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Toa Lhikan Hordika's Blog


Unintended Procrastination /is That Spelled Right?

Posted by Toa Lhikan Hordika , Jul 23 2006 · 180 views

Well, life has been non-stop, I mean, it's been crazy.

I will have the pictures up soon, but we just got a second computer for the basement and I had to help set it up and I built the desk for it.

I've finally been able to work again and I'm going to try and get some posting in within this next week and the rest of the summer.

I'm officially an 11th Grader now _icon_joy_.gif. I started my Algebra II, Civics & Economics, and my Spanish that way, I finish earlier (Remember, I'm homeschooled). I'm going to try getting 5 math credits in before I graduate. Right now, I have 2 credits for Algebra 1, and Geometry, but I want to get Algebra II, Trig, and Calculus in before I'm graduated.

After Church today, I did the dishes and took an hour & a half nap. When I woke up, my mom came home and guess what she had with her? AXONN!!!!!! I was so happy and jumping for joy. I built him in like 20 to 25 minutes. I have to admit, he's pretty cool, but he's short. Like just the size of a Toa Inika.

So, I gotta go now. I'll write tommorrow.



Posted by Toa Lhikan Hordika , Jul 17 2006 · 141 views

Well, I'm going to be able to start posting pics here on BZP by Friday.

So here's how the rest of my week went. I helped out with Summer Soaker on Wednesday and then I helped set up my youngest sister's Birthday party. Shortly after (in the middle of her party), I had to go to church.

Thursday, I really can't remember what I did.

Friday, I went to work, but my boss told me to stay home because he didn't think my hand looked good enough to do heavy lifting right now. I'm going back tommorrow for sure though.

Saturday, I went to the Wedding of one of my long time mentors with my parents. He'd been a very big example to me as to how I should strive to live my life. Once the wedding was over, I went to the Wedding Reception which lasted the rest of the day.

Now yesterday, was awesome. When we went to church, my sister (in her class, or group if you prefer) won a $120 gift card to TRU. So a couple of hours after Church and we had our house-work done we went to TRU. I myself still had a $20 gift card to TRU. When I went to the LEGO section guess what I found? VEZON & FENRAKK, and BRUTAKA! I screamed for joy and the one lady kept staring at me. So, when we left, my sister had a new bike, and I was two BIONICLE sets richer. Sadly they didn't have Axonn, but I'll probably order him from Shop@Home. So that means the only ones from this year that I don't yet have are Axonn, Umbra, and Vezon & Kardas. So that has been the exiting rest of my week. Hopefully, if not tommorrow, I'll post another entry on Wednesday.


Summer Soaker!

Posted by Toa Lhikan Hordika , Jul 10 2006 · 200 views

Well today was not only the two week anniversary for my hand getting all gashed up, but it was the first of three days that my church is doing their annual summer outreach called Summer Soaker. It's for 1st-5th graders and anyone older than that helps out. My two sisters attended this and I was able to help lead one of the games.

It was a blast having fun with all of the kids. I was fortunate enough to not get my hand wet so that's a good thing. Over all, my hand's looking better. There's still one small gash that needs to stay covered up until it covers itself up with scar tissue.

I found out that I will be able to order Axonn and Brutaka from LEGO possibly either this week or next week. I'm trying to wait until they have Vezon & Fenrakk, and Umbra available that way I won't have to worry about any other sets this year except for the Kardas Dragon, Protodax, and Botar which I'll probably get for this years Christmas.

Other than that, I was able to clean up the living room and do the dishes one handed (oh joy tongue.gif) today and now I'm here blogging. So, yeah, that's been my fun day. I'm not going to be able to help with Summer Soaker tommorrow because I'm finally going back to work (I've been off for two weeks because of my hand) and I have an Orthodontist appointment, however I will be able to help them out on Wednesday. So I'll be posting another entry after work tommorrow to let you all know how work was.


