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  1. IC: Savrehn - Ko-Wahi - ???? It was dark. Oh, it was dark. Savrehn put together what had happened: Atamai and himself had missed their target, and dragged Kreigero down with them when they fell. No, Atamai had made it, didn’t he? Something went wrong. Savrehn had felt an impact not long after, and now he was certain of it. He was dead. The afterlife was exactly how he had expected it: a black void, empty and quiet. There was no Mata Nui here, and no Makuta either. You just died, and then it was over. He could still think, and the idea of being alone with his own thoughts for the rest of eternity bothered Savrehn far more than the idea there was no gods. And if he was dead, then that meant… …Kreigero and Atamai were too. The hardened mountaineer was almost moved to tears by it. Not that he even could cry, because he had no corporeal form anymore, and because he didn’t cry in the first place. But he wanted to, knowing that the two Matoran were gone and it felt like his fault. He should have just kept his mouth shut back at the inn. Or maybe there was another path they could have taken in the Drifts, a safer one. Maybe he should have kept to himself, and stayed alone. Savrehn was suddenly startled when he realized he could hear something. It sounded like whimpering. Could he hear Reyal from beyond the grave, mourning the loss of his owner? Then he could hear a ghostly voice, calling out for his dead party. Kreigero. Atamai. Oh, no. That was him. Savrehn opened his optics and quickly wiped any semblance of tears away. It was still dark. He forced himself to sit up. “Oh, for ####’s sake—” He wasn’t dead. Not yet. OOC: @BULiK@~Xemnas~
  2. IC: Surdo - Ga-Koro - Streets “I respect that,” Surdo replied. “Drinking can be a vice, and any man who is able to break out of it is respectable in my eyes.” He thought for a moment, tapping his chin with the head of his cane. “So then, perhaps just a meal? There are many fine establishments here in Ga-Koro.” OOC: @Perp
  3. IC: Datrox Karvan - Po-Koro - Streets Datrox turned his head towards the shack. It wasn’t exactly what he had in mind, having wanted to treat the Vortixx to something nicer, but the Toa of Fire also wasn’t very picky. “Yeah, that oughta do.” He strolled over to it. Seemed like a local place that he wasn’t familiar with, but then again after its rebirth, he wasn’t familiar with a lot of Po-Koro. “Any preference you have? Ruki caviar, maybe?” He asked, jokingly. OOC: @Vezok's Friend
  4. IC: Savrehn - Ko-Wahi - The Drifts “What?!” It came out more like a grunt through gritted teeth. Were they just committing suicide now? Savrehn looked over at Kreigero and those apologetic feelings came up again. Now they were simply jumping to their doom. “I’ll see you on the other side,” the mountaineer said, feeling the muscles in his arms strain and the ice axe continue to slip. The Ko-Matoran closed his optics and said a prayer under his breath before leaping from the shield and to the unknown, legs flailing and ice axe raised. Savrehn didn’t even yell as the abyss came closer and he disappeared from Kreigero’s sight. OOC: @BULiK@~Xemnas~
  5. IC: Surdo - Ga-Koro - Streets “Very good.” Surdo nodded fervently. He liked when deals worked out. “Now, my friend wants me to meet him at the Obsidian Outpost in Ko-Wahi tomorrow. Until then…maybe it’s time you told me more about the man you’re looking for. If I’m to help you track him down, any information will be useful.” He wasn’t sure how much he actually cared, or if this person even existed with how the Skakdi had been behaving. But as long as he appeared interested, Surdo assumed Baszlin would continue to work with him. People liked when others could be useful to them. What was “friendship” if there was nothing to be traded between those involved? Nothing tangible to be gained? This was the root of Surdo’s business, the core of his ideas and what had kept him going this long: everyone wants something. As long as you have it, you have them. “But…” he continued, turning away from Baszlin and shrugging, “…perhaps I’m being too prying. Maybe you would like a drink first.” OOC: @Perp
