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  1. I hate to beat a dead horse but G2 was definitely the biggest letdown in bionicle to me, there was no reason for it to have been as bad as it was. From the poor design choices of the enemies to the poorer story and worldbuilding, Bionicle G2 more or less set me up for failure. Plenty of money was invested into duplicate G2 sets only for them to be dropped completely within 2 years.
  2. I always wanted those Masker knockoff turaga sets, personally if I ever saw a rare occurance of a knockoff bionicle set I would definitely buy it for the meme value. I bought some hero factory clones called "Police Legend" the bad English texts on the boxes also give it humorous value. I'm not sure why everyone else is so opposed to knockoffs, lol they can be funny
  3. People are still defending bionicle G2 to this day, smh...
  4. So you're telling me that there can't be a movie but it should be an anime instead? Pretty lame.
  5. This is sweet, just how I remember it. I did notice a typo on Tahu's character page referring to him as "her". I love this and you are doing a great job. Please keep us posted on any potential updates.
  6. Bionicle is not anime lmao...But to answer your question I doubt they are available buy I hope someone gets it for you.
  7. I'm right there with you I would like to sell my G2 sets but at the same time I can just keep them for a future date such as if I come to have a kid or get nostalgia over G2
  8. They all seem to be the version that's not completely see through.
  9. If a matoran wore a great mask wouldn't the power be too much for them?
  10. Hahaha when the community thinks about robot wives... Is this really what the bionicle fandom has come to? I get that it's just for fun but I doubt it considering all the want for more female bionicle characters. Why do you want more female robot characters when you're a male? I'll leave that up to your imagination. Goodbye BZP
  11. I do believe he was intended to be teridax, though they may have wanted to stick to his original character and simply name him "Makuta". I didn't like the name Teridax he was always just makuta to me.
  12. Hard to feel bad for those not with the cause
  13. "No they can't be connected goodbye" Is the general consensus of this community. I like your theory though and have thought similar.
  14. Bionicle G2 didn't have a deep enough lore which was a contributing factor to the cancellation. I loved when Bionicle was raising the bar.
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