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  1. Upcoming games that interest me: Elex(literally next month! Played Risen 3 and loved it, bout Risen 2 and am currently playing it.), Code Vein, Death Stranding(don't care about Kojima's involvement, if it didn't look interesting I wouldn't be interested), God of War(because Norse mythology, first God of War game that interested me), the new Monster Hunter(also the first Monster Hunter to grab my attention).
  2. Yeah, Squidlauncher. All the other launchers weren't great, but they did in fact work. The best launchers had to be the ones used by the G2 sets.
  3. Yeah they wanted to mesh technic and CCBS together but it didn't always end well (skull scorpio). I think if they had done a better job of incorporating technic style pieces into CCBS it could have done better. Like for example instead of having leg and arm molds being a bone and armour piece they could have had one mold with lots of detail and texture and maybe some room to add an extra piece. This could have been expensive but I think if they had used more technic pieces to build say, torsos, we could have have had something that may have been more pleasing to the kids who (these days) have a lot of detail in their regular Lego sets. I was actually suggesting that Lego go all in with CCBS instead of combining CCBS and Technic. If they have another system to fall back on, then there isn't any incentive to improve the new one.
  4. G2's greatest failing was that Lego didn't go far enough with CCBS, they could have replaced Technic with it if they had the guts.
  5. So on Saturday I bought Uxxar, cause the local Toys R Us still has some Bionicle sets(I live in Manchester Connecticut)
  6. That Cthulhu looking guy in the concept art is awesome.
  7. So my idea is that the Toa are villagers who became what they are through a strange ritual taht merges them with their respective element, and as they master their powers and become more in tune with their elements they transform, their final forms being completely elemental. Makuta is their mentor who is teaching them so that they can defeat the threat that approaches the island the story takes place on, Reyziak the Devouring One. All while fighting off its minions, the Devoured, corrupted villagers who did not undertake the ritual as it's extremely risky to do(seriously the ritual is a latch ditch effort) and the risk of death is high. The Toa. Tahu: once a blacksmith turned Warrior of Fire, he knows what the mission is and he fears the possibility of failing, but he knows he must fight the Devouring One, or else all is lost. Pohatu: desert explorer who once sought lost treasure turned Lord of Wind, he sees this as an opportunity to find more lost treasures, and to beat a threat that could mean the end of his treasure hunting ways. Lewa: daredevil turned Rogue of Jungle, is probably the happiest about her new powers as it means new and exciting experiences for herself. Will probably master her powers faster than the others. Gali: former researcher turned Mistress of the Seas, she is in wonder of her new powers as she can now study them with great earnest, will probably master her powers faster than the others. Onua: Village guard turned Knight of Earth, her experience as a guard has taught her that the earth hides many things, she will use her connections to find the ancient temples that contain knowledge the Toa need to master their powers. Does not like Tahu as she finds him to be too focused on the possibility of failure. Kopaka: former archivist turned Hunter of Crystal, hates that he got chosen to undergo the ritual, like that it succeeded, but hates that his quiet life is over, would like nothing more than to be at his original job. Will master his powers the slowest. Makuta: a village elder with weak shadow powers, he desperately wants the Toa to master their powers so that the Devouring One will be defeated before it consumes all. Is not particularly fond of the selection of Toa(likes Onua since she is all business and isn't filled with worries of things like failure). Due to injuries received from Akmouh the Deceiver, he must use a special walker machine to move around. Reyziak the Devouring One: an ancient horror that seek to consume all life, sometimes invades dreams to instill fear in foes, can be a bit of a troll. Can posses people to make them do what he wants, such as the time it possessed some villagers and made them stack themselves on top of each other because it amused her. Reyziak has no true gender and is usually addressed by the gender of its avatar(unless its avatar is a object). The Devoured: villagers who have been turned into mindless slaves by the Devouring one, their minds and souls devoured. Akmouh the Deceiver: a power hungry former villager to swore loyalty to Reyziak for power, gained gravity powers but his form is extremely twisted. Tuyet the Seeker: a former village Gaurd who gained weak energy powers from forbidden artifacts found in a sealed off temple devoted to Reyziak, is constantly overflowing with energy and looks ready to explode. Tuma the Destroyer: a former village leader who in a desperate attempt to save some friends asked for power from Reyziak, he received those powers, powers that cause decay. Hates Reyziak, but is enslaved to it. The sets of the Toa get progressively more and more elemental looking as time goes on, Tahu's first set would look like any other Toa of Fire made, but his final set would would look like he is made entirely of fire.
  8. Eh, sucks, oh well, on the the next thing Lego does then.
  9. Eh, sucks, oh well, on to the next theme they do.
  10. So Toonami has One Punch Man now, and guess what is coming in October, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. That's right, Toonami is gonna get FABULOUS!
  11. Have Okoto sprout legs and do battle with Makuta. Points if you get the reference.
  12. My speculation about the plot: Okoto will suddenly sprout legs and fight Makuta.
  13. Hmm, interesting theory, I like it.
  14. Yeah, sorry. I have an intense dislike of negative people.
  15. Dark Souls. By the way: I'm playing on a PS3 that isn't connected to PSN or the internet, so I'm playing the unpatched version of Dark Souls(and Dark Souls 2).
  16. Regarding the mask if time itself: I like the look. Also I really want to write(or read) a BIONICLE JJBA crossover. I have no idea how that would work, but I think the Mask of Time could tie into DIO's Heaven plan.
  17. Tuuli you are a very toxic member of this board. You seem to think Lego shouldn't be trusted with story details when they are the source of canon. You don't seem to grasp that G2 is a reboot, and that they can use names from G1, because guess what, BIONICLE is Lego's IP not yours.
  18. I now own Umarak The Hunter. Hunters must hunt.
  19. @Tuuli, are you by any chance a YouTube user named Eurico Silva? You are clearly blinded by nostalgia, and refuse to accept that you aren't in the target audience anymore. Yes BIONICLE(both G1 and G2) is a cashgrab, Lego is a buisness that wants to make money.
  20. Yay for Umarak! and Spiffy the surprising vampire likes soda! How did my sig wind up in your post?
  21. Got Lewa yesterday. Uxar and Umarak remain.
  22. I now own Pohatu. Got him at Barnes and Noble, would have gotten Lewa if they had him, but they didn't.
  23. WRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYY! I wonder how one would do a BIONICLE JJBA crossover?

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