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  1. The art looks like it's been cropped from a larger image. I hope we get to see that eventually.
  2. Weird blends of ancient culture with futuristic technology is my aesthetic. I already love this so much. Ninjago was never really my thing, weirdly. Ninjas just don't catch my interest, I guess?
  3. The thing about Hero Factory was that set names were either existing names or portmanteaus of existing words. Those would naturally be easier to remember than distinguishing between the made-up names of Bionicle.
  4. I'm personally convinced that Pohatu Phantoka was originally designed to be a Toa of Time to go with the Toa of Life we got the same year. IIRC, set design happens before story.
  5. And it was the greatest seven minutes ever. I think this is my favorite episode so far, mostly because of all the times Lewa has been completely wrecked, this is the first time an enemy "had to" break through a solid wall to do it. Broke through a solid wall with a dinky little claw attached to a chain, no less. (your signature is fantastic, by the way)
  6. I was pretty disappointed myself that the skull gang all share a bunch of parts. At the very least, everybody having unique masks would've been nice. The unique builds sort of make up for it, anyways. The uniter/unifier terminology makes me wonder. Are they uniting all the tribes together into one civilization again, once the city's been restored?
  7. Uh, no. There's one sequence in the teaser where all the maskless Toa sans Tahu are grabbing onto Kulta while Tahu faces him down. Did you not see that? Meanwhile, Kulta and Ekimu's showdown takes place inside the arena, not the forge. It's obvious because of the hexagonal patterns on the ground and the blue-lit color scheme, rather than the orange of the forge.
  8. Logan McOwen shows off a chest fix for Grinder here.
  9. I'd like to imagine Hammer Flush involves people playing dodgeball with big metal hammers. Catch!
  10. So the skull masks are indeed masks and not faces.
  11. My personal headcanon is that they can eat food orally, but it's considered really gross. Like Skakdi.
  12. I'm a little concerned about how Makuta disappears from the story after getting the MoUP knocked off his face. We know Ekimu was laid to rest, but what did they do about Makuta?
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