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  1. 2008 followed closely by 2006. It was great to see everything come full circle again with the original characters returning for their last go around.
  2. Probably the 2008 sets topic. Before it got spammy and shut down, it was one of the funnest places on the forum to be for someone who truly enjoyed the sets.
  3. I'm not following the BZPRPG at all so I have no idea who these characters are or their role, but those are some really impressive drawings. Really nice work there.
  4. The Nuva were the best in my opinion. The silver armor and upgraded weapons made them look like vastly superior Toa to my childhood mind.
  5. Actually, it is policy in the LEGO Group (confirmed here) to destroy most prototypes because they may not be up to the same safety and quality standards as finished parts, and so having them out of the LEGO Group's hands could reflect badly on the company and result in liabilities.I must admit I'm quite surprised to hear that. Yes, same here. I would imagine that if you work in set design for Lego, creating prototype parts is just another part of your job. At the end of the day, most of these parts, while interesting are at the end of the day inferior to what Lego puts out for their sets.
  6. Looking back, I can't believe how basic the first sets looked compared to the ones that came in 2006 and after. It's amazing how far Lego has come with set design.
  7. You know, I never thought about that, but it's so obvious and brilliant. -Gata You want to remove Hapori Tohu!? Treason! No need to remove Him entirely, but I'm sure something could be done to show how our site is related to LEGO. -Gata Thank you. I never advocated for removing Tohu's image from the site. He could still remain our mascot, but our domain name shows nothing about how it is a Lego forum (if we were going to change to a Lego fan site, which we should). I Googled "Lego Forums" and BZPower is currently on the bottom of page 3 (it may vary for other people), but that's pretty far back. No way are we going to get new members through Google searches unless we change the focus of our site.
  8. I made this prediction two years ago. I was wrong. This place is a cockroach that refuses to die, even after the nuclear bomb of line cancellation should have spelled DOOM in big bold letters. That doesn't mean that it can't be improved, that we can't have more activity or whatever, but this place isn't going to close down next week due to lack of activity. Haha you're quite right. I was going to say a year, but I thought about it and honestly I felt like it was going to be more like 2-3 years before it's only 20 people active at any time. Right now, there's only been 60 people active in the past 20 minutes, back in the day, it used to be hundreds (I seem to remember it even reaching a thousand one summer? someone correct me if I'm wrong). Even if expanding the site only doubles or triples the amount of people online, I think it's worth it and it could easily add several years to the lifespan of this site.
  9. What I personally would like to see is the site change domain names to something of the effect of "LegoPower" or something and compete with other generic Lego fan sites. Obviously, this place was always geared to the 13 and under crowd, and that wouldn't need to change. Basically, the BZPower section would simply become a subforum and we would have other small subforums for the big Lego lines. You could even keep some of the old BZP skins for th eolder members and have several Bionicle images and graphics spread throughout the entire site as an "inside joke" to appease the older members. The blogs would remain the same also. But I would like to see an emphasis on sparking growth in the off topic forums. There should be discussion (age appropriate of course) of whatever is going on in the world. We have members from all around the world so there is a great opportunity to discuss current events as they happen (music, technology, pop culture, hobbies, news, etc). That would simply allow for people on this board to connect on a level that they hadn't before. Obviously this site prospered with the COT forum as a small bonus to all the Bionicle discussion, but I think that would get more activity on this site. But most importantly, the focus has to be on changing this board into a generic Lego forum that is friendly to the pre-teen crowd. I'm in college right now and I obviously wouldn't gain much from a site like that. However, I do appreciate all the good times I had on the old BZP and BS01 while the two websites were at their respective peaks. I would like to see the site take the initiative to make that happen again rather than sit around and die slowly because that is what is going to happen. I've looked around this forum and honestly, I can only find around 4-5 topics to post in each day (if I really was trying to post and get active again), and that's honestly not a very positive sign for this forum. It's far from dead, but unless something gets done by the staff, it's not going to last much longer than another 18-24 months before the place becomes devoid of activity.
  10. The PS4/Xbone ONLY support HDMI, hence the reason I'm not even considering either. That's like saying you're not buying a laptop because it doesn't have a CD Drive or a Floppy disc drive. Those technologies are outdated and there's better ways to transmit data nowadays. I couldn't tell you the last time I used the old red/white/yellow cables once I got the newer 360, the quality of the graphics is so much better.
  11. I'm not saying that post count is the ultimate decider, but the forum does need to do more to get the off-topic discussions up and going. Having the site effectively tell you that it is not going to reward you for getting involved in a section is only going to discourage members from using it. And forums that do have more active general discussions tend to do better from my experience. I've joined several sites and gotten involved simply because I liked the environment in general and I branched out to the site-specific categories that brought me to the site in the first place.
  12. I'm not an expert on maintaining forums nor have I been active because I have other things to do in my life and being over the age of 18 means I'd rather be on other forums that deals with other subject matter than this one. But this site has always been oriented on discussing Bionicle among preteens and young teenagers with older members working on the framework and providing support to keep the site running. The pool for Bionicle fans is never getting any bigger but Lego has many other lines ongoing and there are several other communities out there devoted to Lego but they're more adult based. All BZP has to do is find a way to get younger kids who are into the more popular brands here. So that means a complete reorganization of the forums, changing the ranking system of members ( you could even keep the old Bionicle system for older members if thats even possible), changing the domain name, updating the home page of the site, redoing the focus of news articles. Its doable, and its been done before. All that needs to happen is for Admins and senior moderators who know what they're doing to step up and get it done even though there will be many upset members. Also, making post count count in off-topic does wonders for activity on a forum. I've been on other incredibly popular forums and they had lots of activity in their specific sections of the forum but one of the largest draws was their respective off-topic/general discussion forums which gets people to post and get to know each other outside of specific conversations.
  13. I honestly would not over think this at all. Many of the sizing issues come from the sets becoming more and more detailed and articulate over the years (which is an improvement because I hated how the original Toa couldn't move at all). It does get awkward when you have 2003 sets next to 2008 sets, but you're just going to have to accept they're built to different scales due to real life limitations. I would just base everything off of how tall the respective characters were to each other in the most recent sets. The Voya Nui -- Karda Nui sets for consistency.
  14. I think the golden days for me was around 2006-2008 when the storyline was picking up and reaching its climax and the forums were still incredibly active. It was a great time to be into Bionicle.
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