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  1. IC: Nale Vella - Kini-Koro (Outside the Taku) "Not at all," the Toa of Magnetism replied. The meeting had certainly got out of hand, which is why she had thought it better just to slip away and prepare. "We have our own plan, we just need to figure it out. Good thing for you and Kanohi--Knichou and I aren't taking no as an answer on this one." @Toru Nui
  2. IC: Korio Karasha - Irnakk's Tooth Korio winced as the scream pierced his audio receptors. He was starting to really, really hate this place. And now there was a fog engulfing them, doing more to set the mood for the inevitable than anything. He followed Ysocla closely, the other Vo-Skakdi's x-ray vision helping her navigate, his own tertiary power keeping him on track. Korio had his crossbow at the ready for if any of the Mesi (if they survived their own nightmares, that is) planned on ambushing them in the low visibility. They eventually came upon Yumiwak and (ugh) Zai. Weird, hadn't he been right by Miss Yumi's side before? Korio concluded he must have navigated in a circle while in his nightmare, the layout of the house and the plain overlapping with the tunnels and confusing his mental compass. Or maybe...it was just Irnakk's own dark power. The latter sounded much more convincing and scary. "Well enough. Glad we're all reunited then," he said in response to Yumiwak, voice low. "Now why don't we finish this up and give these pricks a thrashing?" Korio pointed his crossbow ahead, his tertiary power still keeping him facing the right direction even in the fog. "I call dibs on first blood." @EmperorWhenua@pokemonlover360@Vezok's Friend@Nato the Traveler
  3. IC: Triage - Metru-Koro Ruins "That's right," Triage said after the Turaga had corrected herself. He didn't try to pretend he understood what this talk of an "Ark" meant, just like he hadn't with Tuyet's talk of saving the universe or something. It was all above him--he was just here to patch people up when they got hurt, and right now he was here to solve what was happening to the Ko-Pou Matoran. He glanced over his shoulder at the home him and Okuo were supposed to be investigating. "Seems like you've been around for...a while. Do you have a place to stay around here?" @Onaku@Harvali IC: Nale Vella - Kini-Koro (Outside the Taku) Nale focused her optics on the figure advancing on all fours, recognizing it was NU-8020S. She started walking to meet the Vahki half-way, curious why the unit had followed her. After all, they were still going through with the plan Kanohi and her had brought up originally. Perhaps NU had assumed they'd abandoned it--Nale and Knichou were being very secretive about what they were going to do next, albeit for the safety of the mission. @BULiK@Snelly@Toru Nui
  4. IC: Triage - Metru-Koro Ruins "You must mean the other village that moved, Po-Koro," Triage said, then pointed in the general direction of Tobduk-Koro and the Stone Ruins. "The population moved north. The airship you saw came from Metru Nui, I was helping an injured Toa aboard it." The medic glanced to Okuo, then tilted his head in curiosity at Kardaka. "You're a native of this island, aren't you?" @Onaku@Harvali
  5. IC: Triage - Metru-Koro Ruins "And I'm...Triage," the medic said, introducing himself. "Doctor of the Taku." Who is this lady? His optics followed her gesture to the skull. The Bo-Toa raised an eyebrow at the Turaga. "Ark? You mean Mata Nui?" @Onaku@Harvali IC: Nale Vella - Kini-Koro (Outside the Taku) "Heh. Sure is," Nale said to Skyra, waving at Navu. "Used to be a transport. After a while we realized it was gonna need big guns in a place like this, so we upgraded." She crossed her arms and turned to face the Toa of Air. "Well, Navu can show you around. Welcome aboard." @BULiK@Snelly@Toru Nui
  6. IC: Nale Vella - Kini-Koro "Great." Nale began walking back to the village proper, giving a pat on the shoulder to Knichou as she passed the Toa of Iron and pointing towards the ship to indicate where the pair were heading. The Commander of the Taku could catch up once he was done. She looked to Skyra. "Well, you can fly, and I have a mask of go fast, maybe it'd be quicker to..." The rest of Nale's sentence was cut off by her activating her Kakama and dashing from the outskirts, stopping at the Taku's parking spot across from the Ambling Alp. She switched to the ship's radio signal. "Berys, we got a new plus one. Coming aboard now." @BULiK@Snelly
