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  1. Due to poor management, the Mafia game eventually went out of control and ended up getting shut down. Mutran attempts to create Rahkshi 2.0.
  2. A G1 Kanohi, so that he can study it. Tahtorak.
  3. Out comes Lhikan's signed Noble Hau. In goes Vakama's signed Firestaff.
  4. Out comes an Oculus Rift headset. In goes a Gen-1 Digivice.
  5. I'm thinking of a Mask of Strategy. Here's how it works: 1. The user decides on an objective, which is then automatically relayed to the Mask. 2. The Mask gathers relevant intel that are available to the user. 3. The Mask formulates suitable strategies for reaching said objective. 4. The Mask telepathically inform the user of those strategies. The Great version of this Mask can formulate 2 or more strategies for one objective, whereas the Noble version can only formulate 1. In addition, the Great version collects intel more effectively than the Noble version.
  6. ... experiment with my Noble Kanohi. If you were given the aquatic-serpent Zaktan as a pet, you would...
  7. Out comes The Lesser Beings. In goes my BZPower display name.
  8. Granted, now you are allowed to post the word "epic" in this forum. I wish to possess Avak's "prison-making" ability.
  9. What an EPIC MOC! Really love the color scheme, pieces employed and the philosophy behind your build.
  10. Wonderful and epic work you have there!
  11. Everybody cease to exist in the present since they exist only in the past and the future. Macku attempts to master a water sport new to the Ga-Matoran: sailing.
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