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  1. This sounds like a really fun idea, tracking down and reading all the books growing up is a memory I’m really fond of and I think it would be really cool to dig into them one by one and appreciate them. I still remember so much of the writing and they’re such gems. It’s a nice way to keep engaged with the fandom!
  2. Word, can't wait to see your work!
  3. Pomegranate

    11 years

    Wild. 11 years on this charming little forum. So many memories! Life's at a tipping point, looking forward to a big career move, moving on from other stuff I've been with for a long time. I've been going to a lot of concerts and that's been so much fun! Janelle Monae and Paramore most recently, both were magical experiences. Been going to a lot of museums, too. I've been following Christian Faber's Rebel Nature project for a while and I can't wait to see it released, it seems so wholesome. I finally went to Pride again! My first time was seven years ago, it's so nice to look back and see how much freer and gayer my life has become since then, I'm really grateful for everyone who's contributed to that. Also, uh, I'm really excited about the state of science fiction right now, Star Wars and Star Trek and Doctor Who are really pleasing me right now and I can't believe it's all just getting started. That's been keeping me going. I hope everyone is prospering and living their best lives, love you all <3
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    Smash Ultimate looks so good!! I'm just personally really excited about the Zelda changes; I'm going to try to attend a demo tomorrow.
  5. Pomegranate

    Review: Gahlok Pen

    Thanks for sharing this obscure and charming piece of Bionicle history, where do you even find such a thing?
  6. I've heard whispers of this game for years, can't believe the fandom actually pulled through and recovered this relic! It looks really rough but it's so quaint, like a glimpse into an alternate timeline where we might've played this and it might've shaped the story of Bionicle.
  7. I feel you. They keep getting your hopes up and then oops sorry can't move forward good luck elsewhere ;~;
  8. Same here, NT Warrior and Battle Network, which I fell in love with, got me interested in the rest of the franchise. Really excited for this new game.
  9. Ooh, that gave me goosebumps. It's so clear! I'm really excited, hopefully these will be on iTunes and Spotify like the MoL soundtrack, can't wait to listen to 'em!
  10. This is so crazy and amazing, you're a blessing to this fandom! Thanks so much for putting your time and passion into this. Does this stuff include summaries of the movie, or just their novelizations? Or is this basically all the canon media except the movies? Also, have you considered what this would all look like if it were printed in one giant anthology? I want to know how big that book would be Good luck refining this collection, can't wait to sit down and read it all up and get the full, unabridged, unbroken Bionicle experience
  11. if your one of the 8% that still use old message board fads, put this in your sig
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    new art plan

    Inktober is coming up, maybe you can find some lists of daily prompts for that!
  13. Beware my stinger tail!

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  14. A couple days ago, BZPower's 16th anniversary, happened to also be my account's 10th anniversary! Wow! 10 years of this. Can't believe it A lot's gone on since I last really checked in! I somehow managed to claw my way through my undergrad program and finish a whole thesis film and graduate; I am now a proud Bachelor of Fine Arts in Computer Animation! Fancy. Personal life's been through all sorts of ups and downs but now I'm in a nice place where I'm working on my portfolio while I look for an animation industry job, have time to see my friends again, and have a wonderful partner, also an animation student and world class nerd, who I love and we've had a lot of fun adventures together this summer (and they surprised me with Bionicle: The Legend Reborn on DVD as a gift, so, you know they're a keeper ). In less than two weeks the international Gishwhes scavenger hunt begins, and I'm all pumped up for that, and after that I've got Jury Duty and my summer is ending with my annual Russian-Jewish summer camp counselor thing, which will be fun! Currently I'm finally catching up on Game of Thrones in time for the new season, I'm on the fourth right now (you know who on the show just died and I'm so happy lmao). This is just, like, an amazing year for media for me. The incredible 10th series of Doctor Who just ended on a spectacular note, and in a few short months our first new Star Trek show in years is gonna drop, so I'm basically in heaven. This is perfection. In addition to all the other stuff coming out. Oh, and games! I'm gonna catch up on all the games I couldn't play for years. I'm super into fighting games now cause of my friends so we're all gonna be training to go to EVO next year (we almost went this year but it didn't work out, but watching the finals on TV again was wild). Participating in that art contest was super fun, I've missed being really involved in Bionicle community stuff. I'm gonna try to go to Brickfair NJ, so fingers crossed! I somehow forgot for a while how I always wanted to like work for LEGO or Advance or any of the other studios that make the Bionicle/LEGO animated stuff and whatnot so I'm definitely gonna aim my sights at those and try to land a job there, what a dream come true that would be. Maybe I can find myself on the team working on G3 whenever that rolls around It's so crazy though, how much time has passed. I joined BZP when I was still in middle school. I'm def gonna drop by the memories topic to unload there, 'cause I have a lot of great ones. I'm really glad I get to continue some of the fun and connections made off the site. Though it may not seem like it, I actually do check in often to see what's on the front page and what's new in the blogs! I love you all! What a wonderful bunch you are. Happy belated birthday, BZP! Here's hoping there's more to come!
  15. Pomegranate

    Doctor #13

    My whole thing about this is, that unlike most other franchises or characters, Doctor Who is unique in that the show has, for five decades, established a clear precedent for any actor to be able to play the character. There's nothing about the character that gets in the way of them being a woman. The whole shtick is that they become a whole new person every now and again. I feel like any problem someone would have with the casting is personal - and has no merit towards commenting on any quantifiable problem with the show itself. It's new, although some argue overdue, and it's important to keep in mind, as individual viewers and fans, that we're not the only ones watching and enjoying the show. Think outside of yourself and look towards the positive. The fact of the matter is: there have been no bad Doctors, they're all spectacular. Nothing shows that Thirteen will be any different. As far as social politics, or whatever: the only real issue at hand, is that being a woman is in itself being a political statement, apparently. That's the shameful, unavoidable reality of our current world. However, to think that choosing a woman to play the role is solely an act of "pandering", or whatever nonsense it'll be called, is indicative of a very shallow, very misguided worldview. As it turns out, woman can be just as good as men in doing the same job, and deserve to represent fictional heroes. I can't understand finding fault with such a sentiment. I also cannot understand the fundamental problem with wanting to give the audience what they want. Isn't casting a male Doctor just as much "pandering" to the male audience who want that? It's so silly. Here's hoping Jodie does well in the role and the show flourishes under its new direction.
  16. Thank you so much for the lovely comments, everyone, I really appreciate it!! I'm very glad everyone got out of it what I was trying to put in, and that I could share the trip with you all. I'm also very grateful for getting the spotlight on the front page, it happened to be the same day that my account turned 10 years old! ^^
  17. I'd say the 2004 heads would be the most useful in my experience, though those are the most limited in color aren't they?
  18. I never read the main Deltora Quest books, however, I adored Dragons of Deltora and if it means there's a chance for that to be adapted I am all for it. What's the rest of the series like? What part(s) would you most like to see adapted to the screen, or what kinda stuff do you think will get people who aren't familiar with the series excited if they see it in a trailer?
  19. I'm really hoping this movie does well and generates a lot of word-of-mouth that boosts its box office success, since that seems to be the only thing that matters. It does look super fun; I saw a making-of thing that was shown at the theatrical 20th anniversary screening of Fifth Element and you're absolutely right, Besson really loves and cares for this film and he'll probably put his best into it. I'm really excited for it to come out, I feel like it's gonna really stick with me for a long time. It's got that quality to it, y'know?
  20. Have a good time with your days off! Hope the storm ain't too bad
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    ask me anything

    Most exciting thing that's happened to you in the last month?
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