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  1. The Helryx we have now might not be the Helryx I personally wanted, but I will always imagine Helryx’s set form in my own head as my canon. Congratulations to the winner.
  2. Found some full scale scans of the Bionicle Tohunga comic from McDonalds! Anybody remember Challenge of the Rahi?
  3. Awesome! I've kept a G2 Desktop wallpaper of Tahu's Gold mask in my files but chose to use The Toa Mata slides from imgur.
  4. You're welcome! I'm glad I could give something to the Bionicle Community! What did you think of my desktop? Pretty neat!
  5. Found some cool Bionicle wallpapers a year ago.
  6. Those are very good points. Speaking of time-travel, I've written a Bionicle fanfic a few years ago where the good Toa Tuyet somehow entered into the prime reality which is now Spherus Magna. I haven't posted that yet, but will do soon.
  7. Anybody seen this? They look fantastic.
  8. Can I ask what story is called? I'm curious. And where can I read your story?
  9. I'm just thinking about the all-female village on the Island of Mata Nui back in 01. Would you say that they would be interpreted or somehow similar as the Amazons of Greek Mythology; but as villagers, chieftains, and fisherwomen instead of being warriors such as the Amazons on the Island of Themysicra (Wonder Woman's homeland) ? Just something to share in my tin-foiled hat theory.
  10. Has anyone seen a documentary series on Netflix called The Toys That Made Us? There was an episode about Lego and I was very excited about it. I was over the moon when they mentioned Bionicle and Christian Faber's idea. It was amazing.
  11. This is a video I felt I should.share with the Bionicle community. The video is made by Youtuber Ozkabot (not me) Please leave him a comment on his page and let him know what you think!
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