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Mask Hunter Lewa

Wild Kraata, misprints, Kanohi and more for sale/trade

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What I have to offer for sale/trade:
2001 and 2002 masks. Send me PM with information in which ones you're interested and I will send you prices.
Trans Red Kaukau sold!
Trans Green Kaukau sold!
Green Akaku sold!
Brown Pakari sold!
Orange Mahiki sold!
EU misprints:
Red Matatu - $16
Brown Matatu - $8
Green Matatu - $25
Blue Matatu - $16 - all sold!
White Matatu - all sold!
Black Matatu - $16 - all sold!
Red Ruru - $32 - all sold!
Brown Ruru - $13
Green Ruru - $11
Blue Ruru - $13.50
White Ruru - $16
Trans Light Blue Kaukau - $65 - all sold!
Trans Yellow Kaukau - $56
I have a few of each one, so if you need more than one, just hit me with your numbers! Possible discounts for bigger amounts.
Hard to find Black Skrall Shield misprints! (fully black without Dark Red pattern) - $10 each.
Copper Komau (translucent version) - has small dent on right side - $35
Toa Nuva masks. Send me PM with information in which ones you're interested and I will send you prices.
Blue Pakari Nuva - one sold, one left
Brown Kakama Nuva - sold!
Various Krana - $0.50 each.
Wild Kraata and Shadow Kraata - I have around 180 of them around 100 left! I would like to rather trade them for stuff I'm looking for (listed at the end of this post), especially for other Kraata which I'm missing in my collection. Majority of them is in new condition. I'll sell all which will left when my Kraata collection will be completed.
Here is list of them (amount x Stage Number):
Invulnerability (Black/Flat Dark Gold) - 
Confusion (Black/Pearl Gold) - S1, S3, S4, S4, S4
Heat Vision (Black/Orange) - S1, S4, S4, S4, S5
Fire Resistance (Black/Red) - S1, S3
Sonics (Black/Yellow) - S1, S1, S1, S3
Electricity (Blue/Red) - S1, S1, S1, S3, S4
Rahi Control (Flat Dark Gold/Black) - S1, S2, S2, S2, S4, S6
Molecular Disruption (Flat Dark Gold/Pearl Gold) - S6
Chameleon (Flat Dark Gold/Yellow) - S1, S1, S1, S1, S1, S5, S5
Plant Control (Pearl Gold/Black) - S2, S4, S4, S4, S4, S5, S6, S6
Sleep (Pearl Gold/Flat Dark Gold) - S3, S4, S6
Darkness (Pearl Gold/Yellow) - 
Illusion (Green/Tan) - S1, S2
Density Control (Green/Metallic Green) - S4, S4, S4
Gravity (Pearl Dark Gray/Metallic Green) - S1, S1, S1, S2
Plasma (Pearl Dark Gray/Metallic Blue) - S1, S2
Shapeshifting (Pearl Dark Gray/Lime) - S1, S1, S6
Ice Resistance (Tan/Green) - S1, S1, S4
Laser Vision (Metallic Green/Green) - S1, S1, S1, S6
Weather Control (Metallic Green/Pearl Dark Gray) - S1, S1, S1, S2, S3, S5
Teleport (Metallic Green/Red) - S2, S4, S4, S5
Quick Healing (Metallic Green/Metallic Blue) - S4
Magnetism (Orange/Black) - S1, S1, S6
Slow (Pearl Light Gray/Metallic Blue) - S1, S1, S2, S5
Power Scream (Red/Black) - S1, S1, S2, S3, S4, S4, S4, S5, S5, S6
Accurancy (Red/Blue) - S1, S1, S1, S4, S5
Mind Reading (Red/Metallic Green) - S4
Stasis Field (Metallic Blue/Pearl Dark Gray) - S1, S2, S4, S4, S4
Chain Lighting (Metallic Blue/Metallic Green) - S1, S3, S4, S4, S4, S5, S6
Cyclone (Metallic Blue/Pearl Light Gray) - S1, S1, S3
Insect Control (Yellow/Black) - S1, S1, S3, S5, S5, S6
Dodge (Yellow/Flat Dark Gold) - S1, S1, S4, S4, S5
Adaptation (Yellow/Pearl Gold) - S2
Vacuum (Yellow/Lime) - S1, S2, S4
Silence (Lime/Pearl Dark Gray) - S4, S6
Elasticity (Lime/Yellow) - S4, S4, S4, S5
Shadow (Purple) - S4, S4, S6
Full set of 12 Kraata Packs stickers: $2.00 (2 sets available)
Spare Kraata stickers ($0.10 each):
Makuta - 4 available
Lerahk - 5 available
Guurahk - 3 available
Panrahk - 4 available
The Three Virtues logo - 4 available
Rahkshi logo - 2 available
Kraahkan & Avohkii - 6 available
Vorahk - 2 available
Kurahk - 6 available
Turahk - 4 available
Nestle Reidak spinner - I don't know how to price it - hit me with an offer. Here's photo of back of it.
G2 Villain Pack (new and sealed) - $17
I have many of them so if you need more than one, then there is no problem.
G2 Accessory Pack - $17 (only one left)
Marbled Lime/Flat Silver Rhotuka - $0.50 each - 1 sold, 2 left
253 Kanoka - $1.50 each - 2 sold, 1 left
429 Kanoka (Great Disk of Ko-Metru) - $10 - 1 sold, 1 left
175 Kanoka (rare Kanoka available only in EU with Bionicle comic) - $25 - all 3 sold!
Dark Blue Kanoka Launchers - $0.50 each

