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  1. IC: Rose - Love Shack She nodded, and then placed a blanket over Skyra before kissing the Le-Toa's forehead. "You're gonna have such a hangover." @Snelly
  2. IC: Rose - Love Shack "Thanks, Waveahk. Hmm..." Rose scratched her chin. "Sounds like being in the military again, doing recon. Why not? When Sky here is sober, sure." @Toru Nui@Snelly
  3. IC: Datrox Karvan - Metru-Koro Gates Stannis? The name sounded almost familiar. I turned to the oddly-colored Toa who was scratching his arm, raising an eyebrow. "Is there a problem, friend?" @Onaku@Smudge8@Biological Chronicler IC: Korio Karasha - The Rig (Mall) The Vo-Skakdi rushed out of the store with a set of curtains over his shoulder, the shopkeeper shouting at him. "Right away, Miss Yumi, right away!" He began to drag the deceased away, humming a tune he'd first heard when he was just a Skaklet. Good times, those were. Violent times. When he reached the edge of the platform, he gave a mock salute, followed by Kor crossing himself. The tune he was humming now a dirge, the Vo-Skakdi tossed the dead man overboard, then spit into the water where he landed. Korio returned to Yumi and Zai. "Cool dude taken care of, love." @Dane@EmperorWhenua IC: Rose - Love Shack Rose answered, finding an odd-looking Steltian holding a drunk Skyra. "Oh, hun. Guess she got plastered. Thank you for bringing her home, uh...? What's your name?" The man reminded her of a mermaid. @Toru Nui@Snelly
  4. OOC: Ghost Thom parts courtesy of Dane. IC: Nale Vella and an old acquaintance - "Po-Koro" Nale's eyes snapped open, and she found the room was dark as if it were the dead of night. There was the distinct feeling someone else was there. "Heya, sweetheart." A familiar voice spoke, from the darkness. An amber eye glowed, and an uncanny, yet instantly recognizable shade revealed himself to Nale. "How ya doin'?" "Did I die in my sleep?" Nale asked the apparition, shoving her face into the cot. She prayed this was another nightmare. A mango seemingly appeared from nowhere in his hand, and the Skakdi bit into it gleefully. His trademark eyepatch sat on his face, though oddly misaligned. "Well, been a minute, 'asn't it? Ya 'aven't forgotten about me, that's comfortin'." "Hard to forget," the Toa of Magnetism replied, muffled. She raised her head again, blinking a few times as her eyes adjusted to the shadows. The apparition of Thom wasn't going away. "You followed me into the Archives, tried to fight me, and then when it seemed like we'd reached some kind of understanding you died." She got out of bed and stepped closer. Yep, that was Thom, looking just as...Skak-y as ever. "What are you doing here? Why haunt me?" "This ain't about me. Wish it was. Ah'm jus' a memory, you got real issues goin' on. Like ya boyfriend.” A gleaming grin. She frowned. “'Ave to say, sweetheart, terrible taste in men." He said those last words in a joking manner, but Nale might have been able pick up an odd feeling buried beneath. "Ah mean, bloody karz, ah thought ya were just unlucky with One-Eye, but clearly there's a pattern goin' on. Karvan musta kissed bloody good, cuz his personality didn’t loo-" Nale's palm met with the Ko-Skakdi's face with a satisfying SMACK. A flood of images flashed in the Fa-Toa's mind, and the sound of a razor whale breaching echoed outside the shack. "You...you shouldn't know who that is. And you don't have any right to say his name around me. He's dead, and if he isn't dead, I hope I never see him again." Thom recoiled just a bit from the slap. A chuckle, and the former Hunter's trademark grin. "Sorry. Ah am tryin' ta help ya. Just...ya know." The Ko-Skakdi flexed the few muscles on his biceps that he had, before looking back at Nale. "Look, Nale, tha gunshot's gonna keep ya housebound for a few more days. But after that, what's ya plan? Ya just gonna sit around? Ya became a Toa for a reason, love. Don't reckon it was to be taken outta commission by a devillishly handsome Ko-Skakdi. Well, and tha apocalypse, but…" He trailed off. Nale was looking at the floor, apparently avoiding eye contact with the apparition. "Think it over, Nale. Ah died ta save ya, don't waste ya life. Reckon ya owe me that much for ditchin' the duel." And with that, the shade disappeared. The Toa of Magnetism was alone again. Nale returned to bed, and almost instantly her eyes opened again. It was day. She still couldn't tell if what she experienced was a dream, or a ghost, or...whatever. But it was certainly odd. The Fa-Toa rolled over to look at the wall. Outside, the world continued without her. "Karz it."