  6. IC: Surdo - Ga-Koro - Streets Surdo smiled. “Good. And you’re observant, too,” he said, patting the pocket that held one of his brass knuckles. “You’ll do just fine.” Obsidian Outpost, then. Surdo wasn’t much of a fan of Ko-Wahi and its colder climate, but he’d make the exception for this score. Just thinking about it made him feel the bitter chill go up his spine. Bah. “My friend who was here just now,” the Fe-Matoran began, saying the word ‘friend’ in the context of Quoribay like it was hard to get it past his lips, “has something special going on that I would like to be a part of. He’s given me a time, and a place to be, and you’ll be accompanying me there. Once this is done with, I will do everything in my power to find the man you seek.” He double-checked over his shoulder that Quoribay had indeed left, having disappeared from the crowds of the Koro. “But I don’t trust my friend,” Surdo continued. “And he doesn’t trust me. No, he trusts me far less. Now, with that being said…” The Fe-Matoran’s smile widened. It was the most genuine he had been that entire day. “…can I count on you to help me with this if things don’t go my way?” OOC: @Perp
  7. IC: Datrox Karvan - Po-Koro - Streets “Least that I can do,” Datrox replied, turning and beginning to walk down the street in search of a place to grab a bite to eat. “I’m willing to help you because…why not? I’m not the kind of person to cross the street when I come across somebody in a state like yours—but there’s a lot more people out there who would.” His cloak flowed behind him as he walked. The Toa of Fire was periodically checking behind him to make sure Kohra was still with him, and moving at a pace that wasn’t too slow or too fast. “It’s a good thing we crossed paths, though. Maybe I just had good timing,” he said, smiling a bit. OOC: Sorry for the wait there, procrastinating on a couple posts turned into mental block. @Vezok's Friend
  8. IC: Surdo - Ga-Koro - Streets Surdo held his tongue. Quoribay made him want to say many things, most of them unkind, but he kept himself in check and on the outside he seemed cooperative. Another fake smile. Nodding as he listened. His grip around his brass knuckles tightening. Advanced technology? This almost seemed like a score you couldn’t put a price on. But there had to be a chance for money here. The other Fe-Matoran made it sound like Surdo would want to cause problems, or futz up the score in some way that would make them both lose out on it. Contrary. Surdo would find a way to make that score his, and leave this fool in the dust. “Fine. I agree to it,” Surdo said. “I’d shake your hand, but…” With that, he suddenly turned and left the alley, brass knuckles disappearing from sight and being replaced by an exaggerated hobble as he used his cane again. “Sorry for taking so long, Bazslin,” Surdo said to the Skakdi, shaking his head apologetically. “So, you will take my offer? Good!” He raised a hand suddenly. “Ah, but one thing. I will help you find the man you seek, but in the meantime…you can see in my current state I am no fighter, and these Koros and the wilderness between them are fraught with danger.” Surdo briefly turned and gestured to the island itself. “Until we find your quarry, I ask one favor: act as my bodyguard as we travel. After all, how can I help you if I were to…perish?” OOC: @Perp@BULiK
  9. IC: Surdo - Ga-Koro - Streets “And I am nothing if not exceedingly so, Quoribay. I waited all day here for you, and here you are.” The other hand now had a brass knuckle to match. At this point, Surdo was hoping the other Fe-Matoran would give him even the slightest excuse to use them. Even if— “—I go with this, you still owe me. I want enough of this score to make up for your outstanding debt, and if I reach the end of this escapade and there’s nothing there?” Surdo chuckled, then his expression darkened. “I won’t be laughing.” OOC: @BULiK
  10. IC: Savrehn - Ko-Wahi - The Drifts (Cliffhanger) So much for a clean getaway. As they approached the abyss Savrehn made noises that should have been words but came out as grunts resembling various known swears and other, less familiar noises that must have been new ones. His gut had been telling him things would go sideways, but not this quickly and not this badly. He could see it now: the mystery of the three Matoran who ventured into the Drifts and never came back. Would people debate over what happened? Would they even care? Someone would surely write about how it had been the doing of some unknown entity, undiscovered by Matorankind—and with whatever that was back there, wings and all, that didn’t seem far from the truth. Now, hang on to what he wondered, as he prepared for the inevitable conclusion of them falling to their dooms. He looked down at the ice axe still in his hand, tightened around the tool in a death grip. Then to the rope that linked the three Matoran. Savrehn took a deep breath as he realized what Kreigero meant. Had a good run. If it