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Toa Lhikan Hordika's Blog


New Collectibles!

Posted by Toa Lhikan Hordika , Oct 24 2012 · 3,245 views
VMKK, Kanohi, Krana, Kraata and 1 more...
So today I got in a package with some ultra rare collectibles and I thought I would brag and post some pictures:

Sorry to say in advance that this collection is not for sale.

Full pic of collection:

Posted Image


Posted Image

Closeup of the top 3 rows. Got room for a Gold Hau and Platinum Avohkii up top and if you've got a Metru Red Huna for sale, let me know! :
Posted Image

Kanohi Nuva:

Posted Image


Posted Image

Krana "Va":

Posted Image

Krana-Kal (Yes, I have two WMKK and a whole blank row for any GPKK I may get in the future):

Posted Image

Kraata (With what I believe is an all gold misprint on the bottom):

Posted Image

Kanoka - I am still missing a few, but I've currently got a few in the mail from Bricklink. Let me know if you've got a 416, 175, or Gold Kanoka that you're willing to sell.

Posted Image

Not the greatest quality picture, but here's the UDD Kanoka and the Numberless Disk of Time:

Posted Image

And finally, a sealed, unopened San Diego Comic Con edition of Vakama with an SDCC Kanoka that it was never released with:

Posted Image

- Toa Lhikan Hordika


Collectibles and Updates!

Posted by Toa Lhikan Hordika , Aug 17 2012 · 1,005 views

Well, once again I've succeeded in staying away from here for far too long.

This last year has been quite adventurous. Turakii #1 Lavasurfer and I are engaged! How crazy is that? We plan to be married on July 28, 2013 and the days just aren't going by fast enough. Now I've just gotta keep saving money for the wedding...

After spending a few months in northern VA/DC, I got to my first post out in Santiago, Chile. I've got a huge apartment and I am absolutely loving it.

Since I've been in Chile, I've been working very hard on completed the "collectibles" part of my Bionicle collection. So far, I have succeeded in obtaining a full set of 2001 Kanohi (including euro misprints of the Matatu and Ruru), minus a Gold Hau. I've gotten full sets of Krana, and Kraata (yes, all 259 of them). As of today, I am now one of potentially 5000 owners of a White Metal Krana-Kal. Pictures will definitely follow later today hopefully. Now I've still got 8 hard plastic Krana, 6 VMKK, and 1 SSKK to hunt down.

- :t: :l: :h:


*blows Dust Off Of Blog*

Posted by Toa Lhikan Hordika , Oct 16 2011 · 730 views

Goodness, has it really been over a year since I've been here?! Wow, well I'll do my best not to let that happen again. What can I do for an update on over a year of my life?

Well for starters I'm 21 now. I can hardly figure out how that happened other than attributing it to the passage of time.

I have now been in a relationship with Turakii #1 Lavasurfer for 2 years which has been absolutely amazing and I can't wait to see where she and I will be in another 2 years.

I completed my Associates in Computer & Electronics Engineering Technology at ITT Technical Institute and I am now working for the Department of State. Due to this, I had to move from Michigan to Virginia in June, but it has been well worth it.

I'm making a lot more money that I thought I would be making at age 21 and because of this I have been able to go to bricklink and start completing the collectibles portion of my Bionicle collection. So far I have all of the 2001 Kanohi and starting next week, I will be completing my Krana, Krana-Kal, and Kanohi Nuva collections as well. The though one is going to be the Kraata collection, but I look forward to the sport of hunting them down and getting them a little at a time.

Not much else is going on. I'm just enjoying my young adult life and taking it a day at a time.



Posted by Toa Lhikan Hordika , Jun 14 2010 · 648 views

So as of today, I'm 20.

I'm in my last quarter of my Associates program at ITT Tech for Computer & Electronics Engineering. (Graduation Sept. 3)

I have Graphic Novels 8 and 9 and am praying for the eventual confirmation of GN10.

I just spent my very first paid vacation in New York and Michigan having a week and a half visit with the beautiful, super amazing girl, whom I've had the privilege of dating for over 2/3 of a year now, that you all know as Turakii #1 Lavasurfer.

