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  1. Guess I'll add a couple questions I've been thinking about this past week. 1. When did Tuyet and Axonn go? 2. Did that have any effect on the present overall situation besides "Tuyet and Axonn are gone"? 3. Is the timeline still collapsing, or did that get fixed somewhere along the way, and if it did get fixed is it a temporary fix or a permanent one? 4. When cycles occur, do the universe revert back to a fixed point or does the entire timeline restart? As an example, does the cycle occur and then the events of the timeline occur as before up until something like Dume's speech at the start of SK:E and then things can diverge, or can things diverge from the very start of the universe, such as in the pre-ark days? 5. This one depends on the answer to 4. For some characters, such as Kilo and Nu, they don't exist until about maybe 10-500 or so years and about 5 months respectively before the end of the game. When the cycle occurs, do they just cease to exist until for example Nuparu builds them for the first time again always at the same point on the timeline? Is it possible for them to just not be born in a cycle if enough variance happens? 6. Are people who followed Zataka back to the Ark affected by the cycle?
  2. Guess I'll add some questions to the pile. SK:R leads to SK:E. Do the events of SK:E proceed identically to what we previously wrote, then to SK:R, then to SK:A, with no changes between repetitions? What other endings were available? What's Spiriah's deal? Was he trying to do anything? Why was Icarax boarding up his home from Spiriah? Why did Mata Nui's head want more? How did Icarax ascend to great spirit? Explain Nuju. What loot was present in the water and earth suvas? What were the puzzle solutions? What was in the great temple suva, since nobody ever looked? Can the Hiko let you travel between Zakaz and the GSR? What was Ehlek's big ol' device that we didn't have time to deal with?
  3. IC Kilo-M9 NUVA - Ehlek's Fortress: Before the assembled group’s eyes, the kralhi returned, this time with Atamai in tow. “Please heal Ally Vashni,” it said. Then with a, “Teleport,” it was gone once more. For a moment, the Odd Company was reunited once more in the same place. In spirit, they would always be together. OOC: @~Xemnas~@BULiK@Tarn@Snelly
  4. IC Kilo-M9 - Kini Nui: “Greetings Ally Kat! I hope you’re doing well,” said Kilo. There was no time for further pleasantries, however. Sidra gave instructions, and Kilo would follow them. After all, she had saved its life before. Quickly, the kralhi stepped forwards, gently setting Nuparu on the ground before lifting the makoki stone. It slotted the stone into the remaining open space in the slot and stepped back, waiting to see what would happen. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator@~Xemnas~@The UltimoScorp@Gecko Greavesy
  5. IC Kilo-M9 NUVA - Ehlek's Fortress: Creator Nuparu? That is not possible. Facial recognition matches. Additional investigation required. The mission is the priority. Kilo took hold of the Onu-matoran in one hand while the other held the mysterious stone. It gave a last glance to its gathered allies. Alas, Atamai was not here with them. It pictured the temple it had visited not one day ago and said a monotone “Teleport.” Then it was gone. Amongst the rubble, a machine appeared with rock and matoran in tow. Kilo glanced around, giving a “Greetings Ally Atamai,” to the Fe-toa before proceeding towards Sidra. “I’ve brought this stone, Ally Sidra. Ally Knichou indicated you know what to do with it.” OOC: @Unreliable Narrator@Gecko Greavesy@BULiK@Tarn@Snelly@~Xemnas~
  6. IC Kilo-M9 NUVA - Ehlek's Fortress: Kilo grabbed the makoki stone. "Now What?" it asked. OOC: @BULiK@Snelly@Tarn
  7. IC Kilo-M9 - Ehlek's Fortress: Mission complete. Moving to next mission. Time draws short. Good luck. The limbs of the ACR latched onto what handholds were present in the fortress. “Teleport,” said Kilo, pulling it and Jutori to the assembled group. It gestured at Vashni. “Power share Hiko. If you know where, take me to Ehlek. He will be stopped.” OOC: @Snelly
