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The worst thing that ever happened to me on Friday the 13th was leaning on an unlocked door and almost falling over.


You're going to have to try harder than that, O spirit of superstitions.

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Oh, it's tomorrow?


I don't think anything bad has happened to me on a Friday the 13th. Who started that myth anyway? It's an arbitrary day that occurs infrequently, and yet people fear it.


I could randomly choose to be afraid of, say, Thursday the 10th in March. Maybe I stubbed my toe on that day or something. Does it have any impact on other people? No. Furthermore, how is worrying about a specific day going to prevent anything from happening?


...This wasn't directed at anyone, I've just never understood why people worry about this day. :P

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My family got our first house on a Friday the 13th, so I've never been scared of it. All the so called 'bad luck' people claim is pure coincidence.


Ddude: I hear that it got started on October, Friday the 13th, 1307, when 5,000 knights Templar were imprisoned and tortured by Philip the fifth, king of France.

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I dunno. Homestuck Act 6 Act 3 starts tomorrow.Doesn't sound like a bad day.

Friday the 13th more like Hussieday the 13th. Nothing could go wrong.

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I think Friday 13th is meant to be either really good or really bad, depending on your fears.


Once I had Friday 13th off school due report-writing, and actually looked forward to it! I then got Rayman 2 for $5 AUD! And that game still works to this day!

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*jaw drops* I didn't even notice it before, but know I have something else to blame for an incident that happened yesterday, friday the 13th. My dad, my little brother and I were supposed to be leaving florida on a megabus, and because they didn't exactly specify were we would be picked up, we weren't able to get on the bus! we yelled at him a the stop lights, but nothing would get him to let us on. so we had tospend $700 to fly home instead.

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