I have the Skopio XV-1 finally, leaving me with only the Toa Mata Nui set to get my hands on in order to say I have every Bionicle set (minus the playsets and full sets of collectibles) that was released in its 10 year run.

I need to update this blog more often.

And I need to figure out what to do with the rest of my life XD


Happy Birthday To Turakii!

Posted by Toa Lhikan Hordika , Jan 30 2010 · 556 views

My super, amazing girlfriend just turned 18 and is now officially an AFOL

Happy Birthday Turakii!


Just Got Back

Posted by Toa Lhikan Hordika , Jan 27 2010 · 523 views

Just got back from my 4th visit to Turakii's house last night. I had a lot of fun and am now getting ready for a few really long weeks.
I'm going to be in Florida this weekend from Friday-Sunday. After that, I work the same schedule for two weeks following this coming weekend: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, with school being on Wednesday morning, Friday night, and Saturday morning, and church being on Sunday morning.

Sleeping in... I will sure miss you.


Life Update

Posted by Toa Lhikan Hordika , Dec 14 2009 · 526 views

So... Turakii and I have been going out for 10 weeks now =D

I am now in the committee (only 6 people in it) of the new ISCET (International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians) Student Chapter that started at the ITT Tech campus that I go to. Because of this, I can take 4 tests required for ISCET Certification at a discounted price and I get access to lots of online study material for free biggrin.gif . Hopefully by March, I should be a full-fledged Certified Electronics Technician.

I'm still working part-time for 7-UP and am hopefully going to find a job, in the field that I am going into, sometime during the beginning/middle of the summer!


Leaving For A Week

Posted by Toa Lhikan Hordika , Oct 24 2009 · 735 views

I'm leaving today so I can visit my father's grave and take care of some other business concerning him. My flight for Texas leaves in 2 and a half hours. I won't have much access to computers while I'm there, but I'll try to peak in if I can.

- t.gifl.gifh.gif


Just An Update On Life

Posted by Toa Lhikan Hordika , Oct 09 2009 · 521 views

Just wanted to update everyone about how my life has been going lately.

September really stunk. I had a horrible Physics teacher and the whole class was failing. I managed to get out with a C... so that hurt my GPA. My little brother got the chicken pox. Then my mom and 9 year old sister got into a car accident where the van was totaled. Thankfully they're both ok. Then I found out that my biological father (my mom was remarried when I was 4), whom I did know, was murdered back on September 2nd. I didn't find out until almost 4 weeks afterwards. Right now the case is closed and the police say it was a drunken accident. Not sure how they conclude that when the guy had a 3 inch gash in the back of his head and blood on one of the walls in his apartment... anyways, so I missed the funeral and all. Luckily, my mom and I are going to Texas (where he lived) in a couple of weeks to visit his grave and see some family who I haven't seen in probably 4 years. Then, on top of ALL that, I got a parking ticket for being parked in front of my house basically >> AND the washer broke =P. Luckily we got a new one and there were no points involved with a parking ticket.

So yeah, October is here, I went to my first homecoming dance and I now have the most amazing girlfriend I could ever ask for. Now... on top of this, I have a 100% in my "Intro To C (and C++) Programming" class at school, a 99% in my Digital Electronics I class, and an 89.8% in my Electronic Devices II class. Hopefully October will stay a good month.

- t.gifl.gifh.gif


Let's Get This Straight

Posted by Toa Lhikan Hordika , Oct 08 2009 · 715 views

Yes, Turakii and I are dating. No, we're not both guys. I'm a guy, she is a girl.

Turakii's proof

- t.gifl.gifh.gif

TLH's Bio

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Name: Vance
Age: 22
Birthday: June 14, 1990
Occupation: Turakii #1 Lavasurfer's fiance
Education: A. CEET
Heritage: Aztec Indian, Mexican, Puerto Rican, German, French
Location: Santiago, Chile
Religion: Christianity
Piercings: 1

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