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Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


Are you bored? Are you wandering around zombielike, desperate for something, anything, to break the monotonous wall of having nothing to do? Do you enjoy randomness? Here are a few options to chase your boredom blues away! You could...



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O.K., individual comment time!

  • Not press the red button

    Very funny, even if it took forever.

  • Be a pirate

    Nice song, but you could get a seizure from the flashing.

  • Abduct cows

    What, you don't actually get to abduct them? Come on!

  • Do the Caramel Dance

    Call me crazy, but I don't really like that song. Or the dance, for that matter.

  • Watch an onion spin

    I've seen this before. It's annoying.

  • Turn your text backwards

    Cool. This may be useful.

  • Attempt to decipher the strategy of this game

    I got it in one try. ^_^

  • Spend time with your best buddy



    ~ :t: :a: :r: :k: :a: :n: :a:

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Err... is there a secret button?



I beat the game.


It takes 207 clicks to reach the end of the Big Red Button.

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I just found all my old things I use to do!

Except the backwards text converter.... and Barney and abducting cows (ftw)

Also there is a white button, which leads to a broken AOL page now which formerly lead to the broken link Green button page.

Yeah, I know that much for that.

I'm also still listening to caramelldansen, which means I'm getting a long score. Which is now OVER 9000!!!!! (Note: Over 9000 meme is copyrighted by the makers of Dragon ball Z.)




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-I did....

-I already am. :pirate:

- :happydance:

- ^O^ -O- ^O^ -O- ^O^ -O- ^O^

- That's no onion! It's a leek!

- .etisbew a tuohtiw taht od ydaerla I

- I won on the fifth(?) try. :D

- Why is my best buddy on the interwebz? He's supposed to be in reality.... :unsure:



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I shall now put CaramellDansen,Leek Spin,You Are A Pirate and the dancing animals SgtPanda posted on at the same time!


*2 minutes later...*


*On floor*GASP!Please spare me...please...GASP!End my misery...



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I lovez the buttonzorz.


But the buttonzorz hatez meh.


I fave'd it. It's too funny. :D


Leekspin is WIN. Caramelldansen is...annoying. <_<


Yeh neeed the replayse that backwords teckst with the upsyde-down teckst jenorater. It'z moar phun.



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