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    Wow, it’s been a while since I updated this thing… I still think Bionicle and LEGO are awesome (which is why I made this account in the first place), although I haven’t really had access to my sets for a while since going off to college. That will probably change once I graduate this December, so hopefully I’ll be able to start MOCing again, as long as the real world doesn’t get in the way… nahhhh, that won’t be a problem. :P

    I still like games like Starcraft and Age of Empires, along with Smash Bros., Zelda, and Pokemon. For a while those were just about all the video games I played but I started getting more into other Nintendo games with the Wii U.

    In terms of other entertainment, I’ve really gotten back to liking movies, fueled by the Marvel movies I feel like, although I’ve always liked action movies. Also, The LEGO Movie is AWESOME!

    Anyways, I think the new line of Bionicle has given me renewed interest in the line, so hopefully I’ll be around the forums a lot more than I have for the last 4 years or so.

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  1. Hey Forgotten Chronicler, I see you have some interesting MOC’s here. Before I go on to critique your creations, I would like to suggest that, when you create a MOC topic in the future, that you have all of the pictures separate from each other. Having such a big picture can be cumbersome considering you’re not going to be able to look at the whole thing on your screen without the loss of detail. Anyways, on to the MOC’s! -------------------- Geha is pretty simple, considering it uses an Inika build. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, since a simple build can avoid a jumbled look. I feel like the main problem this MOC has is the color scheme. I feel like if you stuck to just 2 or 3 colors, it would help the look of the MOC. I feel like red, gunmetal, and grey or red, gold, and grey would be good choices if you had pieces in those color The main things I do like about your creation are the 2 swords/jet packs on his back. Their construction is simple but they still look good. -------------------- For Kasha, it would be cool if you had a shot of her back, that way I could see how you constructed the body better. In terms of color scheme, I like the consistent look of the first picture more than the second picture. If you had 2 metru blue Rahkshi heads, I feel like the updated version would look a lot better. For this MOC, I like how you used the light blue limb joints as armor. I never thought to use those pieces like that and they look really good here. -------------------- Looking at Tahu, is there any reason you used 2 differently colored legs? If you wanted to, I think it would be cool if you continued that double colored theme to his arms and used mata red and Keetongu yellow Inika legs for the forearms. Also, if you were able to, could you take a more detailed picture of Tahu’s torso? I would be interested in how you built it, since from the pictures you’ve given, it looks to be custom. Otherwise, this is probably my favorite of the 4 MOC’s. -------------------- This Makuta MOC has some pretty cool parts that I like. Thank you for the very detailed pictures! For this MOC, I would suggest taking out the Keetongu yellow, light green, white, mata red, and blue and keeping all of the other colors. I think my favorite part of it is the lower leg design and feet. That is a very cool way to use those Avohkii. For the thighs, I would suggest using this piece here and then putting a see-through orange armor piece on the extra ball joint. Hopefully the hinged ball joint will help with posing the legs. For the arms, to make them for “titan-like” I would suggest doubling up the joints like you did for the lower legs, only flipped 90 degrees. Although, to be honest, I feel like the arms are ok like they are right now. As for all of the weapons, I feel like they work well with the MOC, especially the Ehlek and Nuparu claws. -------------------- All in all, I feel like you have some decent MOC’s here, The Forgotten Chronicler. I think, for the most part, I would try implementing all of the color suggestions I gave before anything else, then go from there. I hope you keep on MOCing!
