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  1. Assuming such a thing were possible, I wouldn't trust them with Bionicle again after how badly they squandered G2 and beat the brand further into the ground. Unless, however, the original minds behind (and/or fans of) G1 were to come back with a genuine idea and passion. That could be something.
  2. Some actual thought, care and budget put into it would be nice.
  3. I don't know about the US, but over here in the UK it appears to have been something of a corporate suicide. Overpriced products, listings always unavailable on the site, no stock checker of any kind, and sometimes stores too scarce for convenience. I can't say I didn't somewhat expect this.
  4. Given so many other integral parts of Bionicle were missing from G2, probably not. They probably didn't even think about it.
  5. Well that's a little disappointing. Instead of any of those other ideas we get sexism in LEGO form. Hopefully Voltron will pull through, looks like a great set even if I would've preferred the Legendary Defender version myself.
  6. It just occurred to me, when an elemental master has a child, does the child get the elemental powers instantly or when the parent dies? For example when Kai and Nya were born were there two Fire and Water elemental masters for a while?
  7. Please tell me this isn't serious. You're just trolling right? ...right?
  8. http://imgur.com/a/K67IE My entry for the Makuta contest. I decided to do something a little different and make Makuta if he took on the form of a shadow Toa rather than making a big titan, less about complexity and piece count but about simply looking good at a smaller size. Rebrick page
  9. Actually, a lot of people are having this problem. Make sure your photos are smaller than 2MB and you have no more than three tags, if you continue to have problems email Rebrick@lego.com. Hope this helps and you can get your entry in, good luck. Ah, it's worked now. Thanks!
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