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  1. IC: Nale Vella - The Taku (Bridge) The beast--the sorrowful, rain-controlling monster--began to change its direction. Disengaging from its fight with Kilo's mech, it now began to head south. Was this an attempt at escape? Could something as large and powerful as a Tahtorak even feel that sort of desperation? "It's leaving." Nale announced the beast's movement while the red warning lights continued to flash. "I don't think we should follow it," she said to Knichou. "I know that you probably want to, but we're missing a chunk of the ship and we're armed with weapons that can't even hurt it. Unless you want to try our luck with the other one..." @BULiK
  2. IC: Triage - Ko-Pou Shelter The medic blinked his optics a few times as the features of the room came into focus again, now seen through one pair instead of three. He didn't think the process of forming a Kaita and being a part of one would feel so...weird. There was an urge deep down to rejoin the gestalt. Something told him this would not be the last time Whakamahu awoke. Images were playing in his head that weren't familiar, but at the same time were. Memories that didn't belong to him until now. At the moment they were jumbled, confused. The inside of the Coliseum, but judging from its state after the impact, seen through the optics of...Iradra. And with her... ...somewhere in Le-Metru, the colors and architecture familiar to the element of air. Ehlek of the Six, panic overcoming his features as he reaches for his neck. This was Vashni's, and... "...who knew unity could give you such a headache." @Onaku@Snelly@Toru Nui@Harvali@Vezok's Friend
  3. IC: Whakamahu, Kaita of Remedy (Triage) - Ko-Pou Shelter The Kaita had allowed the others to speak for a moment, but was becoming increasingly concerned with the Matoran wanting to return to the source of their affliction. Especially after having just been healed by their combined power. "Okuo is correct. We also do not recommend such an action," the voice of three spoke up. "Your recovery is only beginning. It is too soon." Whakamahu lowered their head slightly. "But we also cannot control you," they conceded. @Onaku@Snelly@Harvali@Toru Nui@Vezok's Friend IC: Nale Vella - The Taku (Bridge) "If I hadn't said anything, you lot would have gone on forever," Nale replied, shrugging. "When we're done here we'll discuss this more. Like you said: we have a village to save." It wasn't the first time those words had been relevant to the pair. Through the windshield, Nale could see the storm was beginning to pick up again with a new ferocity. "And we're far from done here. Wasn't the sky just clearing up?" IC: Rose (MC) - The Taku The storm began to pick up again. An impatient Rose drummed her fingers against the handles of turret, watching the action she wasn't currently taking part in. "Bossman, can we cease to cease fire already?" @BULiK IC: Jutori - Kini-Koro Hospital Exterior Jutori couldn't crane his head to see Onaku, both in his current position and because he could feel himself fighting against his own muscles, finding his movements to be sluggish as he attempted to lift himself up to see the powerless Toa. "B...bud?" @Onaku
  4. IC: Nale Vella - The Taku (Bridge) Nale continued to listen to the conversation she'd now become a part of, her right hand now characteristically placed over an audio receptor, mirroring Knichou. As she tried to form her thoughts on it, the presence of the rain monster below stayed at the forefront. If they could at least manage to run it off--or better yet, the NUVA kill it--then it seemed their next immediate problem would be Ehlek and whatever his goals were. If they agreed to ally with Aurax, and if Knichou could stomach working with someone he despised. The Toa of Magnetism knew their history, knew her partner's feelings. And, just as soon as she'd be at his side to do anything to rub Aurax the wrong way, she'd also be at his side to tell him what was more important in situations like this. Even if you hated someone to their very core, if something bigger threatened both of you and others, would you simply let fate take its course or do something about it? A familiar phrase came to mind: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Nale decided to speak up again. "Aurax, this is Captain Vella speaking," she said. "Does this call end sooner if we agree to work together?" @BULiK@~Xemnas~ IC: Korio Karasha - Irnakk's Tooth "Find what ya were lookin' for, Miss Yumi?" Korio asked upon returning to the princess. @EmperorWhenua IC: Jutori - Kini-Koro Hospital Exterior As his legs gave way, Jutori now found himself in a position similar to when he had first arrived in Kini-Koro, lying face down outside of the village's hospital. He barely managed the strength to turn his neck to look over at Katrin, thoughts scrambled. Whatever had attacked the village clearly had employed some kind of ability that turned its targets lethargic. If he had the strength to, he would have taken his hammer and tried to smash it. @The UltimoScorp@Onaku