  2. Hey, I remember that MOC! Good job revamping it, Ballom. Looking at the previous iteration, I feel like the removal of the dark bley was a good decision, as it lets the color scheme flow better. It also looks much more smooth in general, thanks to the CCBS armor pieces. I think my favorite part of this MOC is how you constructed the legs. You were really creative with the parts usage there, especially the use of the Bohrok torso pieces and Rahkshi heads. I also like how the piston supports are used. I've been trying to work on something large as well and while I think I've managed to get something to work using CCSB limbs, I might have to try how you connected the legs to the torso. I also like the shape of the feet. The Technic fins and silver Nuparu armor work really well there. Going further up the MOC to the torso, I see some very smooth sections near the neck and chest area. The use of the new Bionicle armor piece, the Hero Factory torso, and the Inika shoulder armor piece work really well here. I also like how you managed to incorporate the Cordak blasters from your original MOC. I feel like they fit very well and you do a good job of filling in any gaps that might be created by its weird shape. The main things that bother me are the shoulder area and the upper arms. For the shoulders, I feel that the smoothness of the lower body and legs is disrupted slightly. I think it might be because of the steps the torso makes with the System sloped pieces jutting out to the Cordak blasters, which then jut out to the piece connecting the blasters to the main shoulder construction. I'm not sure how you could fix this. I would suggest trying to make the system slopes somehow curve into the blasters, I just can't really think of anything that you could use to do that. For the upper arms, the way they increase in width from the shoulder area and downward looks a bit odd. I'm guessing you did that so that the arms had more movement, which I understand. One thing I do like about the arms, though, is the use of the skull spider masks. They blend very well with the MOC. Otherwise, the arms are relatively simple and they look good for it. The head looks very unique and I like how you were able to make it similar to the original's while changing it to fit the smoother look of the MOC. All in all, this is an awesome creation, Ballom, and I'm glad to see you're still MOCing!
  3. Hey evil_jaga_genius, you've got an interesting MOC here! I like how you managed to keep a similar design to the original as well as make it different. I think my favorite part are the blades on the back of the arms. His staff looks pretty awesome as well. Something I noticed that is different from the original is that he's a bit skinnier, mainly around the joints and torso. What I would suggest is, if you have a black Metru Matoran torso piece, I would take out the Bohrok eye and put one of those pieces on top of the Piraka arm piece. This might make the transition from the lower to the upper torso a little less abrupt. Of course, if you did that, it would probably create some gaps in the torso, so what I would suggest is adding some silver Kalmah armor to the shoulders, which should help fill that area up. If that would get in the way of the blades on the arms, I would try putting them so they're on the outer side of the arms. The thighs also seem a bit skinny. I would suggest, if you had any more, removing the Visorak legs and putting additional Kalmah armor on top, then taking the Visorak legs and attaching them to the side of the thigh. This would help balance the color of the Kalmah armor on the shoulders with the rest of the MOC along with making him a bit more beefy. For the gun arm, I would give you 2 possible suggestions. In my opinion, the hand looks a bit out of place where it is right now since it looks like it would be blocking the bullets from the gun. What I would suggest is either remove the hand and leave just the gun, or do something similar to 2008 Takanuva and give him a normal arm and attach the gun underneath. Anyways, this is a great MOC either way and I hope you keep on building!
  4. Looking at this picture of Rocka, it looks like they redesigned the Thornax launcher piece. It used to have both a plus and a round hole, but now it only has the plus hole.
  5. From how I see it, destiny in Bionicle is getting from point A to point B. Eventually, you will get to point B, but how you get there isn't set in stone.
  6. I remember I got Onua Mata. My brother also got Onua, along with Kopaka.
  7. You've got some awesome Mocs here, JohannDakitsch. Since you posted so many of them, I'll go over the two that I like best and then glance over the other four.Let's begin with Ekaran and Kadin. I'm guessing Ekaran is the pilot and Kadin is the vehicle, so I'lll start with Ekaran first. At first glance, he looks like a basic Toa build, but once I saw some other views of him; I could see he has a cool design. The legs and head aren't anything fancy, but the torso and arms are a bit more interesting.The torso looks like it has a lot of articulation, with waist movement and shoulder movement. One thing that bugs me though is the skinniness. If you could find some way to add armor to the upper torso to cover the one-stud wide waist, that would fix most of the problem. Maybe you could try adding a lime green Hero Factory armor piece that would be long enough to cover that part.The arms are also skinny, but this seems more proportional to a normal body than the skinny waist. Also, the gears on the lower arms are out of place. If you removed them altogether and