  8. IC Ysocla - Tactical Panda II: Ysocla stood beside her liege and watched the destruction continue. Despite not knowing this place, or the people who had lived there, or having any real connection to it at all, there was a feeling of melancholy in her mind. Regardless of how little relevance it had to her, she knew that the prior occupants had once called that skull home. Much like the Rig had come and gone, once again the home of a populace had been wiped away. The violence continued to happen, and she could do nothing to stop it. As a world burned in front of her, she turned to the architect of its destruction, the one she had sworn an oath to. She was only half surprised to find her liege in tears, confessing to her the newfound revelation. Ysocla gave her usual blank expression, but the edges of her lips began to curve upwards. Not quite a smile, but enough to reassure. She took Yumiwak into a supportive embrace and held her tight for a moment. Perhaps things could change. Any construction started with the first bits of foundation. Ysocla would be the first piece, laying the groundwork for her liege’s creations, guiding her onward to new heights. Together, they could build something that would stand the test of time, something they could be proud of. One day, she’d look back and know that despite all the sacrifices, it was worth everything. Hopefully Korio and Zai would know too. OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  9. IC Kilo-M9 NUVA - Patiwairutiki's Cockpit - Inside Ehlek's Fortress: Weak spots revealed on target. Sending tactical data to Ally Jutori. Enemy Mantax does not appear to recognize this unit. Jogging target’s memory... Patiwairutiki flew through the hole their enemy had made. All three minds knew that it was time to end this conflict once and for all. In front of the machine, Mantax screamed. To the side, its allies, Nale and Vashni stood, along with some less important people. Whatever was happening with them could wait. The current mission was all that mattered. That was the efficient way to deal with things. “Screaming will prove ineffective,” the mechanical enforcer said to the reborn warlord. “As with the previous engagement, Enemy Mantax has been undone by the same honorable code as before. Your allies did not care, and let Enemy Mantax perish out of fear from interfering.” Patiwairutiki hefted the claymore as the mechanized NUVA continued. “Enemy Mantax has remained the same, alone and unable to grow. This unit has changed. True, this unit is still bound by code, but not by purpose. This unit has found others to protect, not due to programming, but trust. This unit has allies that will help when requested.” Every muscle in the ACR’s battered limbs tensed with all the strength they could muster. “I am Kilo-M9 NUVA. Know that even as we duel I am not alone. Now let this be the end of your blight on this world!” At its pilot’s command, the claymore raced forward, the forces of air, gravity, and the machine’s own will letting it cross the gap in moments. The last ditch lightning caught onto the metal of the blade, only sending the Barraki’s attack right back to him. As it had been in the Archives, so too was it now that the blade raced for Mantax’s head. OOC: @Tarn@Kal the Guardian@Unreliable Narrator
  10. IC Kilo-M9 NUVA - Patiwairutiki's Cockpit - Below Ehlek's Fortress: Huh. So that’s what that does. Logging result for future analysis. While Mantax rocketed higher, Patiwairutiki was gradually descending, unable to provide upwards thrust without applying both its gravity and air abilities. Instead, the mech turned to its free-floating counterpart. “This unit is incapable of flight,” the robotic NUVA explained. “Can you please share your power with this unit so the target can be efficiently pursued?” OOC: @Tarn@Kal the Guardian@Unreliable Narrator
  11. IC Kilo-M9 NUVA - Patiwairutiki's Cockpit - Below Ehlek's Fortress: Focus on maintaining altitude. This unit has an idea. This unit is going to free your arms. That’s good. It is going to hurt. Somehow I’m not surprised. “Compressed air blast,” the machine said, focusing on the claw still binding the ACR’s arms. Pressure began to build in the space between gripping claw and entrapped limbs. A sudden burst snapped the claw outwards, sending it along with Mantax’s amputated limb tumbling down. Golden liquid and other important looking fluids flowed freely from the gashes in Patiwairutiki’s arms where the claw had been crushing. The mech shook its right arm out as it converted itself to cannon mode. For Krom’s sake, stop hurting my arms! Focus. Now is not the time for complaints. Mantax’s taser cables were still extended, flapping in the wind after the missed shot. Energy built up in the cannon as the mechanical enforcer pointed it at the flapping targets. “Random Beam!” A burst of rapidly shifting energy cascaded upwards, the contents constantly changing. One moment the beam was comprised of a torrent of ethereal fish, the next a molten flow of wood. The smell of bread filled the air around the blast. The machine swiped the blast laterally, aiming to catch the taser cables somewhere in the middle of their length. Regardless of what that section became, the taser wouldn’t function if the cables were no longer cables. OOC: @Tarn@Kal the Guardian@Unreliable Narrator
