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    Somewhere in space. The known universe, probably.
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    Once upon a time, a crazy toa of air decided to write anything and everything that came to mind for an interests column. Then he decided to take it down because its structure collapsed due to its intense height. D=

    To replace this giant rock, the toa of air (let's call him... uh... Cautiously Offending Orde Like Dume Using Dirty Etiquette, or COOLDUDE for short) decided to present a rather obscure acronym instead.

    I like...
    Phoenix Wright
    Dangan Ronpa
    Harry Potter
    Hans Christian Andersen
    The Brothers Grimm
    The Legend of Zelda
    Super Smash Brothers
    My Little Pony: Friendship is Witchcraft/Magic
    Fullmetal Alchemist
    Into the Woods
    Sara Bareilles

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About Me


Hey peeps! Just a little info about me: Gay, was closeted for the majority of my life, went through depression and anxiety and I am still working through it. If anyone wants to talk or ask me anything, feel free to do so.


Oh, hey, an About Me page...


Well, I've been a fan of Bionicle since 2001 and Tahu used to be my favorite character. Then, my favorite color switched from red to green a few years later and then Lewa was my favorite (I wish I had a better sense of loyalty as a kid. But then again, I love Lewa's character so I'm fine with it in hindsight. XD).


Let's see... I can type out really really long comments like nothing when I'm in the right chatty mood (it's a curse. XD). Also, I've been spending some time around the Library lately here on BZP. I'm a rookie writer myself (a few short stories and an epic... woo XD). I'm not too great at it, though I do have fun writing (spelling and grammer are not my forte, unfortunately. Speel cheek iz my frend). Also I love sarcasm and being silly (to a fault at times. XD).


There, I've shortened my About Me segment. ^^ Now if only I could get in a proper interests column...


Quotes about me:


"Tekulo is the supreme overlord of lameness and illusory instigation and is far inferior to the illustrious and estimable Nuile, esquire, who is so awesome that a mere glimpse of his debonair, dashing handsomeness and general coolness blinds and in some cases melts eyeballs (note that I am not liable for any injuries acquired through staring at me) and is tall and eminent."

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