Fun Day

Posted by Toa Lhikan Hordika , Jul 09 2006 · 160 views

Well Today was pretty fun. After Church I ended up going over to my friend's house. He is a member here on BZP, but he's not really that active right now. His name is Javan1000 here on BZP. He's pretty cool. He turned 11 back in February so there's 5 years between us, but we get along pretty well.

We played video games primarily. We played Spider-Man 2 and I ended up lending it to him for a week. We also played Return of the King for about an hour and a half. He really enjoys playing as Legolas and I play as Gandalf. Together we're almost an unstopable team on that came in Co-op mode.

I had dinner at his house and it was pretty good. His mom made some kind of pasta with sausage. I was only over there until about 7:00 PM.

I brought my Toa Inika over to his house and showed him what they looked like in person (so to speak). He loved the strobe effect with their tools.

Next time I go over there, hopefully my hand will be healed, because he's got a swimming pool. I felt kind of bad because his 3 older sisters (he's the baby of the family) went in for a while. As of right now, unless I'm in the shower, I can't get my hand wet. Right now my hand's looking OK and should hopefully be better within about 3 to 4 more days. Who knows, maybe I'll go over there again next week.

Nothin' much else to write about right now, so I'll wrap this up by saying (specifically to TMD) that I should be able to start putting pictures up of my BIONICLE set modifications in about a week here on my blog. So stay tooned, I've done a lot of cool modifications on my sets that you'll all see in about a week or so (less than two weeks).


I'm Back

Posted by Toa Lhikan Hordika , Jul 08 2006 · 219 views

Hello people. Today' s entry is going to be pretty short.

I was grounded for two days because I didn't listen to my mom when she told me to clean the kitchen even though I can't touch the dishes because I can't get my hand wet unless I'm in the shower. I could've cleaned the counters though, but I learned my lesson.

I GOT THE TOA INIKA _icon_joy_.gif ! Oh my gosh, are they awesome. The canisters are HUGE. I mean they are big. I made some modifications to them so that they're Toa tools (not the Zamor launchers) can be attatched to their backs. The only exeption to the Zamor launcher part is Toa Nuparu seeing as he's got a Hordika head holding his on.

Today's my dad's 37th Birthday and guess what we're going to see? Pirates of the Carribean II: Dead Man's Chest. I'll let y'all know how it was later. Oh jeez, did I say y'all? The Texan in me is being revived (for those of you who don't know, I was born in Texas). I can't wait to see Orlando Bloom and Jonny Depp in action.

I don't believe that there's really anything else for me to say right now. Um, except that I may be getting Axonn and Brutaka next week. After that, to complete my 2006 collection (excluding playsets), I need Vezon & Fenrakk, Vezon & Kardas, Botar, and Protodax. I know that the last two aren't really sets, but I think that they're combiners that will have enough storyline importance to buy the extra sets to build them. I don't think I'm going to buy them myself though, I'll wait until Christmas time and tell my parents that I want a few extra sets.

So yeah. I guess that's it for real now. Maybe I'll do another entry later.


Life's Going Like The Energizer Bunny

Posted by Toa Lhikan Hordika , Jul 05 2006 · 222 views

Well as of Monday of last week, which was the 20th I believe, life changed for me and will be changed until Friday if I'm lucky.

As some of you may or may not know, aside from BIONICLE and good grades, I'm into Marvel Comic books majorly. I love DC Comics as well, but I only got into the cartoons, mini-series, and movies. Right now, I'm collecting a mini-series known as Civil War.

It's a history maker for the Marvel Universe. Everything about the Super Heroes world that we know is going to change. Spider-Man reveals his identity to the public. There was a huge explosion that was caused accidentally by some novice people with super powers. They wanted to up their status and were killed along with thousands of innocents. Now the government is making it law that Super Heroes have to register their identity with the government or be hunted down as criminals. There are great heroes on both sides.

