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The Builder

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Today, I awoke for the first time in years, and I dreamed.

I dreamed of a land far away, a land torn by the elements and by war.

I dreamed of battle, the crash of steel on steel, the cries of the wounded.

I dreamed of victory...





Our eyes click open to gaze upon the simple beauty of our Nest. All is neat and orderly. Our brothers still slumber, waiting for their time to cleanse the hideous land above.


But now is not the time for reminiscing. It is time to work.


We heave our heavy armor upright and march off to the day's labor. Our mind is special, the Queens say. We have the capacity to create, to imagine, to dre...


All must be prepared, my friend whispers urgently. All must be rebuilt.


Our powerful arms lift a sleeping brother from his bed and carry him to our worktable. Shards of metal of all shapes and colors rest in orderly piles, ready for their time to be used.  We lift one and begin to shape it with a heatstone.


Hours pass with only the hiss of sparks breaking the silence of the Nest. Our brother has begun to take on a new shape, one far larger and more powerful than before.


After all, that is why they call us...






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Your mind is troubled. The voice in our mind is soft and familiar, but definitely not our own. We turn to behold a rare sight, our Queens arisen from their sleep. We set down the tools and offer a low bow. "It is nothing, your Highness," we say.


Their heads tilt in unison, a pantomime of caring concern. You have... seen things.


"It was just a dream."


"Dreamssss?" they hiss as if spitting out a rotten fruit. The word seems to have caught them off-guard, but it isn't long before their composure returns. Our kind do not dream, they explain.


"I am not your kind." We don't know where the thought came from. It is almost as if a foreign voice borrowed our tongue.


 But the Queens do not understand. Their toothy maws and emerald eyes lower to our level to ensure we hear. You are Bohrok! Their shout reverberates through my mind, and I stagger back half a step. The Queens close the distance once more, following my every motion. You are Builder! You are Bohrok! You are Ours!


I crash against the worktable, and their hot breath washes over me. "Of course," We whisper humbly. The Queen's voices fade away, only to be replaced by the whispers of the Swarm, louder than ever. I feel like sinking to the ground, yet our body stands upright, at attention with our head bowed low. "I will return to my labors," I hear ourself say.


The Queens turn as one, apparently appeased. Your work is coming along well, they comment casually. Mata Nui will be grateful for your service.


We nod and turn just as smoothly back to the worktable, our hands running through the familiar motions of construction though our mind is far away, held at bay by our brother's commands.

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I wake, I build, I hibernate. I wake, I build, I hibernate.  I wake, I build, I hibernate, only to wake the next day and repeat the cycle. Days pass, perhaps even weeks. Time has always been irrelevant in the Hive. We were working hard to ease the Queens' wrath, and slowly, so very slowly, the dark cloud of suspicion began to disperse. Our hibernations were our own once more.


And then, there was the dream.


A Toa lay motionless on the ground, his broken armor fading to a dull, dull red...

...Red was the stone they gave me. They told me to keep it safe and take it to the temple...

...The temple's walls echo with my footsteps and five others. We glance at each other, wondering if this will change...

...Change. Power surging through my veins. New senses awakening that I didn't know I had. I turn to see a watcher mingling with the shadows. Their head bows in approval...


I wake, gasping as if I had just emerged from the deep ocean. Wrong, wrong, wrong, everything's wrong!!


Something grasps me, forcing me back onto the bed even as it sends agony into our head. My hands stretch up to tear it away, but there is no attacker.


It is just our face. Just a lingering nightmare of terror and captivity. But we are safe here. Nothing can penetrate the walls of the Hive and the armies of our brothers. There is nothing to fear.

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We rise mechanically to go to work, more out of habit than desire. Our tools are waiting for us, but as we begin the day's labors, we find another waiting for us as well.


You said there was no obstacle, the Queens' voice whispers into our mind, dripping with venom. Their twin heads rise from the shadows to loom over my workspace like a Doom Viper preparing to strike. You said you were forever ours.


"Of course," we reply, taken aback by their anger. What had we done to deserve their wrath?


"Ssstill you lie to ussss!" they screech as one, their powerful voices forcing our hands to our ears, pushing us to our knees. Still their heads rise until their eyes are merely distant stars in the blackness, their ferocious gaze still fixed upon us. We struggle to find our tongue, only to be cut off by the harsh command of, "Sssspeak Builder!"


"W-we..." we stammer at last, "we have m-made no error!"


The hypnotic gyrations of their necks suddenly cease, and the Nest is once more plunged into eerie silence. We await their final judgment, knowing fully well that they are more than capable of destroying us if we have proved unworthy.




...Continue your labors. Soon, their vengeful eyes twinkle into blackness, and we are left alone again. We rise from the ground to do as they command, yet our hands inefficiently quiver no matter our attempts to calm them.




He is remembering, Gahdok whispers to her sister.


Yes, replies Cahdok. And yet he does not understand.


Is his service still necessary?


For now. Many of our children have benefitted from his work, yet still many have not had the privilege.


He does not halt in his labors.


And if he proves to be an obstacle, we will end his service.

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