ends here…sorry I didn’t keep my mouth shut back in Rhanus’s. It was like slow motion as the makeshift sled reached the edge, and Savrehn twisted himself around and tried to lodge the sharp end of his ice axe into the ground. It caught snow instead of anything solid, and the Ko-Matoran was dragged by momentum for a few seconds (which felt far longer in his mind) until it just barely caught the edge of the abyss. The tug of their lifeline reminded Savrehn of his companions, and he looked over to see if they had made it as well. The ice axe would not stay there for long. The mountaineer could feel it beginning to slip, pulled by the weight of him and the other two Matoran. OOC: @BULiK@~Xemnas~
  11. IC: Surdo - Ga-Koro - Streets “Not really,” Surdo admitted. “I’ve only known him for approximately—” he paused to quickly check a watch that wasn’t there, “—ten minutes. No, less than that.” The Fe-Matoran tucked a hand away in his pocket, checking over his shoulder as if Bazslin was listening in. “And, to be honest, I don’t really know what his deal is either.” Revenge, that much he understood. Other than that, the man was an enigma, and seemed particularly unstable. “I just needed to be one-on-one with you.” Surdo’s hand slid slowly from his pocket, revealing the shape of a brass knuckle over his fingers. He squeezed his hand around it. “This is about the offer you gave him. I want more details.” The Fe-Matoran’s cane clattered to the ground as his other hand searched for its own weapon. “Otherwise, I might just have to assume it’s all bunk and beat the widgets you owe me out of you.” OOC: @BULiK
  12. IC: Surdo - Ga-Koro Oh, brother. “Respectable! I respect a man who rejects monetary gain in favor of the little things in life.” Surdo cleared his throat. Hopefully that had come off as believable—what nimrod would pass up a chance for money in the pursuit of something far less tangible? “What if, rather than offering you money, I gave you an offer of helping you find this person you seek?” Surdo stroked the head of his cane and smiled in that same, ingenuine way. He could always use a bit of muscle by his side, especially if he ended up going along with whatever scheme Quoribay was trying to rope both of them into. But if Baszlin didn't want money, then he had to somehow convince the Skakdi he could help him get his revenge. “But first, there’s something important I need to do.” He turned to Quoribay. “I’d like to have a discussion with you in private. A dark alleyway will do,” Surdo said, pointing to a space between two leaf-huts. OOC: @Perp@BULiK
  13. IC: Savrehn - Ko-Wahi - The Drifts Savrehn leapt onto the shield quickly, swearing as he did. Few things frightened him, but this flying creature had managed to leave him shaken. It would have been a lot less scary if it hadn’t talked. “You ever seen anything like that before?” OOC: @BULiK@~Xemnas~@TL01 NUVA
  14. IC: Surdo - Ga-Koro Surdo listened close to Quoribay. Admittedly, what he said intrigued him. But he was still Quoribay and for all Surdo knew, this was some kind of bit. It was enough of a distraction, however, for him to pause his conversation with Bazslin. “…what are you talking about?” Surdo asked, looking over at the other Fe-Matoran. OOC: @Perp@BULiK
  15. IC: Savrehn - Ko-Wahi - The Drifts He moved away slowly, trying to keep his optics on the rahi before them while also trying to look around for an exit. He gripped his ice axe tighter, prepared to use it against the Muaka if it dared to charge him. Savrehn had faced them before. Normally not this close though, and normally alone. Now there were two more lives he had to take care of in this situation. He allowed himself to look away from it, as long as the other two kept their focus on what the beast was doing, and saw the break in the snowbank heading downhill. That was the closest he saw to an escape route. Before he or any of the others could do anything, however, another beast made itself known. It landed between them and the Muaka that menaced them, and Savrehn’s optics widened at the sight of it. He had never seen anything like this before, out here in the drifts. He had never seen anything on Mata Nui like this. And, more surprising, it could talk. There was a chill strong enough for even a Ko-Matoran to feel. It was as if this creature had sucked up the last bit of heat in the air, somehow. “Oh, #### me.” Either this winged thing would take care of their Muaka problem for them, or their situation had gotten worse. OOC: @BULiK@~Xemnas~@TL01 NUVA
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