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  1. Part of an April's Fools collaboration with a group of friends - check out the other builds too!
  2. Real Name: Jacques Thermidor Background: Former gourmet chef, turned to a life of crime after restaurant became collateral damage during the pursuit of escaped criminals Criminal Record: Larceny, Assault, Fraud, Destruction of Public Property Modus Operandi: Steals high-value, exotic ingredients, replaces stolen goods with crates filled with angry crabs --- Built for HeroFebruary 2021, additional photos: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLjjwSil-uR/
  3. A revamp of Velika, built for a recent collab that tackled almost all of 2006. Check out the other MOCs via the links in the Flickr description!
  4. A revamp of Hahli Inika, built for a recent collab that tackled almost all of 2006. Check out the other MOCs via the links in the Flickr description!
  5. Back with another New Elementary MOC, this time incepted by my review of 80015 which you can read here! Check out the article for more images!
  6. A reimagining of Lewa and Kongu, built for New Elementary. You can check out the post and more images here: https://www.newelementary.com/2020/11/66960-lego-ninjago-energy-burst-hinge.html Inthert came up with the idea that inspired Kongu's mask.
  7. A few friends and I teamed up for a revamp of the Phantoka wave from 2008 (Mistika may or may not be coming soon). Any of you familiar with me won't be surprised by which character I took a swing at. For my interpretation of Pohatu, I took things down a "bioformer" route, taking his twin-rotor helicopter inspiration more literally than the set did. Interesting how only recently an official Lego Osprey was cancelled which had the exact same colour scheme! Make sure to check out the other mocs in this collab, to which I have placed links in the description - and massive shoutout to Buttloaf for doing a fantastic job on the photo editing.
  8. Pahrak-Kal, Kohrak-Kal and Levak-Kal
  9. Domain: Po-Wahi & Ga-Wahi The Papaka is a tiny crustacean Rahi related to the larger Keras. It is easily frightened, and its dull, shovel-like pincers are useless for self-defense. When startled, it will dig itself deep beneath the sand on the beaches where it dwells in the blink of an eye. Built for a collaboration with other builders where we made new combiner models from certain waves. Check out the other creations via the links in the description!
  10. Please follow landing standard landing procedures to avoid startling the Helicrab. Built for the 2020 crab collab!
  11. My entry for round 1 of this year's Bio-Cup. The theme was "Nature" with my bracket's subtheme being Rodents. I was at a loss as to what to build for so long, but when a friend unrelated to the cup informed me that the weird mutant villains in the Prime Empire wave of Ninjago are actually rats - who would've guessed? - it all came together.
  12. My entry for the preliminary round of this year's Bio-Cup. The theme was "Future".
  13. Advanced security robot powered by an experimental zero-point generator. Nicknamed "Dot" by her designers. Features 38 points of articulation. Additional photos on the Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-pjeHWpkZx/ Thoughts and criticism appreciated!
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