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  1. Humans are despciable

    1. Kaleidoscope Tekulo
    2. Blessed Blade

      Blessed Blade

      There's still a glimmer of hope, but it's very dull right now. First things first, -everyone- has to band together and start to work to prevent stuff like this from happening elsewhere.


      I'm really pessimistic in general about a lot of things, and this hasn't really helped, but... it's made my wish to stand up stronger. I just need to find how.

    3. Pahrak Model ZX

      Pahrak Model ZX

      I’ve never been good with optimism, but part of me really wants to muster some up and see if I can be useful. Problem is I’ve never been good at being useful and this really feeds the voice saying that all things in life are futile. I’m just really not sure how to react, today or going forward in general…I don’t know. I need someone to follow and I don’t know where to look, I guess.

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