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  1. I can't believe that after all these years, you're still active AND rocking the Vahki username. You're awesome XD

  2. Standing by for TitanFall...

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    2. Mesonak


      So how is TitanFall? Haven't gotten it yet (due to not having an Xbox One).

    3. UngluedBike


      There's a PC version

    4. Owlexander



  3. #LivintheMesoLife

  4. MakutaFest 2013 is coming...

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    2. Mesonak


      Yup. Sent you a skype contact request which I'm waiting to be accepted. :P

    3. Art Vandelay

      Art Vandelay

      Yeah, sorry, I hadn't thought to log into Skype. XD I accepted just now.

    4. Rahkshi Guurahk
  5. Oh look, hey. It's been a long time. 1. See for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/user/thethreevirtues 2. Not at all, we run a smooth operation

  6. Ven, can't PM you for some reason. Maybe clear inbox a bit? IDK

    1. The Venom

      The Venom

      well then. okay.

  7. Happy birthday and such.

  8. oh hi good sir

  9. Hapori Dume shall rise, yo

  10. This status update is HIGHlY SuSPecT

    1. Skarloth


      Doesn't seem so suspicious to me.

    2. Tenebrae Invictus
    3. Aurua2020


      Lol ratatuie reference.

  11. Did not record TTV yesterday, either; what a great way to start off, huh? Circumstances beyond our control. Apologies to all.

  12. Didn't record TTV today; not for any specific reason, just for the sake of not letting us get backed up with episodes. Will be releasing new episode shortly.

  13. Recording the first new episode of The Three Virtues Podcast since the forums have come back.

  14. Finally got a half-decent signature up and running.

  15. Finally got a half-decent signature up and running.

  16. Getting used to the new forum layout. It's growing on me.

  17. fo sho

    to the max


    Alright I think I'm done now. :P

  18. im in GD yo


    in GD


  19. As A Wise Man Once Said

    "hows life and such"

  20. Lol, no problem.

  21. I've been a longtime BIONCLE fan since it began back in '01. Which of my posts suggest otherwise?

  22. Happy Birthday you person of persons.

  23. ur cool and such

  24. No need to worry, thanks for alerting me. We've been busy with our workload. :P

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