  5. IC: Nale Vella - The Taku (Bridge) Nale looked up from the fighting below between mech and monster. "Is now really the best time to be taking a call?" @BULiK@~Xemnas~ IC: Jutori - Kini-Koro Hospital Exterior The Toa of Gravity took notice of the glob's appearance as he scanned the environment following the rain. However even with Katrin's warning, Jutori's reaction to it was delayed by his injuries and, although he made an effort to avoid it while raising both arms to protect himself, it managed to splash onto his legs. The limbs then began to feel heavy, a tingly feeling coming across the area affected. From where he was once energetic and confident, he now became tired. Jutori began to fall to his knees. "What is...is...?" @The UltimoScorp
  6. IC: Korio Karasha - Irnakk's Tooth Korio's own loyalty meant that usually when Yumiwak said, "stay put," he would sit his rear down and not move a muscle. But the unease of their surroundings and what they had just done meant the Vo-Skakdi was certainly more fidgety than usual, almost wanting to disobey for once. He followed along with Yumi as she explained the purpose of the chamber, and the Rite of... "We turned that bloke into a Tahtorak?" Korio was no longer gleeful about having watched Marrow fall into the abyss upon learning the truth of their actions. Those beasts were the embodiment of his greatest fear--Karzahni, one was walking the land as they spoke. Did Zakaz need another? (And what was a Zivon?) Nevertheless, the Vo-Skakdi began scanning the walls for any sign of what Yumiwak seeked. Perhaps if he came across the word "dragon" he'd pretend his optics were still hazy from using his vision power. @EmperorWhenua@pokemonlover360@Vezok's Friend
  7. IC: Nale Vella - The Taku (Bridge) "Nothing important, right?" she asked, the red lights flashing across the bridge answering the question anyway. Her concern was more for the crew rather than the ship. Even if it was her home, and just as much her ship as it was Knichou's, the people on it weren't replaceable. Nale kept watch on the beast as the ship continued to rise (now missing a chunk of its rear quarters, but still flying), attempting to see if their salvo had done any damage at all. When the smoke cleared and the beast was revealed to be standing tall, unscarred--even after they had unleashed firepower the likes of which had not even been seen during the war between the Metruans and the League--she let out an exhale that turned into a disbelieving, nervous laugh. "Well, I'll be d-" The Toa of Magnetism was cut off by the Tahtorak's growl, which vibrated through the ship's bridge like a thunder boom shaking a house. She turned to Knichou, icy blue optics darting back and forth from him to the beast. "What now for plans? Shoot again?" Just then, the Kaita ACRs joined the fight--Kilo's mech arrived in style, delivering a blow to the Tahtorak's head with its war club. And, even better, leaving a wound. With the beast now busy with its new foe, the Taku could catch a break. Nale watched with both relief and fascination. "Right, so they can make it bleed. Noted." IC: Rose (MC) - The Taku Their attack had done...little. Basically nothing. And they'd taken a second hit and lost some weight--just who was flying this thing?! Rose grunted and hit the side of her enclosed turret, leaving a small crack, then refocused her sights on the Tahtorak as it faced the new challenger in the form of Kilo's mech. @BULiK@pokemonlover360@Eyru@Unreliable Narrator + Taku crew
  8. IC: Jutori - Kini-Koro Hospital (Interior to Exterior) "I'm...sure," he replied, taking the sledgehammer and lifting it with far less difficulty than the Toa of Fire. Whether it was a trick of his element making the weapon lighter or he had just grown used to carrying such a weight, it wasn't clear, but it was an impressive sight nonetheless. Jutori nodded a thanks to Kat for helping him up, before stepping away from her and standing on his own. "I think I can carry myself from here," he said, now moving past her. He hefted his Toa tool over his shoulder and headed out the door. Any staff that tried to halt him in the hallway over his injuries and the weather, Jutori ignored. The rest didn't feel like arguing with a man carrying a hammer. Once they reached the exit, he could see the full extent of the storm, even as it began to clear up. The memories of the thing they'd seen there gave Jutori pause again. The sounds of combat could be heard in the distance, the echo of artillery. He wondered what was happening on the other side of the village's mountains. @The UltimoScorp
