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  1. Hey guys. I couldn't help but wonder if I am going overboard with a Bionicle fan site I was building. Is there something wrong?
  2. Yesterday, Biosector01, the Beaverhouse, and other Bionicle fan sites has organised a livestream community event celebrating Bionicle. It's kinda like an online Comic-Con event (in my head anyway) but with everything Bionicle. They hosted MOC spotlights, interviews, livestream presentations, and so on. Hopefully they'll re-upload separated videos for those whom missed the entire livestream. This was probably the second year of Bionicle Day as well. And they would possibly do it again every year on August 8th. Hope this helps. EDIT: Good News! They are now re-uploading full video segments of the Livestream so you can catch up with anything you have missed with Bionicle Day! And here is the poster to prove it.
  3. I enjoyed The Gathered Friends Exclusive interview with Ryder Windham. And the QFTMs trading card game and the video games presentation (Masks of Power and Legend of Mata Nui).
  4. What is your memorable highlight of Bionicle day? Mine was literally everything! Including the announcement of the merger made by Maskofdestiny.com! EDIT: Can't wait for next year!
  5. So excited for this game alongside Masks of Power!!! This is an awesome time to be a longtime fan! EDIT: I know that this was showcased on the Beaverhouse livestream at some point, I had to miss out some series of programmes and presentations of Bionicle Day due to my time restraints, I'm just overexcited )
  6. The BIONICLE UNIVERSE is a non-profit fan site. A website simply dedicated to the "G1" era of LEGO BIONICLE (2001-2010). Why?! There are possibly dozens of Bionicle sites right now! lol, I know. I have made this website simply to share my passion for Bionicle as well as having fun in building a Bionicle site. Although I have altered or changed aspects of the official Bionicle storyline/lore (the Order of Mata Nui, the Great Beings, the Mata Nui Robot, Keetongu's powers etc), you can find the true source of their backstories on Biosector01 and the Bionicle Fandom Wiki. My sole purpose was to embrace my passion for G1 BIONICLE as well as celebrating the ten year toyline. Under Construction/nearly published webpage contents: Heroes and Allies Villains and Mechanoid threats Mutations and Transformations Kanohi Masks Turaga and Matoran Islands and Locations Mechanoids and Vehicles Rahi Glatorian and Agori Toy Adverts Comics Links
  7. Well done! I'm very pleased with how you've solved Helryx. I'm very happy for you. I hope you'll make more Bionicle-related videos soon.
  8. You're Welcome! No worries. I'll definitely take a read when I have the time, thanks!
  9. This might be very old news, but has anybody been to this page? It has all their amazing concept art and drawings from MNOG!
  10. Hmmm... that's sounds even better to be honest. Although it's fun to play with traitor characters like Tuyet and Nidhiki, I think yours is more interesting to write. I think I might write that as my next Fanfic about the Toa Nuva and the Toa Metru teaming up after their time travel. Thanks!
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