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Official Aho-chan Appreciation Entry

Kevin Owens


This is a special entry dedicated to my bestest bro in all of Onu-Koro. Here is where you can help create an archive dedicated to telling him how awesome he is so that way when he's feeling blue he can come look at this entry and stop feeling blue.


Also, if you're going to post a sarcastic comment or anything like that, please don't. You're not being witty. You're not being funny. You'll just be rude.


Recommended Comments

Aho is sooooo awesome, I think from now on I might use his name as a adjective for things that are especially awesome.

TTGL is Aho.

Lucky Star is Aho funny.


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Aho is really awesome! His blog is one of my favourited ones. <3

He's also a REALLY good MoCist but he seriously doesn't give himself enough credit for his work.

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He doesn't mean ill as in sick sick, he means ill as in the slang version of sick, as in awesome.


Also, I love you Gato <3

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Aho, you may not be a bombshell, but you're a friendshell.


Wait, is that a word?


well, now it is!


A friendshell full of yaypalm?

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Did you know that if you mix equal parts orange juice, gasoline, and happiness, you get yaypalm?


Also you guys are too kind but I am not that cool

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