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  1. It was a close tie between 7 and 11, but I went with 7 because I decided the pose for 11 way looked too awkward for flying. And, well, 7 was awesome.
  2. Just look at Black Six's avatar.I mean... What is that?
  3. All of my sets are scared. :PSo, while Bionicle was still going, I'd try to keep them together as long as possible, but it would never work out. No matter hbow hard I tried, they always felt the pain of my hand taking them apart, piece by piece. I kept rebuiolding them though, if I could find the pieces. Now that Bionicle is over, they have all been in pieces for years. Recently I took all of my storage boxes out, and have been busy MoCing. I don't I'll ever make an official Bionicle set again.
  4. There was once this comic that InnerRayg made set inside of BZPower. Each forum was a portal. I still imagine myself to look like that style to this day. I don't know if anybody remembers that comic, but I still do.
  5. It was never a really huge issue for me, but it was very annoying. I sort of got used to it, so it isn't an issue for me anymore. It's actually a shame that the policy was changed, as it only happened because people were abusing the system.
  6. I don't really see any Bionicle-themed options for the next spinny. There have been no new sets, or even story developments in over a year. I think it's about time we stop focusing on Bionicle so much. I don't know if this means we should get a Hero Factory spinny, or something else, but the time that BZPower was solely a Bionicle fan site is over. On the other hand, we do have a history to remember and respect, but we shouldn't cling too hardly to it.
  7. I think another problem is that when it comes to Bionicle, I'd just discuss it in the Bionicle Storyline & Theories forum. There isn't really a whole lot of topics that I'd want to discuss that would fall outside of the storyline, so I've never really ventured into this forum at all.The only time that I would post a topic here would probably be due to questions about Kathy Hapka or something. Enzee
  8. 2004: Best sets.2006: Best story.Everything else was pretty much horrible once I reached 12 years of age.
  9. I don't think I've really ever been inactive, just a serial lurker.
  10. Looks like you're looking at the source of the website you are. Most browsers have this functionality built in.Basically, it's the code that web pages are made out of. Don't worry, editing it won't break the site. People look at code of websites to figure out and learn how to make their own, usually.This code in in html language, as far as I can tell.
  11. Wrong order. They started using the tally marks during three-month time skip between episode one and two. Then, after they regrouped and shared all the things they had learned, Then Doctor injected the nanorecorders into their hands.
  12. Now that Bionicle has been finished for a while now, do you still buy the sets? Or is it simply too hard to find them at a decent price?I must admit that the last time I bought a set was Berix in 2009. The only set that I got outside of local stores was at a market in 2008. It was the brown Rahkshi, but it had a different tint then the one I had bought five years previously...
  13. Rayg edit - You're the first reply, so I'm going to be hijacking your post to use as the entry list. Sorry! Please don't edit this, thanks.Catagories:Tahu1. Toa Kinliku - Entry2. Hahli Husky is awesome - Entry Thumb Topic3. Fsnorglepuff - Entry Thumb Topic4. Toa Neutrak - Entry5. Vezok's Friend - Entry Thumb6. Toa Kayn - Entry Thumb Topic7. Empire - Entry Thumb Topic8. Lime Paradox - Entry Topic9. Senrab - Entry Thumb Topic10. Toa Zaz - Entry11. CrunchbiteNuva - Entry Thumb Topic12. Takhamavahu - Entry13. Klatix the fire Agori - Entry14. Captain Flowers - Entry Topic15. entil - Entry16. Tohkann toa of arts - EntryVakama1. Terton - Entry Thumb Topic2. Hahli Husky is awesome - Entry Thumb Topic3. Senrab - Entry Thumb Topic4. TD - Entry Topic5. Toa Kayn - Entry Thumb Topic6. Click - Entry Thumb Topic7. CrunchbiteNuva - Entry Thumb Topic8. Rumpelstiltskin - Entry Thumb Topic9. Poutwuw Toa of Diversity - Entry10. Aanchir: Rachira of Time - Entry Thumb Topic11. degnish - Entry Thumb Topic12. DoomIgnika - Entry Thumb Topic13. Shadaki - Entry14. Brickthing - Entry Thumb15. Tohkann toa of arts - EntryJaller/Takua1. TD - Entry Topic2. Toa Kayn - Entry Thumb Topic3. Empire - Entry Thumb Topic4. Click - Entry Thumb Topic5. Toa of Greek - Entry6. Senrab - Entry Thumb Topic7. Hahli Husky is awesome - Entry Thumb Topic8. Aanchir: Rachira of Time - Entry Thumb Topic9. CrunchbiteNuva - Entry Thumb Topic10. Dwanny - Entry Topic11. DoomIgnika - Entry Thumb Topic12. Tohkann toa of arts - Entry13. SkullKid - EntryOriginal reply:Haven't drawn anything Bionicle-related in a few years. This should be fun.I'm really regretting not having a tablet now, though. >:C
  14. Um... I may be missing something, but at the beginning of Season 6, they didn't know about the silence. At the beginning of the season, they were at a diner and having picnics.
  15. Seaon 3 and 6 would be best seasons, but it would jump the shark in season 8. Season 10 was cancelled, though they still aired the episodes that they had made.
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