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  1. That's exactly how I felt about TS3, too (though I kept the tears a bay, just barely). I know that all the lil'uns going to see it who weren't even born when the first two came out missed 80% of the emotion and jokes.
  2. Happy birthday, even if you'll never see this.

  3. Torhuki

    My Hobby:

    I've found a brother.
  4. Torhuki

    I Bought Them

    *paid And haha, I was expecting a Pokemon entry. Tor
  5. June 24th will be one of the best days of my life. Tor
  6. Torhuki

    I Divided By Zero

    That reminds me of an awesome brickfilm by Nathan Wells. Tor
  7. Torhuki


    The first picture reminds me of LotR. Is this actually going to be an environment you can move about in inside a game, or is this just for looks? Tor
  8. I think I have at least the first batch. I dunno how to get it to you, though; it's 180+ MB. Tor
  9. Torhuki


    'cycles are cooluh Tor
  10. I knew that guy looked familiar! Tor
  11. Torhuki

    Halo: Reach

    Oh great, another game I can't have because I can't shell out a couple hundred for a 360. >_> Looks cool though. Tor
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