So anyways. On to how my life has been changed. On Monday, June 20th, 2006, I went to the comic book store to buy the Variant Edition of Civil War issue 2. Luckily the comic is okay, but on the way back home (I was one block away from the comic book store), my foot slipped off of the bike peddle and I fell off of it. I know have a big scab on my right knee (cool, now I will have a scar on both knees), and my left hand (worst part is that I'm left-handed) is all gashed up. There was literally no skin on it. I had to have my mom pick me up and take me to the ER. But luckily I was fine. It will heal completely within about another week. They said Friday if I'm lucky, but most likely Sunday or Monday. My hand has been wrapped up constantly with gauze and stuff. So typing this out is extremely fun.

Last Friday, I went to my Youth Group's Friday Night hangout for High Schoolers, but for the very first time, we had almost no turnout on people. There may have been ten of us when there's usually over 120. So, we put things away, 6 of them went home and the rest of us (Youth Pastors included) went to see Superman Returns. That was an awesome movie. I saw a preview for Spider-Man 3. Spider-Man is my all time favorite Super Hero. Apparently, there are going to be three villains in this movie: Sandman, Green Goblin (Harry Osborn), and Venom (my favorite villain). So, this promises to be a great movie. Again, Superman Returns was awesome, I strongly recommend it.

I've gotten some belated Birthday presents. I didn't actually get any presents on my Birthday. I got some money from my friends and Youth Pastors though which was pretty cool. But my belated presents are Super Mario Advance 4 (I used to have it, but I lost it like a year and a half ago), Pokemon Emerald Version, New Super Marion Bros., and BIONICLE: Maze of Shadows (finally). I know it's pretty wierd seeing a 16 year old playing Pokemon on his Nintendo DS, but hey, they're fun games. I like RPG style games. Seeing as I've not really been able to do any chores, I've been playing handheld video games. Every single one of them is beaten except for Emerald Version. It'll take me a while to fill up that Pokedex.

I should be getting the Toa Inika either tomorrow or Thursday, and no matter what condition my hand is, I'm going to build them, even if it is painful.

Aside from that, I've been editing my epic Makuta's Revenge on Microsoft Works. It's coming along quite nicely. Since I've completed 10th Grade (for those who don't know, I'm homeschooled) and taken the Writing For 100 Days course, my writing has improved significantly. I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to fit the Toa Inika into my story when I edit it here on BZP at the end of this year. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm kinda talking to those who've read it.

So, there you go. This has been the life of TLH lately. Once I get the Inika and my hand's all better, I'm going to post another entry telling you all how exited I am to be able to do chores again and be my overly organized self again. Seriously, I'm a neat-freak. You will never find my room messy or dirty, even when I'm sick. Comments Welcome smile.gif.


It's My Birthday!

Posted by Toa Lhikan Hordika , Jul 05 2006 · 188 views

Yay _icon_joy_.gif! Today's not only Flag Day, but it's my 16th Birthday. My parents said I can get my ear pierced, I'm so exited, I've been wanting to do that since I was 12. So, here's what I'm going to do today. I'm going to go bowling from noon until 1:30. I'm getting my ear pierced. Then a couple of hours later, I'm going to Church.

Once I get back from Church at like 10:30, since it's my Birthday, my parents are going to let me finish my The Lord of the Rings marathon that I started on Monday. On Monday, I decided that I'd watch all three Extended Editions of The Lord of the Rings this week. On Monday, I watched The Fellowship Of The Ring, Tuesday, I watched The Two Towers, and tonight, I'm watching The Return Of The King. On Thursday night, I'm going to watch The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe and Friday night, I'm going to watch all three BIONICLE movies. Starting on Sunday, I'm going to have a Star Wars week. Sunday, I'll watch Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. Monday, I'll watch Episode 2: Attack Of The Clones. Tuesday, I'll watch both volumes of the Clone Wars cartoons, I've got on DVD. Wednesday, I'm going to Watch Episode 3: Revenge Of The Sith. Thursday, I'll watch Episode 4: A New Hope. Friday, I'll watch Episode 5: The Empire Stikes Back and Saturday, I'll watch Episode 5: Return Of The Jedi.