  7. IC: Triage - Metru-Koro Ruins "Nixie...so it isn't Vhisola's hut, huh? Place is a mess." Triage approached the home and hesitated at the doorway, looking in on the state of things inside. The medic turned to Okuo. "You were here before, right?" he asked, then looked back towards the plaza with an odd expression. Besides the pair of Toa, and the airship that had already flown off, the abandoned village should have been abandoned. "...did you see something just now?" OOC: Triage has caught a glimpse of Kardaka. @Onaku@Harvali@Vezok's Friend IC: Nale Vella - Kini-Koro Seeing that Knichou was still negotiating, Nale placed her hands on her hips and spoke to Skyra again. "If you'd like, I can take you to the ship now. Can get you acquainted with the crew and give a little tour." @BULiK@Snelly@Kal the Guardian
  8. IC: Nale Vella - Kini-Koro "Captain Nale Vella," the Fa-Toa replied, introducing herself. She pointed a thumb to the Toa of Iron next to her. "He's Knichou. Welcome to the Taku, Skyra. Nice to meet you." @BULiK@Snelly
  9. IC: Nale Vella - Kini-Koro Seeing Knichou having to juggle between two separate conversations with different flying green Toa (one of which seemed to have tentacles--maybe her and Whisper should hang out, she thought), Nale looked up at Skyra. "We have an opening on our airship's crew. You interested? We could mark you under demolitions, if you'd like." @BULiK@Snelly@Kal the Guardian
  10. IC: Nale Vella - Kini-Koro "Well, that was uncomfortable," Nale said. She looked up at the now-banned-for-life Toa of Air. "Think we should talk to her?" @BULiK@Snelly
  11. IC: Triage - Crimson Galleon The medic picked up his satchel and stepped towards the ship's loading ramp, turning to give a nod and a mock salute to Tuyet and Exuze, respectively. "Will do. See you then, Tuyet. And stay safe, Exuze. Helping people should always come first--remember that." With that, he exited with Okuo. @BULiK@Onaku@Nato the Traveler@Unreliable Narrator
  12. IC: Triage - Crimson Galleon He looked to Okuo, worried. Torn between Metru Nui and here, Triage decided on sticking with his traveling partner. The medic didn't want to abandon the Toa of Fire, or their quest to solve the affliction of the Matoran back in Ko-Pou. "I know, I know," he said. "We still have to figure out this whole thing, but...you know I won't do this without you. If you want to stay in Metru-Koro, I'll stay." Triage turned to Exuze to answer the Lesterin's question. "Looking for clues, mostly. Answers. Haven't gotten the chance to find much of either." @BULiK@Onaku
  13. IC: Triage - Crimson Galleon Triage was, admittedly, very hesitant to go to Aurax. He looked over to his colleagues to see what they'd say. "Uh...well..." "I guess it wouldn't hurt?" @BULiK@Onaku@Nato the Traveler@Unreliable Narrator
  14. IC: Triage - Crimson Galleon He caught the bottle, although his shaky hands caused him to fumble with it for a second before stuffing it back in his satchel. The medic glanced to Okuo, then Exuze. "I don't know about any crystal balls, but we (that is, my friends and I) might be able to help you find him. Maybe. If this is that urgent. We have a ride, although I'm not sure it can fit more than two people..." @BULiK@Onaku@Unreliable Narrator@Nato the Traveler
  15. IC: Nale Vella - Kini-Koro Nale took notice of Knichou's body language, the way he couldn't meet Stannis' optics. She'd come to know the Commander of the Taku better in their time together, from his ticks to the tattoos his adaptive armor hid. They were simpatico--and she knew Knichou wouldn't let this chance pass him by, not only to acquire a new technology, but to find some way to get under Aurax's skin. No matter what Stannis said, no matter what he reassured them, the Toa of Iron would never believe it. The man who sat on top of a sinking kingdom was not to be trusted with anything bigger than a speck of dust. They'd found themselves in a comfortable life of peace. Settled into the Taku as both a home and a sentry over Kini-Nui. But as long as Aurax was still around and had the Vahki, Knichou would never be satisfied, it seemed. What if they failed, or found themselves disowned by the people for their actions? Exiled, just as Knichou had been so long ago. These thoughts were there in the Toa of Magnetism's mind, but she pushed them aside. Hesitation could jeopardize things. And they wouldn't fail. She leaned over and whispered something into the ex-Ghost's audio receptor. "I guess red really does mean troublemaker." @BULiK
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