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  1. IC: Nale Vella - Metru-Koro (Meeting The Neighbors) What are you? They looked like Skakdi, but...they certainly weren't like the other Skakdi she'd seen on Zakaz. Their eyes were... Nale had to focus. She wouldn't be shaken by appearances. The Fa-Toa brandished her staff, extending it to full length. As much as she wished the party were simply visiting, the weapons they carried and the presence of the restrained warbeast made their intentions clear. She really could not catch a break. And break, coincidentally, is what the chains holding the manas down did. The crab rahi immediately charged her, and Nale's first thought was to activate her Kakama and move out of the way, hoping no one was behind her to take on the brunt of the creature. A communication came in, perhaps a little late, from Berys. "What something's going on down where? Over." She swore. "Eyeless Skakdi. Big manas. Send backup or...something." @Unreliable Narrator@BULiK IC: Jutori - Po-Koro (Deluge) He pulled Bode toward himself, the Toa of Gravity doing his best to stand strong against the storm, especially in the presence of the Matoran. Jutori's optics glanced towards the entrance of the village, and upon seeing the Vahki guiding other residents to safety he remembered the transport at the gate. "There's a Vahki transport I can take you all to, just...just stick close to me." @Snelly@Harvali@Toru Nui
  2. IC: Nale Vella - Metru-Koro She immediately tensed up upon the Matoran grabbing hold of her. Nale's optics looked towards the hole behind the shaken villager, and now she certainly could hear it--the haunting drumming. Something approaching. What was she going to do? Had something been living beneath the land Metru-Koro was built upon this entire time? Nale was the first person to respond. She couldn't investigate this alone, all she imagined was her venturing into the caves and not returning. The Taku...she could contact the ship from here, thanks to Knichou, and call in backup. "Find somewhere safe," she said, pulling away from the frightened Ta-Matoran. "I'll...I'll deal with this." It was like he had said--she was a Toa. And in the past, she had certainly thrown herself at danger to help others. But this was something different. The Fa-Toa put her hand over her audio receptor and attempted to tap into the Taku's signal as she walked towards the blast hole. "--lo? Hello? Toa Nale to Taku. Anyone got their ears on? Turns out our day is far from over. Something going on down here." @Unreliable Narrator@BULiK IC: Rose - Lounge A Vahki, and a League-reprogrammed one at that. Of course. Only this one was, for whatever reason, wearing a Kanohi as jewelry. What had the League gotten up to while they played about freely in the wreckage of Metru Nui? And why were they now employing the peacekeeping robots as nurses? "Yes, clearly," she responded, not sure if Vahki had gotten better at detecting a bit of sarcasm. "I'd appreciate it." @Snelly@Toru Nui@Vezok's Friend OOC: I've definitely forgotten who all is in the lounge. IC: Jutori - Po-Koro Things were quickly getting out of control. Jutori used his element to redirect the flow of mud long enough for a huts occupants, a pair of Matoran, to rush out in fear, the mud then quickly overtaking it once the Ba-Toa released his hold on it. "We have to get you to higher ground!" he attempted to shout over the panicking and the storm as the pair quickly latched onto the Toa. He noticed a spot of grey in the corner of his optic and turned in that direction, seeing Bode collapsing into the mud as it threatened to sweep the De-Matoran away. "Hey, don't just sit there!" he called out to him, but seeing a lack of response as the Matoran shouted something Jutori ran over and extended his sledgehammer towards Bode, now putting them both in danger. "Come on, grab onto this! You have to listen to me!" @Snelly@Harvali@Toru Nui@Onaku IC: Triage - The Taku (Bridge) "What's that about?" he asked Berys as Ulkarr departed. @BULiK@Toru Nui