  9. IC: Nale Vella - The Taku (Bridge) Nale barely had time to grab onto the pole Knichou had created, shutting her optics tightly as she focused her element into her hands and gripped on for dear life. The captain's previous comment about waiting for them to bump into the beast had, in a way, come true. Despite her spending so much time aboard an airship, going on excursions that were just as dangerous as this one, for the first time she felt genuine fear deep in her heartlight that the Taku could crash and take them all with it. This creature wasn't like those other times to begin with--this was something that, if it wanted to, it could easily destroy them in one fell swoop. But instead, Nale could feel the airship get pushed away, like it was more of an annoyance to the thing before them than anything. Maybe they just hadn't bothered it enough yet. The creaking of metal and the lightstone machine gun being fired off and the ship's computer system warning them of danger all started to form together into just noise as it overtook her audio receptors. So much of a racket, you would have thought the world was ending all over again. Nale worried they would find themselves colliding with one of the mountains near Kini, bringing their monster hunt to a swift end, but to her relief, the ship righted itself and she was able to let go of the iron pole and take stock of the situation. Despite being shaken, the captain of the Taku forced herself to stand tall. "Well, commander, it appears we've found it." Nale ignored the loud beating of her heartlight and walked closer to the ship's controls, looking out once more into the storm and trying to get a closer look at what they were fighting against. She remembered what had been described to her earlier that day. "What Kanohi told us must have been true. Unless there's more than one giant rain monster loose on Zakaz, this must be the same creature that destroyed Po-Koro." She looked to Knichou, a new determination suddenly in her optics. "We are not letting it do the same here." IC: Rose (MC) - The Taku Rose was rocked around the already-tight ball turret by the impact, and for a moment she wondered if the airship was going to crash until she focused her optics back on the storm-creature once the Taku had reoriented itself. Still in the fight. "Status report, is everyone okay?" "Rose is fine," she groaned back to the commander. A few bruises were nothing compared to what the oversized Toa of Fire had been through in the past. She adjusted the turret's position and again took aim at the beast, firing off a zamor upon hearing Knichou's order. Immediately, another round was chambered into the turret, prepared to fire off again at their target. @BULiK@Toru Nui@Snelly@Unreliable Narrator
  10. IC: Korio Karasha - Irnakk's Tooth As the ground began to rumble beneath Korio's feet, his question was sort-of answered. Irnakk's Tooth threatened to blow with the crew of the Panda inside of it. Ysocla had the smarts to recognize what was happening before he did, and had already started running for safety. Korio swore out loud, both at the current situation and his injuries, and began following after her. @EmperorWhenua@pokemonlover360@Vezok's Friend IC: Rose (MC) - The Taku It seemed that their quarry had found them before they found it. Rose's optics widened at the sight of a large hand coming out of the storm, cutting through the clouds towards the airship. The Ta-Toa tried to alert the commander of the Taku about the danger before it could make contact, adjusting her turret to target the extremity but having no time to fire. "Incoming hand!" @BULiK
  11. IC: Korio Karasha - Irnakk's Tooth Korio let out a clap when it was all done with, rushing to the edge of the volcanic maw to watch with glee as the Mesi fell. Yumi had shown her strength, her skill in combat. Why she was leading the crew, and why Korio respected her. However, as he began to put things together in his head, his grin faded into confusion. Marrow's last words, and the talk of sacrifice. The Vo-Skakdi looked over at Yumiwak. "Uh, Miss Yumi...what did we just do, exactly?" @EmperorWhenua@pokemonlover360@Vezok's Friend IC: Jutori - Kini-Koro Hospital He took Katrin's hand, groaning as he got to his feet. "My hammer, where...?" Jutori looked around the room, his optics settling on the Toa tool lying against the wall across from his bed. He turned back to the Toa of Fire. "Katrin, could you retrieve it for me?" @The UltimoScorp