What I'm looking for (buy or trade):
- Bohrok Kal windshell misprints (they have printing in incorrect color. For example Tahnok printing in green color or Pahrak printing in red color)
- Pearl Gold Visorak shells
- Gold Kanoka (illustrative photo)
- any of Binkmeister prototypes masks/helmets
and eventually other rare stuff.
Items will be shipped from Poland, but international shipping is cheap.
Edited by Mask Hunter Lewa

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I'm interested in the Light Blue Kaukau, the white matatu and the protodermic kaukau nuva.

I'm checking my items to see if a trade if possible. If not, I may be willing to buy.

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I may be interested in trading/buying some kraata, but I don't have time to compare our lists right now. I copied and pasted my lists below in case you want to look through it. If not, I'll try to compare our lists tomorrow.




Sand Yellow Metallic/Brick Yellow (Shattering)-3
Bright Red/Bright Blue (Accuracy)-3
Sand Blue Metallic/Lemon Metallic (Chain Lighting)-5
Sand Yellow Metallic/Bright Yellow (Chameleon)-6
Black/Reddish Gold (Confusion)-5
Sand Blue Metallic/Light Grey Metallic (Cyclone)-2,6
Reddish Gold/Bright Yellow (Darkness)-2,5
Bright Yellowish Green/Bright Yellow (Elasticity)-3
Bright Blue/Bright Red (Electricity)-5
Bright Yellow/Dark Green (Ice Resistance)-5,6
Dark Green/Bright Yellow (Illusion)-5,6
Black/Sand Yellow Metallic (Limited Invulnerability)-2
Reddish Gold/Black (Plant Control)-5
Dark Grey/Sand Blue Metallic (Plasma)-3
Lemon Metallic/Sand Blue Metallic (Quick Healing)-2,3
Sand Yellow Metallic/Black (Rahi Control)-2,3,4
Bright Yellowish Green/ Dark Grey (Silence)-2
Reddish Gold/Sand Yellow Metallic (Sleep)-3
Sand Blue Metallic/Dark Grey (Statis Field)-5
Bright Yellow/Bright Yellowish Green (Vacuum)-2



Rahkshi Kraata
Dark Grey/Grey (Hunger)-6
Sand Yellow Metallic/Brick Yellow (Shattering)-4
Light Grey Metallic/White (Anger)-1, 6
Dark Green/Lemon Metallic (Poison)-2, 6
Sand Blue Metallic/Medium Blue (Disintegration)-5
Special Kraata
Purple (Shadow)-1,2,3,4,5,6
Wild Kraata
Bright Red/Bright Blue (Accuracy)-1
Reddish Gold/Bright Yellow (Darkness)-1
Dark Green/Lemon Metallic (Density Control)-1,3,5
Black/ Bright Orange (Heat Vision)-6
Bright Yellow/Dark Green (Ice Resistance)-4
Sand Yellow Metallic/Reddish Gold (Inorganic Molecular Disruption)-5
Lemon Metallic/Dark Green (Laser Vision)-4,5
Reddish Gold/Black (Plant Control)-1
Dark Grey/Sand Blue Metallic (Plasma)-5,6
Light Grey Metallic/Sand Blue Metallic (Slowness)-5
Sand Blue Metallic/Dark Grey (Statis Field)-6
Edited by Gonny

A Turaga

You are a very wise Turaga.

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I want the following Kraata (also trying to finish off my collection)


Cyclone (Metallic Blue/Pearl Light Gray): S3, S6

Sleep (Pearl Gold/Flat Dark Gold): S6


I'll trade you two for the price of one (I'll even be willing to cover the international shipping from my end):


Fragmentation (Bronze/Tan): S6

Fear (Copper/Red): S5, S6

Disintegration (Metallic Blue/Medium Blue): S2, S5, S6(this one is free)

Confusion (Black/Copper): S2

And a White Pakari Nuva





Edited by shadowonua


Got rare bionicle collectables? Ask me what I'll give you for them


$250 for a White Huna

$250 for a Yellow Ruru

$250 for a Brown Komau

$100 for Metru Blue Matatu

Kraata -  Wild Kraata

- all prices open to reasonable negotiation -


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I updated first post! All Copper Komaus, many Krana and some Kraata are gone (still around 140 of them ready to be traded). Also I added some items and I updated list of items which I'm looking for since a lot of them have been acquired/are on their way to me (mostly thanks to you guys :D).

@Starset @Kohila: I'm still waiting for your replies to my PMs.

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I updated first post!

Items added:
- Copper Komau (translucent)
- Shadow Kraata (2x Stage 4 and 2x Stage 6)
- 3x rare 175 Kanoka
- 2x Great Disk of Ko-Metru
...and still a lot of stuff previously posted is up for grabs.

I'm badly looking for Wild Kraata of Gravity stage 5, so if you have it, we can work out something for sure!

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