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  1. Nice! The epic you wrote for the EM was my favorite of the series. Can't say I'll be posting reviews on a regular basis, but I'll read it nonetheless.
  2. I know that this is not what you asked, but here is as better version of the abobination Matoran Civil war propaganda poster I draw. http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/abc8920/sdffdsfdf/ta1.png
  3. I wouldn't say it's an element in any way, in the same way that Rahi control isn't. Maybe Coral Control could be the non-Rahi counterpart of Insect control? It would control creatures (like the ones in Aqua Magna and Bara Magna) with hive minds.
  4. That's what I was thinking about. To make a complex virus, it's not enough with knowing what a bacteriopahge does, but rather you'd have to know about the enzymes, the capsid, mutliplication cycle, etc. I wasn't familiar with the Bo-Matoran trait thing. It makes sense I guess. I think coral shouldn't be a combo but rather a sub-power of life. Maybe control-only? It could be similar to insect/rahi control. What would coral be classifed as anyway in BIONICLE?
  5. Sounds like something out of Bionicle Custom Wiki. If you identify Custom Bionicle Wiki with low-quality, then I invite you to write, build or just do anything better than what our members have done (BTW, you got the word order wrong). On topic: I think that Plantlife and Virus as elements should have more limitations. I think that the users need to have some knowledge of botanics/microbiology to make useful plants/virus, just like users of the Mask of Healing need to have some knowledge on the injures to be able to treat them.
  6. Just wanted to post this to let you know that I'm reading this epic, and I like what I've read so far. The evolution that Hujo has gone through culminates in this epic; he was once just a clueless Matoran, like in the MoMN RPG, then grew powerful but still insecure, like we saw in EB. In the Perfect Cage we finally see Hujo confident in himself, almost in the same rank as the Toa, having already mastered his suit. This is one of the things that I've liked the most so far. The other is the submagmatic reveal, that came as a real surprise. One thing I'm confused about, however, is Ito. I think we saw him earlier (in this epic?) firing a gun-like device to his head. Will it get revealed in TPC what that was? I'm not sure if that mystery has been resovled yet.
  7. Skakdi have a combination of crazyness and cool powers which makes them awesome villians.
  8. Wow this really looks good! I remember playing some of your old RPG's a back in the day, and I liked them. The fact for this one you have gotten rid of the combat-card system is great, as well as having a 3D world to explore (I don't really like the skybox you have right now, but I know it's a WIP so ).
  9. The last book I read was Nada by Laforet, for school. It makes a really interesting picture of postwar Barcelona, a hopless, broken, gray world which translates in broken, hopless and miserable characters. Right now I'm also reading The Short Timers by G. Hasford. So far, I'm enjoying how the brutality of war is protrayed, and the effect that it has on the soldiers.
  10. Borderlands 2. I'm having tones of fun with this one. The best part of it is the gameplay, but also the large variety of weapons, shields, grenades, etc., which is amazing.
  11. I agree 100% with this. In some ways it is similar to the difference between the Sidorak shown in the novels (a great strategist) and the Sidorak in WoS (just a coward).
  12. Did anyone ever complete the game without that glitch? Aside from that one, I have never been able to play the Battle for Mata Nui.
  13. I completed the BIONICLE campaign I think, but I didn't do anything else with it.
  14. The bule ones that came with Kongu, they looked really good on the set.
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