shortened the arms by one stud, you wouldn't have to worry about replacing the gears and the arms would still look good.So, basically, just remove the gears and make the waist less skinny and Ekaran could be even better. Now, I know that he is just the pilot so he needs to be simpler/skinnier to fit on the vehicle, so that would excuse some of the problems.So, now we get to the main part of the Moc, Kadin. It looks very sturdy and well put together. The front section looks a bit jumbled, but that's hard not to do if you want the vehicle to actually have shape rather than looking like a big block. The Fenrakk head piece on the front is what made me interested in this vehicle in the first place. It works very well there and helps make the vehicle a lot more smooth and dynamic. That is until you move further along and see the Thornax launcher piece. The groves in this piece ruin the smooth feel. I think if you removed it, the front would look a little more streamlined.When you get down to the cockpit, the Moc gets even better. I don't know why, but for some reason it just looks cool. It might have something to do with the tubes going through that section, I dunno. Speaking of the tubes, I think they're a nice touch throughout the Moc, although I think the Mahri tubes by where the rider places its feet are out of place.Then you get to the X-wings. I think the wings are what make this Moc look like an awesome futuristic aircraft it is. Their smoothness help you visualize them cutting through the air. The turbines are also equally impressive. I could imagine swooshing this Moc around in the air just for fun. Overall, Kadin is awesome. Just remove the Thornax launcher piece and it would be even more awesome.--------------------The second Moc I wanted to go over was Harai. The size of the thing is awesome all in itself. The two best parts are, in my opinion, the torso and the arms. The torso is very well constructed. It's great that someone found a use for the Piraka torso. The hunched L-shaped body works well with the Moc's gorilla arms.The arms are very cool looking. The use of various blades to create an oval shield-like shape makes them look aesthetically pleasing.The main problems that I can see with this Moc are in the legs. They look pretty skimpy compared to the rest of Moc. It kinda seems like you got tired designing them and just threw something together. In my opinion, you should just start over and try to build bulkier legs. Actually, if you took the legs from Devianox and used them here, that would fix the problem. Just a suggestion. Do that and this Moc will be amazing.--------------------Now a glance over rest of the Mocs:Grivok face looks... interesting to say the least. The hands and leg structure are good. The Ehlek claws on the legs look out of place. If you could, replace them with something less spiky and more rounded, such as a Bitil wing or the longest Hero Factory armor piece in silver. The color scheme seems a bit jumbled, if you could add more white to the torso, that might balance it out.Lygiros the Titan's legs are great, but the tire feet are kinda weird.The Nui-Long dragon looks pretty sweet. The color scheme is kinda bad. If you limited the colors to red and yellow/keetongu orange, it would bring more attention to how awesome this Moc is. Also, the back legs are a bit skimpy.Devianox reminds me of a Protoss Templar from Starcraft. The legs are great and the skeleton hands look cool. The elbows are kinda skinny. The tubes that connect the arms to the torso look out of place. If you removed them it would look better in my opinion.--------------------So, overall, you got some great Mocs here, along with the ones you didn't post. Hope you keep Mocing!
  8. Pretty much, it wasn't the site being down that decreased my interest in Bionicle, it was the story not being updated. I'm still waiting for an update, though. Also, since Hero Factory is still around, my interest in Lego hasn't changed any.
  9. "The Bzp-less Period" or something like that sounds good.
  10. Member: Major Marvelous MOC name: Koulsha UnMOCable piece: Spine from the Rahkshi Star; attached on the back MOC bio: Looking at all the options on your list to choose from, this species hadn't been Moced, so I made it have 3 eyes to fit the bio. =P Entry Pic: Here Gallery: Here
  11. Is the spine from the Rahkshi Stars set considered unMOCable? Also, if we end up entering more Mocs, do you want us to just edit them into our posts we made before or make another post?
  12. Hey, thanks for the CC on my Mata Nui topic. I'm going to improve it using your suggestions (see topic for further info).

  13. Member: Major Marvelous MOC Name: Red Falcon UnMOCable pieces: Two Bitil wings on the thighs MOC Bio: Some sort of red bird Rahi Entry Pic: Here Gallery: Here Edit: The pics stopped working for some reason, so I redid the links. Hopefully it works now.
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