  5. IC: Datrox Karvan - Metru-Koro Gates I took the Onu-Toa's hand and shook it. "Datrox. Mind introducing me to the rest of your group?" @Onaku@Dane@Smudge8@Biological Chronicler
  6. IC: Datrox Karvan - Metru-Koro Gates "Then I suppose I'm on board," I said with little hesitation. "What's your name, brother?" @Onaku
  7. IC: Datrox Karvan - Metru-Koro Gates "Perhaps," I replied. "A marauder, then? So this is a quest for vengeance, or a preventative measure?" I crossed my arms, my optics meeting with the Toa of Earth's own. This was the kind of work I had been looking for: a chance at doing something to help this village, to protect it. But at the same time, I knew revenge could quickly tarnish even the most devout men. @Onaku@Dane@Smudge8@Biological Chronicler
  8. IC: Nale Vella - "Po-Koro" Nale gave a small wave from her bed. "Goodbye, Kanohi. Stay safe, both of you." Once they left, Nale would retire to bed and, under "doctor's orders," rest her injured leg. Without Arkius there, the cot could accomodate her frame better, but it was no more comfortable than before. She hoped, if she could fall asleep, that dreams would not come: all she had lately were nightmares. @Harvali IC: Datrox Karvan - Navu's Hut to Metru-Koro Gates I slept little while staying in the hut, but I wasn't sure if it was because of the awkwardness of the situation or because of Navu's words. The League weren't just going to disappear into thin air, and even here their crimes still appeared as fresh wounds. Further, now we had enemies from all sides that did not want us here with the presence of the island's natives. I tossed and turned, the floor being just as comfortable as I'd expected (even despite me being used to sleeping in places like this). When I saw the first sign of morning sun I got up, gently replacing the pillow under Navu's head as she slept, and crept out as quietly as possible. I wandered about the village, patrolling to make sure the residents were safe and no trouble had arisen. It felt almost like Metru Nui, like I was making my rounds again from district to district, but at the moment "trouble" here usually meant someone having a minor disagreement. Time passed, the sun moving across the sky, and eventually as I wandered I found myself at the gates of the village to inquire the guards there about a position, when here I came across a group of fellows conversing. Three Toa of varying elements and appearances, and a Vortixx. "What seems to be going on here?" I asked, curious at this gathering of warriors. @Onaku@Dane@Smudge8@Biological Chronicler
  9. IC: Nale Vella - "Po-Koro" "Right, yes," Nale replied, "thank you." More rest. It felt like all she ever did was rest, stuck in this shack. And now she was alone here, now that Arkius had gone on his crusade...if she was in better spirits, and uninjured, she wondered if she'd be by his side currently... Another knock at the door. The Fa-Toa let out a sigh and looked to Pardehi. "Could you get that for me?" @Biological Chronicler@Harvali IC: Datrox Karvan - Navu's Hut "Yes," I suddenly responded. I placed the pillow on the floor, fluffing it slightly. "Like I said, I'll be gone in the morning. Thank you again." @Toru Nui
  10. IC: Korio Karasha - The Rig (Mall) Korio scratched his chin, taking in the order from his liege. "Oi, right, linen shop..." he less replied, more echoed as if he'd never spoken the words and was translating them for himself. The Vo-Skakdi nodded twice, then turned and headed to the linen shop (paying little mind to Zai's barking), allowing the two Skakdi women to converse over what was once an informant, now a corpse with its head turned the wrong way. Immediately, a nice set of ornate curtains caught his eyes, and Kor removed his goggles to take a closer look at them, running the fabric through his hands. "Oh, beauty! I've been needin' some new curtains. Hate pryin' eyes. Ya feel me, mate?" The shopkeeper stared blankly. @EmperorWhenua@Dane IC: Datrox Karvan - Navu's Hut "Hm? Oh, no," I replied, shaking my head. "You've been very helpful already, Navu. I hope I haven't disturbed anything by being here." A glance to the window revealed the night had pressed on, and I realized I wasn't sure when was appropriate to turn in when staying at a complete stranger's home. I drummed my fingers against the pillow in my hands. @Toru Nui
  11. IC: Rose - Love Shack "Nice to meet you too, fella. You two be safe out there!" Rose smiled and waved goodbye to the pair. @Dane@Burnmad IC: Jutori - Metru-Koro Jutori shrugged. "Makes sense to me, I think. Anyone think otherwise?" @Snelly@~Xemnas~@Onaku@Harvali@pokemonlover360
  12. IC: Nale Vella - "Po-Koro" Nale winced. "Yeah, yep...just a little." @Biological Chronicler IC: Jutori - Metru-Koro "Kilo!" Jutori suddenly perked up at the sight of the Kralhi. They had a regular reunion going on here! Every member of the original Archives group was present--some a little different physically, like the now-Toa Jutori and Atamai, but still the same people. It was like taking part in the disk hunt all over again, except this time they weren't in Metru Nui, Turaga Dume and God were dead, and they were in Zakaz. Exactly like the disk hunt. @Snelly@~Xemnas~@Onaku@Harvali@pokemonlover360 IC: Datrox Karvan - Navu's Hut My eyes cast down to the floor for a moment. We'd felt safer here in the camps, away from the remains of the League and whatever may lie in the Zakazian wilderness, but the truth was we were still as susceptible to threats as always. If those remnants were to come here... "I cannot say, nor would I like to entertain the thought at the moment. Just know you are in safe hands here, and if it were to happen...I would defend this village with my life." @Toru Nui
  13. IC: Rose - Love Shack "I'm not the explorer type, kid. I've been spending most of my time here in Metru-Koro. Island's a big place, though." Rose shrugged. "I'm sure if you pick a direction and start walkin' you'll run into some ruins. Least, I think that's how adventuring works." @Dane@Burnmad IC: Nale Vella - "Po-Koro" "Uh, no...I haven't really gotten out much lately." Nale sighed and looked around the shake. "I've been spending most of my time here." @Biological Chronicler
  14. IC: Rose - Love Shack Gas man? Kumu Islets? Odd little fellow. Rose scratched her chin. "Adventure, huh? Where you two heading?" @Dane@Burnmad
  15. IC: Rose - Metru-Koro (Love Shack) Rose heard a knock at the door and went to answer. Before her stood Vent and another being she didn't recognize. "Huh, back already? I see you made a new friend." @Dane@Burnmad IC: Datrox Karvan - Navu's Hut "I..." I paused. My time during the war had been spent avoiding my past, and roaming around Metru Nui like a vigilante to supposedly protect those that needed protecting. Yet here this woman was, a former slave, and I had done nothing to help many others like her. Perhaps Tanaya and Eroni had been freeing people from the League's clutches before they were cut down, while I was--what was I doing? Hiding? "I don't know, at the moment. It's been a very confusing time since the crash, but I would not discount that there is someone looking. Someone who cares, just like me." @Toru Nui
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