest: I'm probably never going to get around to it. 

My Bio

Age: 26
Gender: Male
Location: Austin, TX
Favorite color: Cyan
Occupation: Software Engineer
Games I'm current playing: None
TV shows I'm watching: Parks and Recreation
Interests: Bionicle, Ninjago, Game Grumps, RWBY (Rooster Teeth in general), assorted genres of music (electronica, alt. rock, classic rock, instrumental, classical, and hip-hop), music composition/remixing, programming, and game development.
Attended Brickfair VA '09/'13, Brickfair AL 2012, Brick Fiesta '11/'13/'15, Bricks Cascade '14/'15, Brick Universe Dallas
Also attended PAX East 2013 and RTX '14/'15.
Hates Lactose
Still working on Power Lies Beneath
Actually a liberal arts guy who just majored in Software Engineering

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