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  1. I think Exo-Force is the same as Bionicle G2. The series did get off to a great start but my guess is that the theme dragged the Golden City plot for too long and sales plummeted fast. That's why it got dropped.
  2. Exactly. It's same for the mouth on Onua's Pakari mask. and the ridges on the yellow Hau. I think it was part of a smoke silhouette scene. However the fact that he made two of Akamai's torso's red and the lowest piece blue is really strange. One of his arms is also light gray which is easily mistaken for a part of Wairuha's shield arm.
  3. I think you need to rethink that. I added a side by side image of onewa and nuju who is more likely to be a rhino with a scope lens.
  4. That's quite the exquisite build. The ammount of pohatu torso's and rahkshi feet for leaves alone in this is just staggering.
  5. I've always preferred the metru matoran build. it combines a decent ammount of height and poseability.
  6. Actually i think it was just intentional mutations supposed to look like their masks. Most of them look like lizards and iguana's with mask characteristics.
  7. Impressive and creepy. The scene from the transformers comics was unnerving back in the day. The only difference here is that Visorak are essentially violent beasts uncapable of feelings or remorse.
  8. At least it was a better alternative than removing out stone and replace it with another element be a main element and stone would no longe be the last of main 6 hero elements. Mata Nui was a exception since the Ignika makes him essentially Life/God element. They could have as well have made his yellow completely gold even to signify his importance even higher.
  9. Makuta Teridax was the one owned Niwavk. The brotherhood of makuta created many rahi creatures so i wouldn't be surprised about where he was created where from.
  10. It's really odd that lego couldn't keep a legacy color like brown on Pohatu when he came out in 2008. I still remember how ugly orange looked on him and how his mask looked like a fake Vahi mask with a added visor.
  11. I know it's not related. But i hate that G2 tried to invent the Matoran with a less unique name like Protectors. Same with Master and Uniter of *element* instead of Toa thing
  12. You pretty much listed them all but i have a few nitpicks about 2008 as a whole. The Toa Nuva. The teams were terrible for both Phantoka and Mistika Nuva, but the Mistika were really bad. Personally i hated the clunky and heavy midak launchers since the cost for the launchers and ammunition could have been put to better use. Both teams also used gray and silver too heavily. Kopaka: His lens is on the wrong side of the mask and has a lack of a decent melee weapon. Who he got instead has tiny knife/bayonet on his gun. Which is terrible for someone known for wielding swords. Lewa: Lost his regular green as a main color and instead his secondary lightgreen was turned into his new primary color along with a terrible gray secondary color as majority of the colorscheme. Also the lack of twin sworbs was a letdown. The mask was ok though. Pohatu: First thing noticeable aspect is the pohatu has no brown and tan colors which was integral to his looks. The mixture of orange and gray looks terrible. The other major fault is that his body is a hunchback not instead of being tall and doesn't look like a fast person fitting for a user of kakama mask of speed. The propellers are ok but they flop downwards when closed so you can't pull off drill fists easily. Tahu: No sword, just a terrible spinning shield. The mask looks nothing like a kanohi hau but not the worst of the of the lot. His bright red was turned dark red and his secondary orange color removed in favor of silver, the colorscheme looks terrible. Gali: Obviously she got the worst mask of the lot. Her bulky musclebuilder arms and legs looks odd compared to her old lean swimmer look. She also only has the nynrah ghost blaster with a tiny scope and no melee weapon. Also she has the same problem as Tahu, losing bright blue in favor of navy blue and lightblue was turned into silver looks which terrible. Onua: He's the only one ok on the Mistika side but his lanky fast design is odd look for some who is used to be a hunchback digger. Also he uses a giant grip over his nynrah ghost blaster to hide hide lack of a melee weapon and a shoulder shield with limited poseability.
  13. Very great design. I love how everything is cleverly designed including how obscure pieces a basketball goal and chain and cloth pieces that are so far different are smoothly integrated.
  14. Yes the big mistika shields as leg guards would be a bit clunky.
  15. I prefer Makuta. The unfortunate backlash of his name revealed had a really negative side effect; Greg Farshtey decided the real name of the Shadowed One would never be revealed out of fear of even more backlash.
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