  3. IC: Nale Vella - Metru-Koro With Triage gone, Nale was left alone again, and it was here she realized that by giving the date of tomorrow, she'd have to find somewhere in the village to stay overnight. The Taku was basically her home now, the old ramshackle hut back in Po-Koro that her and Arkius had built now flattened by Skakdi, so the Toa of Magnetism figured she'd make use of its crew quarters for the first time. It was then she also wondered why she sent off Triage to inform the crew of her plans, when she could have done it in person if she was heading that way anyway. It had been a long day. She thought it was over, until she heard a Matoran cry out. Nale immediately felt that tug she always felt when it seemed like someone needed help that would pull her towards them, the one she wished there was some way of squashing because it always brought her into trouble. Maybe it was something all Toa had, and maybe that's why so many ended up like her--or, why so many ended up dead. As tired as she was, as spent by the day and the actions she had carried out, the Toa of Magnetism knew she wouldn't be able to just ignore it. It wouldn't hurt to just check in and make sure everything was okay, right? Nale quickly headed in the direction of the Ta-Matoran, crossing paths with him and raising her hands in a "stop" motion, hoping to at least settle him down. "What's going on?" @Unreliable Narrator IC: Jutori - Po-Koro "Pay a tribute? You shouldn't let these Skakdi push you around! You're an entire village, and now you've got us here--" Then it started to rain. The sky darkened a little. Jutori looked up, confused. "--a storm? Huh," was all the Toa of Gravity could get out before he saw it, the thing walking in the distance, strolling by the village like it mattered so little to it. A beast larger than anything he'd ever seen before. It made the tallest buildings in Metru Nui look like the huts that currently surrounded Jutori and his allies, and made him feel very, very small. And now the villagers were panicking as the effects of the rain from the beast threatened to turn everything into a humble pile of mud. "Yes, right," Jutori replied to Kanohi, tearing his focus away from the beast lumbering on. "And when we're done saving the village, we're all going to discuss the horrible thing we just saw." He entered the village proper, heading to the nearest hut in need of aid. @Snelly@pokemonlover360@Harvali@Toru Nui
  4. IC: Triage - The Taku (Bridge) He rubbed his temple, raising a hand to Berys in an attempt to calm the pilot. "Look, I know. It sounds like a terrible idea, and it could go very wrong, but...she says there's something there that we need to find. And if it ends up in the wrong hands, things could be even worse." Triage glanced over his shoulder at Ulkarr, suddenly feeling like he'd interrupted something, before continuing. "There's something on the line here, with this ship being our only way of getting to it. And with the captain still gone, Nale's in charge. You're not gonna go against an order, right?" Even if it's from a woman you barely know, who your captain may or may not be sleeping with... @BULiK@Toru Nui
  5. IC: Triage - The Taku (Bridge) "Well, two things you won't like," he replied. "Firstly, the captain still hasn't returned, and I'm beginning to worry. Secondly, Nale needs the ship, and the reason worries me even more." Triage paused for effect. "We're going to...the head. The big one on the horizon. Mata Nui's head. Tomorrow." @BULiK
  6. IC: Nale Vella and Triage - Metru-Koro Nale explained further, about the artifact Mazor had spoke of and why they needed to find it. Triage understood. Triage did not understand. But either way, he wasn't going to bow out. Medics were always needed. At the very least, the Toa of Magnetism had said they'd be leaving tomorrow, which gave him and the others time to rest--or, time to despair over going into the belly of the beast for a reality-changing artifact that may or may not still be there. The Bo-Toa departed from his ally, giving a quick wave and a nod as he returned to the Taku, making his way to the bridge. "Berys, you're not gonna like this." @BULiK IC: Jutori - Po-Koro "If Metru-Koro is in danger we need to get back there, soon. Kilo is right, our vehicles can us get there faster," Jutori said. "If we're not too late..." he added, grimly. @Snelly@pokemonlover360@Harvali@Toru Nui
  7. IC: Rose - Lounge The Toa of Fire responded to the Vortixx with a grunt that may have meant, "thank you," before setting her damaged mechsuit against the wall and reclining on one of the couches. "Nice place. Glad the Coliseum is back in the right hands." @Snelly@Toru Nui@Vezok's Friend