  12. OOC: Kaita post written between @Onaku and I. IC: Whakamahu, Kaita of Remedy (Triage) - Ko-Pou Outpost Seeing that the afflicted Matoran had calmed down, the Kaita was pleased at first. But they could tell their calm was born not from acceptance of their help, but from realising the futility of fighting back. The Kaita frowned, but did not let this deter them. Though bending the afflicted to their will had not been their intent, and was regrettable, they could now begin the healing process proper--attempt to cure the seemingly incurable, as their component Toa had sworn to. What ailment could stand against the strength of a Kaita, after all? "Remember, we are here to help," they said, trying to reassure the Matoran once more. Whakamahu then raised their hands up, wreathed in a soft glow that gradually emanated out from them to spread out over the room and take in the afflicted Matoran, the radiance imbued with the Kaita’s mending touch. This, however, was merely the first step in the cure, as in tandem the Kaita reached out to the Matoran with psionics, delving into the minds of the afflicted to try and begin unraveling the ocean of instinct they were trapped in, and alleviate the beastly behavior they struggled to contain, hopefully to bring them back to their former selves, even just mentally if nothing else. The Kaita’s mental grasp was extended yet, reaching out to grab onto the afflicted within their addled mindscape--urging them to fight against the corruption they had been inflicted. The Kaita also resorted to their Kanohi power(s), tapping into the powers of Healing and Mutation in tandem. Even if the latter had not worked on these Matoran before, perhaps now as the healing radiance worked to neutralize the influence of the mutagenic substance that prevented its use, in addition to the Hauora to stabilise and nurture, it would now help in undoing the mutations and reversing the condition ailing their patients.. So did the Kaita begin their treatment. They would heal body and mind, as much as possible, even if a full recovery could not be ensured. Still, Whakamahu was hopeful, like the Toa that formed them had been. Hope was vital. The Kaita of Remedy was living up to their name as they used almost everything at their disposal on the Matoran. This had to work. @Onaku@Snelly@Vezok's Friend@Harvali
  13. IC: Nale Vella - The Taku A boom of thunder made Nale jolt and almost instinctively reach for her spear, as if it would even have some kind of effect on whatever they were searching for. She was starting to find herself on edge, clenching her fists in tense anticipation with optics scanning the clouds, waiting for the first hint of anything alive. "I didn't realize we'd brought on a walking radar," she said to Knichou. IC: Rose (MC) - The Taku Rose reached out with her element, trying to get a bead on the large source of body heat near the airship. She could feel the source getting bigger--no, not bigger. Nearer. "Distance: closer than you think. Altitude..." She paused for a moment. "You remember Knowledge Towers?" she asked, almost like she was reminiscing about Metru Nui. "Remember just how far up they were? I always wondered, you know, when I came to the city...if the Ko-Matoran up there ever got lightheaded. Must have sucked for people with acrophobia, too." Rose's smile could almost be audible in her voice as she finished, then got serious again. "From what I'm feeling, this thing is taller than those. You may want to fly a bit higher if I'm gonna get a good shot." @BULiK
  14. IC: Nale Vella - The Taku "Well, it's not like monster hunting was in our job description before now," Nale replied, trying to keep some levity on the bridge even as the storm raged on around the ship. IC: Rose (MC) - The Taku Rose turned her attention to the communication panel briefly to respond to the commander. She gave as much info as possible with a few words. "Body heat ahead of us. Big." @BULiK
  15. IC: Korio Karasha - Irnakk's Tooth Tendrils of red heat came from the Vo-Skakdi's still-glowing optics and faded away as his vision attack ended. He snarled, his breathing sounding more like a rahi that had been hunting its quarry across Zakaz and lost it somewhere in the underbrush. The grimace on his face turned back to a wolfish grin and his frills fluttered at the sight of the injured Marrow, the Mesi that had given them such trouble in getting here, still standing tall despite his condition. He looked worse than Korio did. The Skakdi of Lightning couldn't help but let out an impressed chuckle. "You...ya got some ball bearings of steel, mate," Korio said, gesturing to the Mesi with his crossbow. He should have given up by now, the Vo-Skakdi thought. Should have known better--maybe would have gotten out of this with his life, if the Warskaks had chosen to allow it (they wouldn't have). But this was more fun. And after all, it was the Mesi's fault for being here when the Panda arrived. Kor then watched as Miss Yumi responded to the challenge, expecting this fight to not last near as long as their struggle in the tunnel. He knew she'd put on a good show, at least. "Good luck to ya." @EmperorWhenua@pokemonlover360@Vezok's Friend@Gecko Greavesy
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