  12. IC Kilo-M9 NUVA - Patiwairutiki's Cockpit - Next to Ehlek's Fortress: As the ACRs began to tumble over the edge, a plan entered Patiwairutiki’s mind. Normally, the pilots merely used its form for whatever they wished, but this particular plan came with a request. The plan would inflict pain upon the Kaita ACR, and the pilot wanted the machine to sign off. It took no time for the Kaita to agree. Everything it could tell about this annoying opponent from the memories of its pilots said that prosperity could not exist while the foe still lived. Plus, it would return the pain it experienced by a thousand-fold in time. The claymore twisted further, making contact with Mantax’s arm. Patiwairutiki cried out from the pain as its wrists began to crack, but the primary pilot felt no pain. There was a mission to complete. One thing that did catch the mechanical enforcer’s eye was the arrival of another Kaita ACR, floating in the air with ease. The distraction almost prevented the machine from noticing one of Mantax’s barbs latch onto Patiwairutiki, the other flying wide from the sudden tumble. As gravity took hold on the two combatants, Viltia would hear a very hurried monotone chorus over the winds. “Unknown ACR, please assist-!” And then the combatants were falling, tumbling through the sky. OOC: @Kal the Guardian@Tarn@Vezok's Friend@Unreliable Narrator
  13. IC Kilo-M9 NUVA - Patiwairutiki's Cockpit - Atop Ehlek's Fortress: Within the cockpit of Patiwairutiki, three minds each reacted to Mantax’s counter move in their own way. A mixture of anger at the situation, calculations of future plans, and nervousness at what to do filled the shared mental space. It took only a brief moment before all three minds came to the same conclusion: Nobody Liked That. With a driving force that could only be pure spite, Patiwairutiki’s head rocketed forward into the cranial unit of the mechanical warlord. While the head was on the move, the kaita’s hands were busy with their own task. Their arms may be bound, but they could still use the claymore in other ways. Twisting its grip on the weapon, the blade rotated around to hit the arm restricting them. It wouldn’t be enough to remove the limb, but if they managed to make contact, they could freeze it. And if they could freeze it, they could smash it. OOC: @Tarn@Vezok's Friend@Unreliable Narrator
  14. IC Kilo-M9 NUVA - Patiwairutiki's Cockpit - Atop Ehlek's Fortress: As the illusory Patiwairutiki darted sideways, the mechanized warlords round found their mark on the real Kaita ACR’s chassis. The machine staggered a bit as the shots punctured through the normally durable armor plating. I have sustained damage. It will not hinder me in the short term. Try to avoid additional shots. Acknowledged. Using Ally Jutori’s distraction to attack. Arm mounted weapon is immediate threat. Targeting now. Swiftly recovering from the damage, the titanic mecha raced forward opposite its illusory duplicate. It only took a few moments to close the distance before they had reached their target. Having drawn the mighty claymore once more, the pair of copilots brought the weapon down upon the warlords extended taser arm, hoping to sever the limb completely. If not, perhaps the freezing nature of the weapon would disable the functionality of their target. OOC: @Tarn@Unreliable Narrator
  15. IC Kilo-M9 NUVA - Patiwairutiki's Cockpit - Atop Ehlek's Fortress: Enemy Mantax appears to possess a kanohi Kadin. Other mask varieties unknown. I’ve done my own analysis. He has a bunch of weapons, and they can all harm me, so don’t do anything foolish. Ally Jutori’s analysis is correct. Kanohi-swapping device is a viable weakpoint. That won’t do any good unless you get him into range. “Barraki Mantax is definitely deceased,” the mechanical enforcer confirmed. “There is a possibility that this Barraki Mantax is not the same Barraki Mantax from before. This unit speculates this Barraki Mantax may be a version from the past, an alternate universe version, or a robot created by Barraki Ehlek. Regardless, the enemy will need to be eliminated.” As Jutori commanded Patiwairutiki to dodge the incoming projectiles, the machine’s voice rang out from the Kaita ACR’s mouth. “Greetings, Enemy Mantax. Know that this unit is Citizen Pacifcation Unit K1R1 Kilo-M9, short form Kilo, and that this unit already terminated Barraki Mantax previously. This unit is unable to go to the afterlife as requested, but if Enemy Mantax still wishes to fight, then come down here so this unit can terminate you again!” The winds restricting Mantax’s forward progress immediately ceased, allowing the mech’s earlier momentum to carry it forward. Immediately a strong gravitational hold surrounded the warlord, attempting to turn his forward flight into a crash landing on the fortress’s surface. OOC: @Tarn@Unreliable Narrator
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