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This guy was the product of my collective attempts for different build structures. In the end, I pictured him being the longest living resident of Karzahni. Some aspects of the build may be used again in the future. :D


I have an Instagram page where you can see these pictures and more like them! Just click


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I think the build does an excellent job of representing what a patched-up and broken-down Matoran might look like. However, the colors (while conveying a sort of scrapheap-esque feel) are, in my opinion, a bit too bright; if you recall, Karzahni was basically described as being a bland and colorless place (reflecting its lifelessness), so I'd suggest sticking to one or two colors here, outside of the black and grey.

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save not only their lives


but their spirits

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I agree that the colors are a bit too bright for Karzahni's realm, but that's not that big an issue. I love you were experimenting with building, which is more or less what Karzhani was doing, which gives it that extra quality of an unintentional mess. That blue and grey leg looks particularly interesting, it's very unique :D

I'm a little curious to see what's going on in the back, if you haven't already disassembled it.

pomegranate-banner-sm.png .

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