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  1. Hey, aren't you a famous actor? Too bad about the rare krana, but maybe you can make it up to us by filling in any details you might remember about being a Proto-Squad member at our wiki page. I was the one who researched the info for that page, despite not being a member myself.
  2. Could you take pics of this other booklet and share them? I would LOVE to see that. I would be happy to, but I don't have easy access to a scanner in my current situation. But if you can't wait, it's actually not that difficult to find the theme decks for sale online for pretty cheap. And they come with two Toa Mata masks .
  3. FWIW, I've always assumed they were put into pods.
  4. @GrammarVahki To create the .iso, I would recommend downloading InfraRecorder from this page. This version shouldn't have any malware on it. You probably want to download the Windows installer, which is the first link in the list. I've used it to burn .iso's onto discs before, though not the other way around.
  5. That question was already answered, in the worst possible way. To quote Greg, they were "a glitch." I remember. But why were they prophetic visions and not random nonsense?
  6. Great question. There are LOTS of odds and ends that were never explained or were left intentionally underspecified. I can think of a few: How do Matoran come into being? This was one of the longest-standing mysteries for many years, but Greg sort of revealed this a few years ago on the Lego Message Boards, in typical anticlimactic fashion, by saying that they just get pumped out by machines when Turaga need more of them.How do non-Matoran beings in the MU, like Skakdi and Vortixx, come into being? If it's the same as Matoran, who decides when more of them should be created?Where do Vakama's visions come from? Why do they always come true?What is the nature of destiny in the Bionicle universe? In Bionicle, destiny is more than a metaphysical concept. There are many examples of elements in the story that happen simply because they are dictated by "destiny" -- transformation by EP, transformation into Toa, etc. These things have direct consequences in the story. But where does destiny come from, to what extent does it influence events in the Bionicle universe, and is it truly inescapable?Gali and Kopaka had visions of the Toa Kaita in 2001. Where did those visions come from?How does Kapura's weird speed trick work?How did Takanuva survive at the end of Mask of Light?There is a huge part of the history of the MU, between 60,000 years ago and 15,000 years ago, for which we have basically no information.What is the origin of energized protodermis and the Energized Protodermis Entity?What was the fire entity that fought Vakama in BA7?Exactly where and when is Toa Krakua when he communicates with Vakama in the past in BA10? What is the island that he is supposedly defending?What is the full extent of Axonn's and Brutaka's powers?How did the Toa Nuva find Odina so easily?What adventures did many of the characters in the MU have during Reign of Shadows?Why did the Great Beings go into hiding, and where have they been all this time?
  7. So, if I understand this correctly, this supposed demo of the Legend of Mata Nui (that's the title right? not Legends of Mata Nui) would be different from the elusive beta that has been seen elsewhere, right? A demo naturally would not include the ending of the game, so it would not, for example, include the closing cutscenes that have been uploaded elsewhere. And you're saying that some obscure Lego Harry Potter game from 2002 has had a demo of the Legend of Mata Nui on it all along? Can anyone else get a hold of this CD to confirm?? In any case, it should be very easy for you to rip the contents of the CD as a .iso and upload it somewhere. You don't need to be able to run it. Then you'll get pleeeeeenty of people to help debug it for you. Needless to say, the community would be very interested in playing a demo of the Legend of Mata Nui, if it exists.
  8. Dang, @Toatapio Nuva, that's quite a list! Just noticed this, shouldn't it be "you could just tell it wouldn't be long"?
  9. For what it's worth, I can also confirm that Toatapio Nuva's answers are all excellent. Your first question is the most difficult to answer, and I don't think we have ever been given a single, satisfying explanation. I think Toatapio Nuva really hit it on the head, though: the simplest explanation is simply that no one (neither the Turaga nor Makuta) knew that the Toa Mata could be summoned by taking the Toa stones to the Kini-Nui. This does make sense, because as far as the Turaga knew, Toa stones could only be used to transform Matoran into Toa. It's not exactly intuitive to infer one from the other. Plus, unless Vakama had had visions informing them otherwise, they had no idea the Toa Mata were drifting in the ocean and waiting for a signal. For all they knew, they simply had to wait until the Toa showed up one day, and the Toa stones were items that were totally unrelated to this process (after all, the Turaga as Toa Metru were the ones who had originally created them, and for a different purpose). There was also the practical fact that the stones had been hidden in places only "someone with the heart of a true Toa" could reach, as we see at the beginning of BA6 -- so, the Turaga simply did not have easy access to them. The same part of BA6 suggests a reasonable explanation as to why the Turaga never made a serious effort to recover the Toa stones -- the purpose of hiding them was to ensure that they would only be found by Matoran worthy of becoming Toa. The Turaga seemed to like to leave things up to "destiny" like this, just like they did with the Mask of Light. The reasons why Makuta did not release the Bohrok and Rahkshi earlier are simple. Up until his first defeat by the Toa Mata, Makuta was perfectly happy with the level of control he had over the island -- he merely needed to keep the Matoran from returning to Metru Nui, and he needed them alive for his later plans. The Bohrok were an emergency measure to buy Makuta time to recover after his first defeat, and he fully expected the Toa to defeat the swarms. And as said before, Makuta considered the Rahkhsi to be so destructive that they would do more harm than good in furthering his goals, since he did not want to actually destroy the Matoran. I could be mistaken, but I don't think that Makuta originally planned to use the Vahi to make Mata Nui die sooner. Makuta was continually improvising parts of his ultimate plan based on his series of unexpected