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ARTISTS WANTED! Bionicle Retelling Art Wishlist Updates



My retelling of the entire Bionicle history is fast approaching completion. I have only 15 (planned) chapters (of 90) to go now; the Toa Mahri are entering Mahri Nui for the first (rather unfortunate) time.


The biggest hurdle left for my story is missing artwork for many things. I'm doing some of it myself, but continue to have some that I'm offering for any artist out there to do and send me. It'll have to be quick now as I want to get this posting soon. Here's the current (updated from previous entry) main wishlist:


-original Vorox/Zesk forms


-unidentified Order Agent (you decide, as long as male, titan) Done by Disciple

-civil war scene? (probably not necessary)

-Toa Naho

-giant jellyfish Rahi

-Matoro Mahri's death scene with quality Ignika

-humanoid Miserix

-Karzahni plant

-EP entity

-Tahtorak on home island, Keetonguan riding



-Toa Chiara (unsure if will have room to include; if I do it'll have to be an epilogue only type thing)


NuvaTube has expressed interest in doing some things from the list, so unsure if I should still list those on the main list or not:

-Annona (peering out of a hole in the ground in daylight ideally)

-original Glatorian form of Jungle Element Lord (ideally holding a mysterious-looking orb that has a plot purpose)

-weird mutant scorpion Rahi from Maze of Shadows (your choice of interpretation)

I think he or someone else also mentioned maybe doing the Avohkah, I forget, and I think the EP entity, but regardless, I have yet to be given any of these, so unsure.


I'm now planning to do a few of the things from my original list myself, like the "young Xian mountain" pic. But there's a few more I might not have time to get to that maybe other artists could help with:

-Toa Orde (I have asked an artist for permission for one, who appears to be inactive and I don't know how else to contact, so if someone else wants to try and beats them to it, I'll use that)

-serpent forms of Piraka (have failed to find any; for now I'm just using some Rahi snake pics from, I think, the VNOG, to suffice, but they're pretty lame; I would need these just swimming in a stream or pond on Voya Nui for now (or leave out the setting), unsure if I'll have time to include "Zaktan in a fishbowl" later.)

-buildings in Mahri Nui?? It seems to be the only location in Bionicle's main plot where you only vaguely see the Matoran buildings, although the huts of Karda Nui are only briefly seen too. Weird after all that emphasis on the huts and skyscrapers of Mata and Metru Nui, and thanks to the VNOG even buildings on Voya Nui are shown.

-"razor crabs" (stated to be tamed guardians of Mahri Nui, as far as I know not pictured anywhere; they breathe water so live outside the giant bubbles, and live amongst some kind of thorny vine plant that also helps guard)

-maybe another image of Karzahni the titan, in gold armor? There's one image already I might request for, but haven't decided (the chapter this would be for is already at the 20 page maximum I'm trying to impose, but I might make an exception -- this is when Jaller and company are going through; book says armor is gold, but most artists use green incorrectly due to the rebuilt intermediate form seen in the atlas)


Anybody? Pretty please? :P



While I'm at it, don't forget to check out the BZP YouTube Banner contest! Deadline for that is Jan 30, so it's fast approaching!


If you want to do that plus what I'm asking for here, do the contest first, as with proofreading and everything I'll have more time for the "deadline" on art for the retelling. Now it looks like I might begin posting the early chapters in late Feb, or early March, if I can get enough art for that (Annona, the jungle Glat, and maybe original Vorox/Zesk are the main things I would need for that, plus a few spoiler things I'll have to do myself), regardless of the status of the final chapters.


Recommended Comments

If you don't mind, I'd like to take a stab at the OoMN agent. What resolution would you like the image to be?

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If you don't mind, I'd like to take a stab at the OoMN agent. What resolution would you like the image to be?

It's up to you. It would probably best not fill more than a third of an 8 by 11 page (in Word, or rather Open Office Writer), so whatever that comes out to in pixels. :P Many of the images I'm using are very small, but larger is probably better so if it's too much I can just size it down.

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I like the use of the Maxilos head, the body, and legs. Would it be possible to get rid of the white, though? Maybe replace that for black? And maybe some shading on the rest? The arm shapes I'm a bit confused by, but I guess it can work.


The Maxilos head especially can fit in my plot well, as those are robots and this guy is supposed to be a geek; I could say the robots were designed by him. :)


FTR, I definitely like the "standard" better.

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Here is a version with normal arms and touched-up shading.





He was based off a MOC my friend made. I think those Pridak pieces were meant to be crab claws, but it can't be easy designing robots with a pair of those for hands. :P

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Hi there!

Im a pretty new user, I want to try drawing the original versions of Vorox and Zesk and a Keetonguan.

Please note that English is not my first language.

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Hi, Kromhuwki. Good to hear. Would it be possible to get the Vorox and Zesk very soon? They're featured within the first ten chapters of the story, so those will be the first to be posted on BZP.


(Of course, I can always add the images into the story later, but yeah.)



Disciple, thanks, will use that. :)

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I may be able to do a few of these. I'll try out Naho, I suppose. I'm imagining you want it mostly set like?


Oh, and is there a specific pose you would like? I was thinking diving off into the ocean to get reinforcements, but whatever would fit your story best works for me.


And what mask does Naho use in your retelling?

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I drew two jellyfish. I'll scan them or something and put them up here when I have a chance so you can see if you want them or not.

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Thanks, MoaK, looking forward to it.


FTR, the jellyfish comes later (somewhere after Chapter 10 I think), so no real rush yet on that.


I have now drawn one of the classified images (I can say it's of the face of an Agori, though). Also a very sketchy map of pre-shattering SM ,the regions relevant to the first ten chapters of my story. Working on more hopefully today.

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Still need a landing hand?
I wouldn't mind helping, yet not sure my style or art is what your looking for. =/

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I would like to contribute any/all of the following:


- EP Entity

- Humanoid Miserix

- Gold-armored Karzahni


Just let me know if you still need 'em done.


And thanks for letting us help out. :)

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I would like to try the Matoro Death scene! I was thinking of doing it in a style similar to what one would see in an old codex or bible, with a large border and a sort of mosiac drawing style.


EDIT: Can't do it. I was never able to draw Bionicles :P

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Zahaki, still need a few for much later, yeah. Right now the most urgent is an attempt at the pre-alteration forms of Vorox and Zesk (for the very early chapters).


Disciple, I don't really need the Miserix one, as I drew his mask and plan to just use that image for that scene. The others, go for it. :)


darthme, I changed my mind and decided the canon image for Matoro's death is good enough. But if you did want to try it, I'm all eyes. :P

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Gahhhhh I'm so sorry I haven't written back about the Jellyfish. I still have them on my clipboard, but my scanner isn't working on any of my computers. So, I could still try to take a good quality photo of it, or wait till I get the scanner working, or something....

But yeah the fact that Windows doesn't have working drivers for this scanner is bugging the heck out of me.

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Gahhhhhh sorry I didn't let you know sooner, but my scanner still isn't working.

I really want to send you these jellyfish, though.


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