  8. IC: Nale Vella and Triage - Metru-Koro Nale watched Mazor leave, then turned to Gnabol. "If you need anything else, let me know. We'll make plans tomorrow." The Toa of Magnetism then walked out of the infirmary, her mind troubled by the recent events and the things she'd heard from Mazor. Recovering the Krom Sphere would possibly return things to normal--whatever "normal" was any more. Nale had been through so much, from Metru Nui to now, and the idea of this fantastical artifact that existed just out of reach and could do things beyond her understanding...it all felt too far from reality. The crushing reality she now lived in. As she walked, a familiar white-armored Bo-Toa came into sight, and he approached her the moment their optics met. "Nale," Triage said, waving. "I've been looking for you and Knichou, I wasn't sure if you...well, I wasn't sure if you two had made it." "I'm fine," she replied. "As fine as I can be at the moment, at least. Knichou should be as well." The medic took notice of the choice of words, but at the moment decided not to press on about what "should be" meant, other than the captain had not returned still. He began digging through his satchel. "That's good, then. Look, I found something before the battle, and I think it's important you see it." His hand found the knife, and he carefully pulled it out before presenting it to Nale, the engraving of the Toa of Magnetism's name visible on the blade. Triage looked to her face, watching for a reaction--surprise, familiarity, anything--but instead, Nale's expression was stoic and unreadable as she took the weapon from his hand. She turned it over a couple times. "This belonged to a friend I once had, a long time ago. How did you...?" The medic frowned. "Your 'friend' is dead," he replied. "I found this on his body. Apparently he was staying in Metru-Koro and someone murdered him, looked like the work of an ice elemental." "He was here? Karvan was--" Nale stopped herself, and shook her head. He'd been this close, and now he was gone. She had always assumed the next time her and the Toa of Fire would meet would be a funeral, but... "This land is unforgiving to all of us, then. We should be working together to survive, not slaying eachother in places of refuge. I...thank you, for bringing this to me. But I do not need it. Return it to him, and if you find any leads on who did this..." She wasn't sure if she felt sad. Nale was making sure to hide any emotion, but she could feel the tears wanting to make themselves known. They had hated eachother, why would she respond to the news like this? Perhaps the events of the day had wore her down. Or maybe she wished she could have had one last chance to repair things. "...let me be the first to know." "Right," Triage replied. The medic was a bit confused, but he didn't like prying. "I'm glad you're all right, Nale." For the first time, her expression changed. Nale smiled at the medic, but it quickly faded as she became stoic again, taking on her role as an airship's first mate once more. "Before I forget," she said, handing the knife back to Triage, "let the crew of the Taku know: we're going to Mata Nui's head." "Pardon?" @Toru Nui@Smudge8
  9. IC: Nale Vella - Metru-Koro (Infirmary) Nale looked back and forth between Mazor and Gnabol for a moment, before getting to her feet. "You both would like to retrieve it, then. And you," she said, optics on Mazor, "believe you may be able to use it to...fix things. Everything. Meanwhile, I've had a very busy past few days and would prefer not to go on any sort of adventure at the moment, but..." The Toa of Magnetism sighed. "...as much as I'd prefer to leave it alone, you're right. If it's still there, we can't just leave it under a pile of rubble and hope no one steps on it. However, what if we go all this way to find nothing?" @Toru Nui@Smudge8 IC: Rose - Throne Room "Likewise," came a quiet reply from Rose, her optics focused on the floor as she gripped her arm. Despite their...differences, as one may call them, the Toa of Fire had never really disliked Waveahk--she found him to be a decent ally, arguments aside. And with the state of things, a "decent" ally was better than no ally. That said, if they were not to work together again, she wouldn't mind it. "Well, Sky," Rose said, now looking towards her beloved Le-Toa. "You heard the old man. We can share a room while we're here, eh? Courtesy of Lord Aurax--or whatever he wants to be called now." She winced, before glancing over her shoulder at her damaged mechsuit. "Still would like a bandage at least. I don't know if the suit is in the best shape either." @Snelly@EmperorWhenua@Toru Nui@~Xemnas~@Kal the Guardian@Eyru