I haven't watched a whole lot (like less than an hour a week) of TV lately, so I guess I'm making it up with all of my favorite movies being crammed into two weeks. Okay, enough about movies, I can't wait until tonight, because it's the second to last skit for 3-D (my youth groups Drama Team that I'm in) until the Summer ends. We're doing a skit where we have 8 people invited to a party, and I'm the Butler who greets everybody. Then, every 20 seconds or so, the lights flash and someone is dead or missing. People start to suspect that I'm the one who is doing the murders, but in all honesty, I'm innocent. It turns out (we'll do this part next week) that the first person who was murdered, wasn't really dead, but was in fact the one committing the murders. What the point of the skit was, I don't remember, but I'll find out after we do it.

I guess that's it for now.


May 28th, 2006

Posted by Toa Lhikan Hordika , Jul 04 2006 · 205 views

Well, today was a very stressful and fun day over all. I woke up at my Aunt and Uncle's house because I babysat my cousins the night before. I took a shower and got ready to go home. I got home at about 9:30 AM. After that, I helped my parents get ready to go to church. I got my little brother (who is currently 17 months old) dressed, got the diaper bag ready, and got my sisters in the van. My dad decided to stay home today to get some things done around the house (finally, I know that I'm not the only one who cleans the house any more smile.gif ). Lucky for me, my mom wanted to finish up her make-up so she let me drive (I have my permit, so it wasn't anything illegal or anything).

When we got there, my mom got out and got us seats. I parked, got my siblings out and dropped them off in their classes. Then I went into service. We started with some nice praise and worship songs. Afterwards, we sat down and did tithes and offerings. After that, our Pastor did an awesome service where he asked us "Who do we think we are in God's eyes." He told us some funny stories from his life. When he was about my age he did something that made his mother mad and she grabbed his arm in a spot that he said was very sensitive to him for some reason. Lashing out in anger he yelled at his mother saying "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?" I sure that it's pretty self-explanitory as to what happened next. His mother responded saying "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" Then he gave an example of his youngest son (whom I consider a friend somewhat) from when he was under 10. His son did something bad and his dad (my Pastor) said, "Do you want a spanking?" His son replied, "Do you want a punch in the nose?" Guess what his dad said?

After service, I went to Drama practice. Today was the last day of practice and we were getting interviewed to see if we were good enough to be on 3-D (the team) next year. I passed! We're only going to have 5 guys and 4 girls next school year because we don't want to team out of control and too big for it's own good.

After practice, my mom picked me up and we went to see X-Men 3: The Last Stand again (the whole family saw it on Friday after I got off of work). I won't spoil it for whoever may be reading this who wants to see it, but have something to say that you have to know. Wait until the credits are over before you leave the theater. There is something very important at the end that will relieve you hopefully.

Once the movie was over, my mom took me to Sam's Club to get some groceries which wasn't that long.
When we got home, I helped clean the kitchen, take care of my brother. Once it was done, I went in my room, played Mario 64 DS for about a half of an hour then I put in a disk of the first season of LOST. I've been watching one disk a night for the past 4 days. I've kind of been having a marathon.

Now I'm here on BZP. I got a few posts in and decided to try out this blogging thing. I've never blogged in my life, but I guess it's a good way to unload. I like that it's here on BZP because I don't have to worry (at least I hope) about untrustworthy people reading this. In case anyone is interested in continuing to read my blog, I'm going to say a couple of things.

1. For safety issues of myself and my family, I will not use anyones name.
2. I won't bash anyones faith (if they have any), so if you comment and you don't agree with my beliefs, please do not insult me or bash me, because I wouldn't do it to you. The only days I'll talk about my beliefs are on Sundays, Wednesdays, and after youth retreats.

I guess that's it. You're more than welcome to comment on me.

- Toa Lhikan Hordika

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