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The Blogmobile is out of the shop.

Akaku: Master of Flight




That's right! :D


Thanks to B6 (and Dimensioneer behind the scenes from the sounds of things) for helping me sort out Premier membership stuffs; Not sure what went wrong there, but im happy that it got all sorted out :P


Anyways, some news; LoTN is back up and running (with four new pages I've made in the last week, three last night! :)), and im thinking of taking more requests in the near future. Also, I'm most likely going to be at Brickcon again this year, cant wait to meet everyone again 😄


Have a good one! And most importantly, if you're hopping on for the ride, DO NOT PRESS THE BIG RED BUTTON.



--Akaku: Master of Flight

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you're not my boss i can push the big red button if i WANT


i'm not going to but i totally could.


Welcome back, though! Premeir stuff having issues isn't fun, so it's good that you got it fixed.

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For the record everyone, I am not liable for any injuries or lost limbs that may occur from riding in the Bionic Blog mobile ;)




Okay, okay... You scared me for a moment there. As long as you don't press it, I'm happy. :P


And yeah, it's nice to have it back :)


--Akaku: Master of Flight

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