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I'm Baaaaaaack! =d

Taka Nuvia




So, where have I been for the last two days?


In hospital. Why? Because of breathing troubles.

They couldn't find anything but a too high amount of CK in my blod, so they kept me there for infusions. I had to stay there for the whole night, both attached to that infusion-thingie and a monitor that displayed my pulse and such.

First night at the hospital was horrible. I didn't dare to move, and therfore didn't sleep well.


Then, next day, I got told that I'd have to stay there for even another night (and the day before, too, of course). So this was the start of homesickness. Man, I must have cried a lot ><

Even though I had drawinbg stuff with me, I didn't feel like doing anything.


So, yeah, today I -finally- could go home. Tomorrow my mum and I will go to see a psychologist, and we'll see what will happen then.


Basicly that's where I have been, so... thanks for listening. ^_^


EDIT: Forgot to mention that - I was not alone there. Most of the time my mum or my dad were with me... and that made it a bit better, especially during the night.


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A virtual hug from me, too, in lack of the opportunity for an actual one. It sounds like a terrible thing to go through. I´m sure I´d have panicked constantly in that situation. D=


Glad to have you back. =J



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Yeah, I feel for you. I spent two and a half weeks in hospital last summer -- gets pretty depressing at times.

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What?! This is the first I've seen of this entry. Oh my..


I'm sorry to hear about that, Taka. But I'm also so very glad you're okay now. Breathing troubles are horrible..

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