defeats. As mentioned in Makuta's Diary in Makuta's Guide to the Universe, he was originally only trying to take control of Metru Nui, which would have given him considerable leverage over the rest of the Matoran universe. As explained in the LoMN DVD extras, he wanted to use the Vahi to erase the memories of the Matoran in the pods more quickly, so he could wake them up and convince them that he was their Great Spirit. In other words, Makuta was trying to hijack Mata Nui's "brain cells," although it is unclear to what extent he actually understood that that was what he was doing. He did not expect to be defeated by a rookie team of Toa Metru. And, as Iron_Man5 said, he did not expect to be defeated by a Toa of Light, so much so that he panicked when the Mask of Light was found and released the Rahkshi to find it. However, based on things Makuta said in BA10 and comments from Greg, my understanding is that Makuta makes a plan for all possible contingencies, which is how he is always able to stay two steps ahead (like Littlefinger in Game of Thrones). When Makuta realized that Mata Nui was dying, he improvised his elaborate plan to replace Mata Nui's spirit with his own. More likely, he didn't improvise it, but he had already planned parts of it out and decided he needed to switch gears. As for why the Turaga did not tell the Matoran about Metru Nui, the explanation that has been repeatedly given is that the Turaga did not want to be cruel by reminding the Matoran of a home to which they might never be able to return. I think it was less about the Turaga being afraid of the Matoran trying to return to Metru Nui and running afoul of Makuta. The Turaga were trying to start a new life on Mata Nui, not realizing that Metru Nui was where they were "supposed" to be in order for Mata Nui to function properly. Makuta's presence made it very unlikely that they would ever be able to resettle Metru Nui, so they kept it a secret to make the Matoran's already stressful lives less complicated.
  10. Huh, I'm surprised more people didn't already know about this. Are you guys aware that a different booklet like this one was made for the Bohrok decks as well? It's really interesting because although the Bohrok decks never included story cards like the QftM wave, all the artwork and story blurbs were apparently completed for them, because the booklet contains original artwork and snippets of text in the same style. They don't appear anywhere else. I don't think even BS01 or BMP have any scans of that artwork.
  11. Good point. As far as I remember, the first time the term "universe" was used was right at the beginning of 2006, when Greg repeatedly stated that if Mata Nui died, the "universe" would die with him. In fact, at that point, it was not yet clear that this referred only to the dome-world.
  12. @Zarkan Right, what Pereki said. I thought the OP was asking about how the Matoran universe was referred to in story prior to the name change. We know that the concept of the Matoran universe existed behind the scenes from the beginning, but I wonder where the term "universe" originated from. I always thought it was a Greg-ism, but the post that Wrinkledlion X pointed out sort of suggests that he wasn't the one who came up with it. I've always been a bit perplexed as to why they chose the word "universe" instead of "world" to describe something that is, in fact, smaller than a planet. @Toatapio Nuva Wow, awesome, I totally forgot about that topic -- do you happen to have any other of Greg's topics saved? It would make a great addition to my archival site. (I'm keeping a list).
  13. There was no concept of a Matoran "universe" yet -- that term wasn't used until 2006 at the earliest. There was just the island of Mata Nui, and that was it.
  14. I noticed this back in 2004 too. I think the ones that were sold in early 2004 had no glitter, and they switched to glitter later in the year (probably around summer/fall). This was in the US. Perhaps it's related to the Kanoka club cards. Once the golden Kanoka sweepstakes was over, they would have been forced to refresh the packaging to stop including them, right? Just a guess.
  15. Just to be clear, you're definitely not talking about this video, right? Actually, while we're on the subject, what is the origin of this video?
  16. This is really interesting, thanks for doing this. Are VOLT and BIGB used in games from other companies as well, or just Argonaut? Their approach at the new musical style is interesting. I wonder if it was composed by the same people who did the first game, or if it really is just a generic temp track.
  17. Again, why is this not immediately front page news?
  18. I can take a stab at these, hopefully not repeating too much of what has already been said: 1. The short answer is: we've never been told. My own thought is that since they do not require krana to function like the Bohrok do, they were probably created in a different way. I would assume that they were simply constructed by the Great Beings/Bahrag, rather than metamorphosed from Matoran. 2. The Updated Encyclopedia has some of these answers. In the earliest days of the MU, the Great Beings used some unspecified process to bring the first Matoran into being. This process resulted in "leavings" which the Great Beings hoped they could use to create the first krana. They exposed these "leavings" to energized protodermis, and although some of it did turn into krana, the rest of it turned into Zyglak. Then the Great Beings created the Bahrag to take over the job of creating krana forever after. It's never been said if the Bahrag used the same exact materials and process as the Great Beings to create krana, although it would explain why there was so much energized protodermis in the Bohrok nests (the same EP that transformed the Toa Nuva). 3. Bohrok Va are not alive -- at least as far as the Matoran know. The Updated Encyclopedia actually says this explicitly, mentioning that when the Ta-Matoran realized that Tahnok Va were not living creatures, they diverted a lava stream to melt some of them. 4. Never been explored, but all of those are good points. I'm sure people have asked Greg about this multiple times, but I don't remember what he said ATM.
  19. I've had problems getting those CDs to work on my Windows 7 computer too. I gave up and ran them on my old Vista computer. Let me know if you make any progress on this.
  20. No one else thinks the Kaukau Nuva has a pig snout? I'm pretty sure the Olmak was based on a snowplow, and the Kualsi was based on a lampshade.
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