  10. EDIT: Yes, it posted three times. Yes, I'm crying too.
  11. EDIT: Yes, it posted three times. Yes, I'm crying too.
  12. IC: Nale Vella - Metru-Koro (Infirmary) "Right, yes," Nale replied to Gnabol. "But the head was damaged in the crash. These tunnels Mazor speaks of--it's possible they were destroyed and there's no way of getting inside them again. Unless you'd like to discuss excavation plans with the League on their turf, for the artifact they were going to kill God with." She shook her head. "Perhaps it's buried, and should stay that way." @Toru Nui@Smudge8 IC: Jutori - Po-Koro "That...isn't as reassuring as you think it sounds, sister." Jutori turned from Vashni, back to their Fe-Matoran friend. "We left the village long before any of this occured. Zaliyah...she was the one we met in Le-Metru, right?" @Snelly@pokemonlover360@Harvali@Toru Nui
  13. IC: Nale Vella - Metru-Koro (Infirmary) His...brain? The imagery Mazor had conjured in her mind sounded horrifying. "Hold on a second," Nale said, raising a hand towards Gnabol. "You want to find this place? Why?" @Toru Nui@Smudge8 IC: Jutori - Po-Koro Robot fight averted. Thank you, Kilo. "I haven't been in Metru-Koro for some time," Jutori replied. "When I and the rest of the company left everything seemed alright..." He then tapped the side of his Mahiki, shrugging. "I'm not trained in that sort of thing. My mind is an open book," Jutori said in response to the question about mental protection, before glancing quickly at Vashni. "I tend to keep my thoughts in order as best I can, though, being friends with a Toa of Psionics..." @Snelly@pokemonlover360@Harvali@Toru Nui
  14. IC: Rose - Pridak's Former Throne Room (Aurax's?) She was too lightheaded from blood loss to involve herself, instead groaning in displeasure as she sat on her knees listening to Oreius and Aurax go back and forth. Rose thought they'd come all this way to install a new leader in the hopes the Toa of Plasma would make the League more agreeable to the refugees, with Aurax even being willing to work with those who had been in opposition to him not too long ago to take out his former leader. Now it seemed he had really just used her and the others as tools to betray Pridak, and the present arguing showed things had not been agreeable as she hoped. Her fellow soldier and Toa of Fire had missed the memo about the coup, it seemed. If Oreius would not allow Aurax his victory, his seat at the throne, then perhaps it all had indeed been for nothing. @Snelly@EmperorWhenua@Toru Nui@~Xemnas~@Kal the Guardian@Eyru
  15. IC: Nale Vella - Metru-Koro (Infirmary) Nale's expression blanked, the explanation behind the events leading to the impact being just as hard to fathom as everything Knichou had told her. "...you met...Mata Nui?" Maybe she should have been upset with Mazor like he expected her to be, if what he spoke was true, but if anything she was reeling too much from the revelation he'd delivered. The League had intended to literally kill Mata Nui, but in failing had created a much worse outcome for everyone. She had discarded her belief in a Matoran god upon seeing His scrap metal head staring back at her from the horizon, but being before someone who had met Him face-to-face...it was all a bit much for her. "Remake the world into a better place," she repeated under her breath. "Some job He did." "It's all a bit hard to believe," she said, shaking her head. "I suppose the only comfort I could provide is you had no idea what would happen, I...I don't think anyone has ever been put in such a position like that, before." @Toru Nui@Smudge8 IC: Rose - Pridak's Former Throne Room Rose responded to her wife with a groan, before struggling to hit the "eject" button. Her mechsuit proceeded to spit her out, the Toa of Fire falling to her knees while the extra layer of armor collapsed behind her, curled up in a manner similar to a dying insect, too damaged to change shape properly. Her revolver slipped from her hand, the clatter as it hit the floor echoing against the walls of the throne room. The injury to her arm continued to bleed. Getting jerked around by a Matatu wasn't something she was expecting. "I'm fine, hun..." she rasped out. "As long as he's dead, I'm fine. Is there a medic nearby...?" She thought she'd feel different once the warlord was dead, that her thirst for revenge would be quenched, that there'd be some sort of satisfaction. Instead, all she felt was her arm hurting like Karzahni. Rose at least hoped Pridak's death would mean something, and that what her and the others had done was the right thing. And maybe now, her family could rest easy. @Snelly@EmperorWhenua@Toru Nui@~Xemnas~@Kal the Guardian@Eyru@Vezok's Friend IC: Triage - Metru-Koro The medic was somewhat surprised to see the De-Matoran following with him. "Ah, Navu. I have to return something, is all. Once I can find the person I need to return it to, that is..." Triage thought for a moment as he walked, observing the damage done, then said, "Shouldn't you be checking on your hut? If the uh, body is still there I think we can do something about it now..." @Toru Nui
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